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Sanders, Giffords Call Out Cowardly Republicans for Ditching Town Halls


Sanders, Giffords Call Out Cowardly Republicans for Ditching Town Halls

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

To the Republican lawmakers dodging their constituents, refusing to confront engaged voters at local town hall meetings, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) on Thursday issued similar messages: toughen up and do your job.


Louie is such a little wimp! Absolutely spineless.



....NAMELY ALBIO SIRES, my congressman, supposedly...

we have a LARGE population of Muslims.....WHERE ARE YOU ALBIO???

i just called the scheduling staffer in Jersey City, as suspected. NOTHING PLANNED
for town hall meeting, not now, no indication of near future....
Also I just called the DemoRATIC National Committee in New Jersey to urge them to vote for
Keith Ellison and contacted relative in VA to do the same -- vote is tomorrow...
Let's hope for the best.
SIRES sworn member of the establishment /status quo/ ignore the "rabble", love the Elite/ DemoRatic club


Maybe the reason they are all yellow and so cowardly is they are terrified of all those fake paid protesters!.


Courageous Republican is almost an oxymoron. They seem to have been selected to run for office because they lack the willpower to make independent decisions. Their lives must be dominated by fear of losing the next election. They must believe that standing up for American values is for fools. And many are so weak minded that they can't even face their own constituents. What a pathetic group these members of Congress from the Republican Party are.


The perfect Republican!


It is cowardly to dodge your constituents. Go in, take your lumps, explain your views. Sheesh.


The hypocrisy is rampant.

For instance Richard Neal's constituents in Massachusetts wonder what a town hall is. He's a typical Dem serving Wall Street and hiding from a crumbling manufacturing base they sold out while Clinton was running things.

My experience is anecdotal but I've been able to meet with two Republican congressmen rather easily to discuss disagreements, but six months of monthly PDA marches couldn't get a hint of interest from the Democrat.


Oh shucks, Dems know they can count on PDA Dems no matter what they do - after all, in a pinch, party trumps principle every time ...


And so this must be important - if Sanders says it ....(smile) ...


Gabrielle Gillfords. A bright star shining out of the nebula.


That appears to be so. Riclhie taught me that the Democrat Parlty is not a
representative organization as much as a self-serving one. He turned me