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Sanders Hands Over His Social Media Accounts to Walmart Workers Ahead of Attending Annual Meeting to Advocate for Employees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/04/sanders-hands-over-his-social-media-accounts-walmart-workers-ahead-attending-annual


Workers on the board would likely not only improve work conditions but it would likely improve the store. It might even become a place where it is worth shopping.

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Walmart will always suck as a place to shop. People go there because the prices are cheap. That may be ok for an air conditioner, but not for their GMO garbage food. No help, messy stores. Costco is a much classier operation by far.


I began to notice a year or so ago that Walmart and other stores were giving more and more space to start ups and smaller company products. Selling shelf space. Presently there is little room to walk through these stores because there is so much merchandise clogging the aisles.You can suffer a bout of claustrophobia walking down the lane in front of the checkouts.


I find it hard to believe that a company that so tightly controls everybody and everything around it is going to let something like this happen. There is probably going to be some kind of surprise tricky maneuver happen at the last minute to foil Sanders’ plan that will probably keep him out of the meeting, or end it early or table all business. Something like that. But good luck, Bernie.


Every time I think, “maybe we need someone younger,” or Maybe we need a woman," Bernie says or does something awesome like this.


Agreed. I guess the 1% are starting to feel just a little bit afraid.


Thanks Bernie for setting a mirror up to the egregious scorn for human well being of the Walton family and its networks.



What’s that saying about judging a book by it’s cover?

Also best to critique politicians by what they have done or are doing.


And demand that the $15 an hour start tomorrow not in increments. $15 an hour is not a living wage in most major cities but might be in small towns across America but I know it is not a living wage in say Redmond or Bend Oregon whose populations has grown quickly over the last 20 years but they are still small towns.

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Not sure what you are implying Linda, but I have had the good fortunate of learning of Bernie for the last 15 years and he is the real deal.

Sorry J, I was replying to Jellyroll and you ended up with the message.

I was skeptical about this too, thinking Walmart might bar him from the meeting or something along those lines. But they didn’t. He spoke (there’s a video of it somewhere online, I watched yesterday) & then shortly after that meeting, this happened:

Granted, this article mentions Bernie’s attendance & efforts only briefly, near the bottom of article. But… “…this is the first time in more than a decade a Walmart CEO has specifically demanded new legislation on the matter.” I think it’s safe to say Bernie had a hand in that.

And sure, there’s no commitment here, Walmart can just say that & go back to biz as usual. But the spotlight is on them & their practices & that’s a good thing. Keeps the pressure up…

Go Bernie2020 !! Yay!