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Sanders Has It Right: Majority of Americans Want 'Medicare for All' System



Our current "health" "care" system:

Get into an accident caused by another driver. Go to emergency room. Fight through insurance squabbles. Square up with the hospital for your (totally not-your-responsibility) co-pay. Receive an account balance of Zero. Wait one year. Receive an invoice from said hospital saying "You now owe $3,123.

Medicare for all, NOW!


The Democratic Party realizes that they will lose billions in corporate "campaign contributions" if single payer sees the light of day on Capitol Hill, so they will make sure Sanders and any other aspiring single payer advocate is side tracked post haste.


""The general idea of a single payer system seems to play well with the majority of Americans," Gallup states, which is something both Clinton and the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump "will need to keep in mind as they debate healthcare in the months to come.""

It is tiresome and maddening for the people's wishes to be ignored by the MSM (and in the referenced article by Frank Newport of Gallup) and to constantly hear what Clinton must do or keep in mind. Even though Newport links Bernie Sanders' positions to what the people want, in the end, he completely dismisses Bernie Sanders and only speaks of the need for Clinton and Trump to keep in mind a single-payer system (as Bernie supports) as "they" debate in the future.

The primary isn't over.

Seriously, what are we to do with our "democracy"? We are being constantly manipulated, lied to and obstructed..

Thank goodness for CommonDreams. At least there is one headline in the media today with Bernie's name in it, linking him to what the people want.


Then let's do it.


The entire blame cannot be placed on corporations. Democratic voters are also responsible for being dumb as bricks for voting for Hillary.


Sanders has many things exactly right that Americans (not establishment Dem sellouts) want and see as essential to a sustainable future1

Today WNYC radio is bending-over for Hillary as the already anointed one, and ignoring Sanders, as well as the millions who support Sanders and his principled positions. The power of establishment Dem corruption is strong in NY in media and elected tools. The corruption and hideously bad judgment Hillary has shown in office (and out) makes me vow for my own integrity to never vote for her, her brand of corrupt politics, corporate/banker/Wall St servitude and her demonstrated warmongering and gloating at the murder of Qaddafi and destabilization of Libya ! I will never vote for Trump either or any version of the "lesser evil".

The NPR/NYC but-kissing for Hillary (and Trump) is an utter failure of "public service". BS!


Don't stay home and fume...demonstrate - protest- send a letter or an email to let them know how you feel and make some waves. Run off a few flyers on your printer and put them up where people can see them.

Yes the people are being robbed but if they don't make the powerful fear a backlash, the powerful will simply get their way and laugh.

Demonstrate and make some waves somehow. To keep silent is to let Bernie down. He can't tell us to demonstrate...we need to choose to defend our democracy ourselves.


That's true but many voters still think we live in a democracy and that they can trust the MSM. It 's true they should take more time to look at other sources of information but they are very skillfully being manipulated.


Sanders has it right; unfortunately he is being screwed by the corrupt super delegates who are in the pocket of big pharma.

Ever since McGovern, the DNC installed super delegates to make sure that another grass roots candidate like Bernie Sanders does not rain on their selection parade again.


I am completely sick of our corrupt system and it needs to be changed, now, not incrementally. Bernie is the only one that wants to put us on that path.

I think it is obvious that many people aren't aware and are being manipulated. Those of us that know better have to take the time to do more and make sure, everyday, in any way we can, that more and more people have accurate information to make informed decisions and not let the powers that be get away with what they've been doing to us.


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Whatever system we adopt it is critical that the costs of healthcare be reduced. Whether it is single-payer, Obamacare, or some other system if the costs are not reduced people will not be happy if their premiums are too high or their taxes are too high. Getting the costs under control is the most important thing.


If Independents we allowed fair representation in the primary voting Bernie would be leading, not Clinton. We aren't stupid out here we know when someone is right and Bernie has been right on too many issues to mention here. He's getting screwed by the DNC/Clinton machine but so are we. We need a progressive party that's all there is to it.


I called and told them what I thought and why........always put your body where your mouth is......get out in the street. Tell them what you think! Keep the faith!


Lrx to the rescue! Muddy some waters on behalf of the corporate profiteers! Good show! NPR is calling you, if you can pass the requisite annoying voice test, because your corporate suck-ups are perfected already.

The only "costs" to be reduced are the year over year inflation rate exceeding profits taken by a handful of corporations that have a monopoly in profiting from human misery.

The only "taxes" to be reduced are the taxation of the masses via that corporate monopoly.

You know this of course.


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Which is why the Bernie or Bust movement exists. It is time to deal the democratic establishment a final death blow. Either spoil your ballet, don't show up, vote for Trump or vote for Jill Stein. Make it absolutely clear that cronyism is unacceptable. No more "The lesser of two evils". Either do our bidding or get the hell out.


The money saved from privatized insurance premiums more than pays back increases in health care taxes.

I'm a blue cross medicare person in Massachusetts. Blue cross advised me to go to the emergency room if I need a doctor when I visit friends and family in California.

The entire state of Massachusetts is about the same size as the California county I was raised in.

Medicare for all.