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Sanders Hammers Clinton for Fracking Gifts to Exxon, Halliburton


Sanders Hammers Clinton for Fracking Gifts to Exxon, Halliburton

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Sharpening the contrast between himself and Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday told a crowd of 5,000 New Yorkers that he "applauded" them for "standing up to Governor Cuomo and demanding that New York state ban fracking."


Bizarre that banning fracking as we now know it, is regarded as 'radical'.
Odd indeed it is, that stopping the poisoning of our drinking water through corporate impunity is seen as 'radical' and 'unrealistic'.
When being radical is ensuring you have fresh water to drink, not poisoned by secret fracking fluids, then we see clearly how deranged centrist political norms have become.
Never feel the need to apologize for demanding fresh water to drink.
Go ahead, be a radical. Be clear. lol


The fracking ban in New York did not create any problems with regard to replacing energy since New York has never allowed high volume fracking. But what happens if there is a fracking ban in all states where fracking for natural gas is taking taking place on wide scale such as Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, California, etc. there needs to be an explanation on how the energy could suddenly be replaced. Natural gas supplies about a third of all energy for electricity and a lot of the energy for heating. If that can be explained then a national ban of fracking would make sense. Certainly the last thing the we should want to happen is increased coal burning because of a ban on fracking. Coal releases large amounts of toxins when it is burned and also twice as much carbon dioxide as natural gas.


Seeing how many New York, Connecticut and New Jersey residents are employed directly or indirectly by the financial services industry, hammering on Wall Street too hard will work against him, so he has no choice except to highlight fracking, especially upstate where it has been an issue of great concern for the past decade.


Could continued fracking in Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, California, etc be justified using the argument that their water supply has already been destroyed and they will need to import water anyway? Or do these states still have some water left that can be fouled?

It seems to me that it would make considerable sense to transition as fast as possible to renewable sources of energy in states with good water, with the main debate being on how much conservation of energy is needed and whether to decreasingly use coal or gas or both during the transition? And the same argument can be justified in fracking states that hope eventually to improve their water supply.


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Greetings from the fracking fields of western Pa!
My advice to the people of any state that is considering fracking, don't.
Here in PA, where we have been fracked to death for years, we can share with you these facts. The price of gas hasn't gone down. Of course that's because nearly all of the "wet gas" that has been pumped has been piped out of the state, to be liquified and sent overseas. Our infrastructure is a disaster, as the companies here in PA don't pay an extraction tax (Jesus, fucking backward Texas and Oklahoma have extraction taxes) so the damage they do to the local roads and bridges goes unrepaired. The only local people that made any money from the mostly out of state fracking workforce were the slum lords, drug dealers and pimps. And not even the slum lords anymore, as the drilling companies that are left are opening trailer parks at their pad sites to more cheaply house their out of state, out of country, work force. However, that housing ship has sailed as rents in PA are so out of whack that locals cannot afford them.
Just part of the harvesting of America. And who is that driving the combine? Why it's Hillary Clinton.


Just saw a Bernie NY advert on the telly...it was very, very good.....I'm a little hammered and emotional, but the essential humanity and vision for the future Bernie represents, and was portrayed in his ad is inescapable and very uplifting....if only voters will see Bernie's message, his essential decency and humanity and honesty we all require, that can translate beyond ordinary politics and be recognized beyond the expected in NY, and all the other states primary voters, we can, we will, show what can be accomplished in unity of purpose and commitment to/for the common good..........


I was shocked to read this article describing a recent GOP big-donor/candidate gathering. In essence, it's a description of a pop-up brothel for the well-connected being passed off as legitimate politics.

It's a real pleasure for to me to finally vote for a presidential candidate who articulates so many of my beliefs and to be able to join with millions of other Bernie donors and volunteers, who are as invested in democracy as I am.


heh. i love Star Trek, the whole line, pretty much, but it always cracks me up that there's all this radioactive power everywhere, and when there's a breakdown, everyone just gets a little fix from the doc.

in a way, the series is one big ad for nuclear power, but i love it for the other stuff. lots of negotiation in some of the series. good FX, some great personalities, etc.