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Sanders Hits Back at Rich Biden Donor: 'The Democratic Party I Represent Is the Party of the Working Class, Not Billionaires'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/20/sanders-hits-back-rich-biden-donor-democratic-party-i-represent-party-working-class

The reason Biden will not drop out, despite his obvious shortcomings (to be polite), is that as long as the fat cat donors are giving him money, it’s full speed ahead for old man joe.


One has to wonder, is the Democratic Party this goddamn dumb, or tone deaf, or both?
Either way, they seem as cognitively dissonant to the real people of America as is the Republican Party.
2020 is not looking good. It appears that the oligarchy is circling its wagons and preparing for one last stand. They know that four more years of this nonsense with spell the end of the American republic. And Joe Biden is in the car with them.


I think for the Primary Elizabeth or Bernie need to step down so both of their backers vote as one to beat Biden!!! Why isn’t this even talked about??? Progressives can’t afford to lose to Biden or some other corporate Dem.

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Sorry, but Warren IS some other corporate Dem.


Both should agree that whoever between them is ahead after the first three primaries, the other should drop out and endorse him/her. They have both been campaigning hard in those states…the leader get’s to take on Biden.

Various people on the internet have referred to the Democratic politicians as cowardly, or inept. They are neither. They are in the pockets of the same corporations as the GOP and are being paid to throw the fight. Like professional wrestlers.


There is indication that many of Warren voters will go to Harris, which make sense. Policy and ideology wise, Harris and Warren have a great deal more in common than Sanders and Warren.


I don’t know why you would be upset when it is completely expected.

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Why not wait until ByeDone’s inevitable flame out?

The second choice among Biden supporters by a wide margin is Bernie.


Bernie, your first mistake was running as a Democrat.

I thought you’d have learned from that same mistake after the 2016 election, but no, you’re a glutton for the same treatment again.

You are a great man, with great ideas.

Please leave that corrupt party and run as an independent.


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There’s a lot of reasons and impediments to running a national 3rd Party/Independent/Non-Affiliated Campaign.
Also, burning through your base’s money when you’re not taking billionaire bucks or not a billionaire, is pretty much a non-starter. Sen. Sanders is a newly minted millionaire on a mission, sort of. He’s not rich by any measure.
It doesn’t help matters when Jimmy Carter says 70-80 year old men aren’t up to being POTUS. He indicted Sen. Sanders with his remarks. Which is why Jimmy still gets MSM coverage for his pet iniatives. Jimmy as a Sunday School minister plays counterpoint to Pat Robertson’s nutty Southern religious shill.He’s always been a better X-POTUS than he was a POTUS.

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Fine. Which one?

If Bernie Sanders expressed his total dissatisfaction with the Democratic Elite, and decided to go it alone as an independent, or third party candidate, wouldn’t you be tempted to give him a equal chance to run against the “corporate dogs” by sending him some of your hard earned money Mrs. Ann?

Mostly the corrupt banks, and credit card companies.

Emphasis on some; well, of course. Sen. Sanders deserves that for just changing the boundaries of political conversation.
Incidentally, Bill " Mushmouth " Maher endorsed Joe " Boo Boo " Biden last night. There’s a pair of vanilla cream wafers to dunk in a bowl of milk toast, eh?
Profiles in Porridge is the name of the book these two are co-authoring. Something to really sink your gums into, right?

The dem party is attention fragmented into so many issues. This is because we have suffered for 38 years straight under republicans. Beat up.
Time to think of progressives such as Eleanor, Teddy, FDR. Bobby Kennedy,and our young peoples.

The dem enemy is nancy and schumer - who think they will win the white house because peoples are turned off to Trump. NOT !!

Doomed, delusional, divided and corrupt: How the Democratic Party became a haunted house
Conflicted about ideology and identity and deeply compromised by history, the Democratic Party is built to lose

Sanders has historically and consistently represented the working class and the disenfranchised people. This is why he earns my volunteerism, my donations, and my vote.

Maybe in regard to foreign policy, but she backs Medicare for all like Sanders, headed the Consumer Protection Bureau, supports the Green New Deal, etc. The only thing I can think of was her dumb remark about being a capitalist, as if capitalism has ever existed. She should of said she believes in a mixed economy, because that’s what has ever existed, ie a mixture to some extent of both capitalism and socialism or gov’t intervention.