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Sanders Introduces Bill Aimed at Ending 'Tragic' Youth Unemployment Crisis


Sanders Introduces Bill Aimed at Ending 'Tragic' Youth Unemployment Crisis

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The time is long overdue for us to start investing in our young people and help them get the jobs and education they need to be part of our economy and our society," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) wrote in a Mic op-ed published on Tuesday.

"Youth unemployment is one of the great crises facing our country...but it is one we rarely discuss in Washington."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


Or they can join the military, become conservative right wingers, then mercenaries with six figure salaries hunting the most dangerous game with occasional collateral damage that provides a lucrative fresh organ market, a boom in weapons sales and a rebuilding boom and big profits for Halliburton shareholders paid for by the American taxpayer. There is always a market solution.

Direct Democracy


Millions of older workers stay working at their family wage jobs solely for employer sponsored medical insurance. Had Obama’s health care reform been limited to reducing Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60, Democrats would continue to control Congress and young Murkins would have seen millions of jobs open up as older workers retired earlier, making major headway in solving health care AND unemployment problems.

Murkin health care and employment are messed up by design, not by circumstance.

If so many Murkins were not being negatively impacted, I would be LOL when Democrats take formal pledges to talk about these issues while continuing to vote against them.


Of course repugs would not want to educate them, they would looose their slave labor and made to order killers. No wonder there are no jobs for kids, adults and 50 year olds are working the jobs that use to be held by kids.


Bernie is a statemen, maybe you don’t remember what they were. Senators and representatives that worked for the best interest of this country and its people. Yes we pay them well for what they do but it costs a lot to live in DC and to go back and force to your constituents with all the oligarchs running this nation from their DC perches or perches in Kansas or Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

I have to go now as I can’t say what I would like to say.


Way to go, Bernie! The difference between his earlier decades and now is that he actually has a Voice. He can’t be silenced - too many of us hold him in (relatively) positive regard. Yes, he is still silenced by the MSM, but they are not what the youth of this country are listening to.

Let him speak, long and loud, about any and all injustices he chooses to address. He isn’t perfect, but I am very grateful that we have him speaking on behalf of real people.


How would these grants to states be paid for? There’s always money for enormous military spending and wars, so this is just scraps, but it sure is better than nothing.


This is an ignorant and likely intentionally divisive comment as we are seeing from a group of ill-informed one-trick shills for something NOT in the interests of the issues, how to fight the power, or the 99%…fools and liars…many newbies to these boards, not unlike paid disinformation agents for one group of another, like Hasbara trolls. No matter what Sanders does or says they are right there selling their rubbish…like this garbage…all talk, no evidence - or justification - doing trumps, R’Cons and DINO establishment work…Bernie Sanders has more integrity, wisdom, and honesty, in his little finger than the lot of you…used to be said, something he’d scrape off his shoe…


Bernie is a statesman indeed, and he’s always been a model humanitarian!

Bernie still gives me something to cheer about!


You want to increase youth employment? Repeal the minimum wage. Most young people don’t generate sufficient value to be employed at the minimum wage. Of course if you do that, you’re going to increase unemployment in other people…

A “Youth Jobs Bill” is just welfare. It’s paying people more money than they’re worth, to do work that isn’t worth the price being paid, as a way to earn a constituency. Bernie, like any other politician, is just trying to use the taxpayer’s money to buy votes for himself…


And, your alternative is Trump? The best politics is always aspirational, btw. Bernie as FDR 2.0?
Your Trump offers high crimes and misdemeanors- the sellout President. Everything is about Trump. He’s another Madman from Manhattan. Hang 'em, Hang 'em High. The people who attach to him are scum, like he is. It’s as obvious as his hairmound.
Sen. Sanders offers high morals and no misdemeanors ( hopefully ) - the buy in, would be President. Investing in everyone’s future. If the young think you don’t care, they’ll let you know in a hurry. And, who can blame them. Actually, there’s a whole bunch of folks who’ll let Trump and his supporters know what they think, if he stays, imo.
President Sellout needs to go bye, bye. And, soon.


Hey Jamb,

I understand that Bernie is not more powerful than a locomotive. And he can’t leap tall buildings with a single bound. So nobody should vote for this phony.

Who is paying you for this garbage?


Tell that to the CEOs of the Insurance and Pharmaceutical Cos. They get paid quite well for their corporate welfare shtick.


Hey troll, go back to school, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


Corporate welfare is no better. Better to get rid of it than to add more layers of throwing money away.


Exactly, Emphyrio.

In my view, the Worst Offenders are the Posters who are Always Here, get All Folksy, spout Mostly Progressive Opinions, only to slip in Undermining Ideas once they believe they have achieved Community Confidence.

i.e. ongoing, revisionist Hillary Defense, and aversion to Documented JFK Truth.

All while Attempting to Rationalize by squealing “I worked for Bernie!”


And trivializing the Viet Nam anti-war movement, and its culture.


Generating sufficient value is a function of what EVERY employee does.

For instance, at Google, each employee, on average, generates $1,000,000 in revenue. Should they only hire people who are guaranteed to generate that?

Should CEOs return their salaries when the companies they run lose money? Should CEO pay have risen 937% since 1978?

Last questions: How low should wages go? Wasn’t slavery great?


Let’s take the stupid question first:

Last questions: How low should wages go? Wasn’t slavery great?

If someone isn’t creating value for their employer, they won’t get hired. THAT is what generates how low wages will go. If I have to pay someone more than they create in value, I won’t hire them. How is the voluntary decision to hire someone slavery? Oh wait, it isn’t, you’re just playing hyperbolic games.

When they lose too much money, CEOs get fired. The average CEO tenure is less than 6 years. There are CEOs out there who are grossly overpaid, and others who are worth every penny they get paid. As for the 9x increase, the other factor ignored is that the companies they’re running are, on average, about 14x the size they were in 1978. The median company in the Fortune 100 in 1978 had $3.9B in revenue. Today the median is $57B. So the job is substantially bigger than it was.

Google hires only top people (according to their standards) and pays them extremely well. They place their bets and take their chances. And do a pretty good job, looking at their returns.


Speaking of stupid, you stupidly left out that according to your figures on revenue increases, pay for hourly workers should have risen dramatically since 1978, especially considering the rise in productivity they’ve been a part of.

But hey, stupidass, they didn’t:

Good old CEOs: Offshoring. Killing unions. Automating. Oh, and cheating: