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Sanders: Iran Letter Shows GOP Senators Just 'Itching for War'


Sanders: Iran Letter Shows GOP Senators Just 'Itching for War'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has blasted 47 Republicans in the U.S. Senate for sending a letter this week to Iranian leaders and said the incident goes to show that some of his colleagues are simply "itching for war" when it comes to Iran.


The USA is always itching for war. We have no moral core, no identity beyond consumption and 'growth'; thus we define ourselves by the enemies that we choose and create. The GOP is merely the less polite face of this insatiable, avaricious belligerence.


I heartilly agree with your sentiment. At risk of seeming to be picky though, your pronouns and "USA" probably require further definition, because I think you are referring to the media and those in positions of power.


Imagine this situation reversed. If the Democrats had sent such a letter while a Republican president was in the midst of negotiations, the Republicans would have cried treason and demanded legal action.


There are many ways to respond to this letter- vituperative, childish, irresponsible and treasonous. What would embolden this group to undermine a Commander and Chief? What level of insularity and complacency would permit 47 US Senators to issue such an vindictive, venal pile of rubbish. Also, the impression they leave the world of the United States is in fact that of an arrogant, morally bankrupt country. Or, more charitably, a country whose politicians are bought and sold to the highest bidder. Finally, I am skeptical of the negotiations with Iran. Yet this goes beyond the pale.


I agree ljg500. Yet this outrage goes way back. The republicans have made a policy of destroying peace negotiations going back to Nixon interfering in Vietnam. Not that Johnson was any great shakes...


If you talk to anyone that been to war ,most would say that war is hell. Hell on earth. Why would anyone want to bring hell on earth. To me the only person or thing that would want that is the devil or his dominions. Rather you believe in or not. The fact is there are evil people in this world and not all of them are crazy. Some are respected members of society. These people have no empathy for anyone except themselves. War to them isn't about the lives that will be lost or damaged. It's about money. And Money is the root of all evil


This is something these ignorant and dangerous "representatives" should not get away with. I have called their offices to complain, asking them if they will fight and die in a war with Iran, or send their sons, or is that just for the lower classes. I told them, my brother in law died in Vietnam and we don't want any more wars.

Don't just let them get away with this, push back. They are agressive and standing up to bullies is important.


This is but a sample of the many reasons why Bernie needs to run for President, please! Run Bernie, run!


I want to see Bernie run, if only to be in the Presidential Debates.

If you've noticed, many successful vote suppressing shills left this forum since the Congressional Elections. They will be back in force around election time, but some are still here. They will be telling us how voting for Bernie or any other progressive candidate is useless...


Here is the petition:



What the rest of the world sees are a people with a choice. And the American people choose to vote for war. They choose to sacrifice their children for commercial interests. They choose war over heath care, education, infrastructure renewal.


United States vs Jeffrey Sterling. The CIA revealed in that case that They are dedicated to misrepresenting the realty of Iran's nuclear program./ The Iran Nuclear program is the same as Iraq's WMD. That we have an agency spying on us that in fact should have many of its members in the docks facing life imprisonment is telling. The US is no longer a democracy as a democracy requires justice..


They are like the Borg. "Resistance is futile!" "You will vote for Shillary and like it"!


All these letter signers could make up their own platoon and volunteer to go right over into the frey . A few more good men on the front lines would be welcomed im sure .


Of course these Yahoo Senators want war and so do the idiots who elected them. They see no limits to the power of coercion and war, sheer terror which they are only too happy to release. It doesn't bother these war mongers how much it costs in US or Iranian lives. They want to display how powerful they are and war power is their only coinage. Waste another trillion dollars, kill a million more lives. It doesn't matter to them. It only bothers me that Bernie calls these AH's "my Republican friends." Maybe Bernie, if you had a conscience you would resign from that corrupt and dysfunctional institution, the Senate, which is about to unleash terrible suffering on us all.


Your tax dollars at work. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The Rest of the World awaits your decisions to confront the psychos who rule the US.

On the corporate side, 100% boycott of icon corporations like McDonalds, Exxon and Walmart. Bring them down and the politicians will begin to understand the US public is neither complacent nor powerless. The next threat, mass tax revolt. Even the "defense industry" doesn't work of free.


If only the churches that lend these anti-life warmongers cover spoke openly in opposition to their Mars-ruled creeds!

These same conscience-free guns for hire cut Head Start, Food Stamps, aid to the handicapped, and can't wait to place their fangs into Social Security... but NEVER shy away from writing checks that build, develop and RELEASE bombs and other WMD onto HUMAN BEINGS! They're sworn to destroy living beings, habitats, and infrastructure... all in homage to the MIC and its bloated immoral war profiteers.

The devil's own, these bastards THINK they do what they do in accord with some god's will. And with so many right wing churches assisting their deceit, it's no wonder that there are millions of "with us or against us" traumatized and deluded souls walking around this nation. From time to time, one lets loose with his own weapon.

They call THIS civilization.


No, genius. It is not the US that itches for war unless you view every sovereign citizen as little more than an extension of the Armed Forces. It's the Military Industrial Complex and its tentacles (via jobs) placed into every state, Hollywood's war propaganda, and the media's pro war lies told often, and right wing religious institutions that foster this passion for war.

It is NOT what MILLIONS of people, plenty of them women who have no idolatry for Mars nor need to prove their masculinity in accord with the ancient ways of war identify with. And don't YOU dare speak for me or millions like me, or render invisible, the voices of those that morally oppose these ridiculous spectacles and moral travesties.


If according to your analysis that "the American people choose to vote for war. They choose to sacrifice their children for commercial interests", why then would there be any need for the CIA to misrepresent anything? Or for there to have been the bogus claims of WMD in Iraq?

Also, your analysis (the reply to SamHolloway) seems to not take into account the following…

"That we have an agency spying on us that in fact should have many of its
members in the docks facing life imprisonment is telling. The US is no
longer a democracy as a democracy requires justice.."