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 Sanders Has Always Wanted to Debate Trump—or Any Other Representative of the ‘Billionaire Class’


 Sanders Has Always Wanted to Debate Trump—or Any Other Representative of the ‘Billionaire Class’

John Nichols

Bernie Sanders relishes ripping on Donald Trump, describing the billionaire as “someone who must never become president of this country.”

No surprise there.


No surprise that Trump backed down either. Trump's handlers must have been screaming to hear that Trump wanted a debate. Lol.

The fix is in and it was characterized by not giving Bernie a platform to pull back the curtain on the state of the oligarchy and the burden placed on regular folks.

Wow what a debate that would have been and one with Super Bowl ratings too for the network that ran it.

A Super Bowl debate.

Two down and only Bernie remains willing. What does that say about leadership and honesty? Two con artists chicken out and only the honest man remained.


It may not happen now but I sure would love to see it. Bernie talking about the issues, not insulting Trump. Then Trump would have to talk about the issues or be the one throwing insults making him obviously the clown he is. Trump seems to come alive when someone slams him personally but is dumbfounded when the issues are the topic.
I would love to see Bernie go to convention with that image burned on the minds of the super delegates and Hillary's poll numbers crashing.


I think that is why Trump's handlers probably made him back off from debating Bernie. It isn't like Trump knows the issues you'll notice? He doesn't offer in depth explanations but sends out headlines and one liner news bites. For example Trump will say he will talk to Putin. He will say nobody wants to talk with Putin but that he would talk to Putin.

But Trump doesn't say what he would tell Putin. He doesn't say what his position is except in generalized terms that could mean any number of interpretations.

Bernie even just says the word oligarch and Trump's hair would go up in a puff of smoke! Lol


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The Drumpf is a coward, and deservedly so. He knows perfectly well that he'd be laughed off the political stage after a night at Bernie's house.


Nobody will have a wider grin than Trump on the day Clinton is nominated. His greatest fear is running against Sanders. Although he will have to work hard to beat Sanders in November , beating Clinton will be a cinch.

Even if Clinton beats him in November Trump knows she and her bankers will enable an even bigger crash than 2008 and give Trump even more opportunities to buy distressed real estate.


Since many economists predict a severe recession, if not depression, occurring in the next few years, the next President will probably be in for only one term. The 2016 winner will have the opportunity to select one to three Supreme Court justices, but the opposing party will probably win a large majority of state offices in the 2020 elections, which will allow them to gerrymander congressional districts.


The American public's 30% or 40% that votes always votes for whoever promises them more shiny objects.


Someone should inform Trump that there is no 1st or 2nd place finisher in the democratic nomination. There are still 5 states that haven't voted yet.
Trump doesn't have the guts to debate Sanders, just like Hillary.
How does Trump think he is going to deal with the leaders of countries that hate us when he's afraid to debate a "74 year old Socialist".?
Trump must have realized that the polls that would have come out after the debate that now won't happen, would have confirmed what all polls now show. Sanders would beat Trump big time.
You just confirmed what most people know, your a loser just like Hillary.


He plainly chickened out. I was hoping, that winning the GOP nomination would make him overconfident enough to accept the debate, but somebody in his camp must have informed him, that he wouldn't stand a chance against Bernie - too bad!


I think that is what likely happened. Trump has a very high opinion of himself and was ready to debate but his handlers said no way. Trump figures he knows what he is doing but his handlers obviously think otherwise. Lol


Trump was only kidding about about wanting to debate Sanders. Of course Trump doesn't know enough about domestic or foreign policy or have he ability to speak coherently on any serious topic. He can only put out bumper sticker messages that often wind up being contradictory. And when attacked for saying something he claims what he said is really a good thing. He was rooting for the housing crisis to make money off it. That was a good thing. He has foreign leaders all over the world rattled (an understatement by Obama). That's a good thing. Unfortunately, whatever he says or does his supporters continue to stick with him.


So, Nichols, wouldn't you say Hillary is a representative of the billionaire class? Lord have mercy. She is the protector and defender of the billionaire class. Milquetoast Liberal, thy name is John Nichols.


SNL should invite Sanders on the show to debate whoever they use as their Trump character.

Perhaps they could also bring Tina Fey on to play Trump's likely VP candidate Sarah Palin ?


Too bad, that he did listen for once. :cry:


He is hoping Hillary will squeak by and he won't have debate Sanders. Hillary can't talk about Wall St or even the oligarchy like Sanders could so a debate with Hillary would be like entertainment. They would soft peddle each other (up to a point) with certain questions but avoid system wide criticisms. For example both Hillary and Trump probably see eye to eye on Israel and war in the Middle East. So such questions would be kept within certain bounds so to speak.

A debate with Sanders though could easily topple the Trump apple cart. His handlers know it too.


I think, you nailed it.


my turn to hit the shill!

He was not kidding. IF he had stuck with saying he'd debate Bernie only on the Jimmy Kimmel show, then I'd say maybe he was kidding.

BUT he followed it up the next day in all earnestness in North (or was it South?) Dakota!

Roll the tapes.... Usual Drumpf lying.


Triple "Amen" to this:

"The Republican budget gave over $200 billion in tax breaks over a 10-year period to the wealthiest two-tenths of 1 percent—massive cuts in Medicare, massive cuts in Medicaid, massive cuts in education, threw 27 million people off their health insurance. That is the Republican budget. That is what they believe.… That’s exactly what their budget did. The Republicans get away with murder because what they do and what they want is not seen, is not understood by the American people, because it’s not talked about,” Sanders said last year. “So I think the more that we can confront Republicans about their ideology of tax breaks for the billionaires and cuts to every program that is a benefit to the American people, and can expose them for their subservience to the billionaire class—I think that wins for us every single time.”