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Sanders, House Leaders Introduce Bill to Ban Private Prisons



I am certain this will be a vote that goes straight down party line. Democrats supporting the ban and the evil republicans wanting to keep their corporate donors happy. This is a no-brainer. In no way should anyone profit from locking up American citizens. Ever.


Sick, just like congressional republicans. Oh, and the clown circus running for president. I did not know about private prisons. Sick.


As a former inmate of the Texas prison system, and an inmate of a private prison facility, I know all too well the complete and utter corruption that is going on in the prison system. The private facility In which I was housed,was at 100% occupancy 99% of the time, excepting occasions when some inmates left on a Friday and the bus load of new inmates wouldn't arrive until Monday. The statistic as per the warden of this facility, is that each inmate of the 518 inmates housed there, costs tax payers $40,000 per year. He states also that the company called MTC (Management Training Corporation) made roughly 1 million dollars per year profit. The vast majority of inmates there were minorities and drug charges.

The state prison system also skimmed and made profit, whether they were recording it or not. TDC would grow their own agriculture using inmate slave labor, and refine said a agriculture into products to then sell to the inmates for insanely high prices. The guards were cruel, phone calls costed $5 a piece and almost all food items from the commissary were made by a company called Barbco whose logo is a barb wire fence, and is owned by TDC and using the same inmate produced agriculture. The state facilities were a minimum of 97% occupancy during my five year tour, and there are over ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE SEPARATE PRISON FACILITIES IN THE STATE OF TEXAS. The parole system is a joke, almost everyone completed a minimum of 85% of their total sentence before possibly being granted parole, even though parole eligibility occurs at 15%. So the only way people make parole is if there are convicted felons in county jails waiting to go to prison, remember they have to keep that max occupancy to make the big bucks.

This is a terrible crisis in the United States, as we are the world leader in number of incarcerated people, and incarcerated citizens. At some point we have to wake up and change the way things are to ensure a better future for our children, but I don't see it happening anytime soon, just as I believe this bill won't be passed, and everyone reading this will think for a moment then continue on with their lives as if nothing had happened.


A sign of hope. How well I remember the beginnings of privatization when the call went out that private business is "so much more efficient" than government. Ha!!! Efficient only at making a profit. Hooray for Bernie and the house members who are bringing this matter up. They give me hope that the pendulum is beginning to swing in the other direction.