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Sanders Hits Rivals on Climate, Declares Opposition to Enbridge Pipelines


Sanders Hits Rivals on Climate, Declares Opposition to Enbridge Pipelines

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

During a campaign stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Monday, Bernie Sanders took decisive aim at the fossil fuel industry and his Republican colleagues who deny the science of climate change, telling the crowd: "I do not know what [they] are smoking."

Sanders launched into his speech with the declaration: "Climate change is real, climate change is caused by human activity, and climate change is already doing devastating harm in our country and all over the world."


It's about time a candidate said something about the Alberta pipeline proposal. I don't think it requires State Department approval because it is a modification on an existing pipeline that already crosses the boarder but the US government should demand a full environmental review.


Hopefully Bernie meets with indigenous leaders there in Minnesota.


Sanders followers, should go to vote tomorrow. It is very important, even if Sanders is not elected


Sanders sez: "[J]ust as I believe you can't take on Wall Street while taking their money, I don't believe you can take on climate change effectively while taking money from those who would profit off the destruction of the planet."

This message bears repeating. Neither Wall Street nor the extraction industry is made up of political "donors". They are investors.


I would certainly hope that whoever takes the next Presidential election that they take direct action on the 2 (TWO) large diameter dilbit flowlines that cross under the "Straits of Mackinac", here in up-state Michigan-
These lines were built during the Eisenhower Administration and are an accident just waiting to happen-just like the Enbridge line failure in 2010, following the company’s oil spill into the Kalamazoo River of Michigan- the nation’s largest ever land-based oil spill-
These Enbridge people are rolling the dice with the destruction of at least 2 of our Great Lakes which hold upwards of 75% of this Nations fresh surface water...
This bullshit has gone on far too long and every day the danger of Line Failure increases-


"Every day, nearly 23 million gallons of oil flow through two aging pipelines in the heart of the Great Lakes, just west of the Mackinac Bridge. Built in 1953 during the Eisenhower administration, the two 20-inch-in-diameter “Line 5” pipelines owned by Canadian company Enbridge, Inc., lie exposed in the water at the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac.

Line 5 Beneath the Straits of Mackinac - Photo courtesy NWF

"Enbridge’s pipelines, which run about 1,000 feet apart at depths ranging from 100 - 270 feet, have laid on the bottom of the Straits for more than six decades. Enbridge installed several support structures under the pipelines in 2006 and again in 2010, following the company’s oil spill into the Kalamazoo River - the nation’s largest ever land-based oil spill. Enbridge officials have said that properly maintained pipelines can last indefinitely, but the company’s history of major spills in Michigan and across North America proves otherwise. Today, much of the oil flowing through the Line 5 pipelines is coming from Canada and taking a shortcut through Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac before crossing back into Canada near Port Huron".

*Thank YOU Bernie for making this pledge to stand in opposition to Enbridge!
Furthermore, it is only good ecological and business sense that Enbridge be required to Replace or decommission these 70+ year old "accidents waiting to go to failure" before even considering allowing Enbridge to continue their corrosive and destructive dilbit oil delivery system which destroyed the Kalamazoo River beyond repair-


This action by Bernie Sanders is representative of the dedication to critical issues that affect us all, as a nation, and shown great integrity.

The shallowness of other candidates and being as non-committal, as non-specific, as possible is also on clear display!

If only voters looked beyond the hype and BS about "experience" or gender, or deceit, and all the other false claims by candidates - look beyond to their actual record and how they served the 1% rather than the people! When a demographic group votes based on "loyalty" or ignorance, they betray the process and all Americans!


"Junk politics" is real and an intentional diversion, opium for the masses, to deflect from where we are and how we must end the power of big-money, etc, etc, etc - the usurers and political whores that control our personal, national and global destiny.

Chris Hedges speaks to this in his piece linked here.

I respect Hedges activism, writings, and ability to identify the big-picture. I have written I wish he would give Sanders at least some credit for changing the dynamic even if he isn't a perfect candidate - who is? To think people will all wake-up and we can change all that is desperately needed in an political instant is wishful thinking, I wish it were true/possible - but people that care continue to do the best they can.......not all are corrupt and evil......