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Sanders Forges Ahead: 'No One Said a Political Revolution Would Be Easy'


Sanders Forges Ahead: 'No One Said a Political Revolution Would Be Easy'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Following a series of presidential primary losses to Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders reminded supporters: "No one said a political revolution would be easy."

"What you will not hear from the political and media establishment," the campaign said in an email Wednesday, "is that, based on the primary and caucus schedule for the rest of the race, this is the high water mark for the Clinton campaign...Starting today, the map now shifts dramatically in our favor."


Dump Trump, Stump the Hump & Pump Up the Grump!

(Sanders for Prez & don’t be a Chump!)


" The odds are against us. Of course. That is what it means to work inside a rigged system."

Sooooo true! What else would you expect? Bernie is a rare politician, a statesman that wants to do the right thing, domestically. A modern day FDR. In other words, he knows he is working in a rigged system ( read the corrupt Democratic party ) but needs our help.

When Bernie started his campaign he was given no chance against HRC and the odds were around 40:1 in favor of HRC. And the good news, those odds keep dropping in Bernie’s favor. Keep the faith! We still have a long way to go.

" Starting today, the map now shifts dramatically in our favor.’




A call for suggestions as to how to deal with the following accusatory statement:
“A vote for Sanders is a vote for Clinton because he has said that he will support her when she gets the nomination”.

There are those that shame Sanders supporters, in part by repeating over and over again, “Sanders has already stated that he will support HRC”. I’ve lost track of how many times this has been shouted at me.

I have asked for links to such statements to no avail. They make it sound like proclaiming support for HRC is part of Sander’s stump speech!

The only thing I can find is an interview with—c-span? msnbc?— that is in a huffpo article which is vague and over 7 months old.

I feel it will be a mistake if he does throw his support to Clinton should she get the nomination (in my fantasy world I am still hoping for indictment!). I hope he will state loudly and clearly that he will NOT back someone who is the antithesis of his platform and all that he has been fighting for— for decades. That may be nothing more than a fantasy of mine too. This is something I grapple with each time I contribute time/$$ to his campaign.

The spin on the left (and right) has been “Sanders supports Clinton” and this has been divisive. Have you ever noticed that this is not something that is part of the Clinton dialogue; i.e. when is she asked if she will support Sanders? If the question has been asked of her, I do not recall it being part of the debate among HRC supporters.

Those that have endorsed Sanders (hint to Naomi Klein) should take a page out of HRC’s supporters play book. As an example see the Democracy Now interview with Sandra Bland’s mother who, when asked if Sanders gets the nomination will she vote for Sanders, responded with unwavering confidence and stated (paraphrasing): “I will not go there now, I am working for Secretary Clinton to secure the nomination”.


Bernie is all heart, and Great Heart will not, must not, be denied or abandoned! All that thirst for a more (far more) equitable and just world, especially all those young sisters and brothers (and Grey Panthers!) must redouble our resolve and support for the leader we are fortunate to have leading the charge for our political revolution!


He is correct the LEFT COAST is waiting to deliver the BERNIE votes!!!


No one knows the future. No one.

However, how many times in our lives are we going to have the opportunity to donate, volunteer and vote for Bernie Sanders or someone as good or better than him for US president. This is his time! This is our time!

I was down and incredulous that Bernie got an ass kicking by the capitalist, corporate shill, Hill, but we can’t quit. He’s not quitting.

I made another donation today.

Go, Bernie! Go!


I watched the interview and it was brilliant PR from Hillary and her advisors.

Now it’s possible–with the same odds of a snowball’s chance of sustaining itself in hell–that Mrs. Clinton does have a bone of empathy somewhere inside her body. Possible, but hardly likely given her political record.

Nonetheless, she won over Sandra Bland’s mother by sitting down and speaking to her about her loss, listening to her, and even sending a holiday card to show empathy for that loss.

As Sandra Bland’s mother noted, no cameras were rolling which gave the indication that Mrs. Clinton genuinely cared.

That show of consideration won over Sandra Bland’s mother. Was it sincere on Hillary’s part? Certainly, the grieving mother felt as much.

Brilliant move tactically?


I am in California and I can barely wait to vote for Bernie!


I am going all the way with Bernie. Just writing another check! GO BERNIE GO!


It would sure help if E.W. would endorse Bernie but alas, it is looking like that is nothing but a fantasy too.

Excerpt from link below:
“But you know your lack of an endorsement at this stage, though, has raised some questions,” said O’Donnell, who then asked if Warren thought Clinton should release the transcripts of her speeches to Goldman Sachs, another question Warren avoided.”

Ok . . her lack of endorsement is bad enough but to not unequivocally state that Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches SHOULD be released immediately is beyond the pale! Instead, Warren avoided the question!


Protesting Trump and Hillary Too!



Yes, brilliant move tactically. Was very hard for me to watch that interview on Democracy Now.
HRC showed zero empathy when Code Pink pleaded with her to vote against war in Iraq. And my sense is that no, she does not have the capacity for genuine empathy.
This has been posted here before but worth a repost (imo)


Very disappointing on the part of Elizabeth Warren!

Hillary should release the transcripts of her speeches. I know what game HRC is playing. It is the one where she figures the backlash of not releasing the speeches is not as bad as the backlash she would receive if she did release them!! I am sure the speeches are damning. I had a friend like her in school- She did her detention rather than give up the goods - and it worked. This is the very time to be calling out Hillary. We are lucky to have a candidate like Bernie Sanders as he is the antithesis of Hillary’s criminality. Hillary hangs around with war criminals like Henry Kissinger - because she is a war criminal too. I think the Wall Street speeches will be very revealing and we should keep putting pressure on her and demand their release!


This play has not reached the end yet Caroline and neither has Bernie. Those that chose to support Bernie did so for principle, for real change, not more of the same. HRC represents more of the same DLC big-money/corporate Dems in spades! The bad hair bigot blowhard is a phenomenon, not a leader, but a carny swindler - a shallow Pied-Piper.

What if Trump is denied and runs an independent bid? Would Bernie follow suit in a four-way race? I am fully committed to Sanders vision for the future, a political revolution, and utterly reject both “front-runners” messages - and their “integrity”!

As far as the “Bernie supports or will support Clinton” charge, I don’t give that rubbish any thought. I will make my decision what to do when that time comes…voting for either of the other two is not an option for me…


Thanks for the encouragement–both article author and commenters. It also helps to know, when Bernie ‘loses’ a primary, whether that state is an open or closed primary. Ohio was closed, so all those Independents could not boost him, as they did, over the top, in Michigan. When I was gathering signatures for Bernie to be on our state’s ballot, 2 months ago, I was surprised at the number of people who did not understand they could not vote in our primary election, if they were registered as Independents. The facts about the upcoming primaries out west should be made public, which ones are open, which closed to Independents, and also, which are winner take all and which give delegates based on proportion of votes gotten. Such a complex, frustrating state by state system we have.


I guess it proves even the devil on rare occasions, does some good!


A bunch of closed primaries in the Northeast during the latter part of April will be critical. A lot of delegates will be at stake.


perpetuating Bernie’s failed campaign any further is complicit. we all know he was never going to win. here is the truth: Bernie is lending credibility to a party that is completely corporatized. He raises all of these legitimate issues and he funnels it back into a dead political system where it will never be addressed. That was the role of Van Jones in the last election. He fought the Democratic establishment in Vermont his entire career. Now he has sold out to it. He ran as a Democrat he didn’t want to end up like Nader.
“He didn’t want to end up pushed out of the establishment,” Hedges said. “He wanted to keep his committee chairmanships, he wanted to keep his Senate seat. And he knew the forms of retribution, punishment that would be visited upon him if he applied his critique to the Democratic establishment. So he won’t.”
“The lie of omission is still a lie,” Hedges said. “Bernie’s decision to play the game within the Democratic Party and in essence lend credibility to the party and lend credibility to Hillary Clinton is very destructive."
Its tough not to disagree with what is stated above. Its a sobering truth of the reality.