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Sanders is Building a New Political Movement and Could Run Again


There will always be people who will find reasons that Bernie may not be sufficiently progressive enough. It would be nice if those people didn’t feel the need to constantly berate the point however. That being said, there is one thing that I believe is actually MORE important than one’s level of ‘progressiveness’. That thing is ‘ETHICS’. There is not one single person currently serving in the House or Senate that has near the same level of ethics as Mr. Sanders.

I am absolutely proud to stand and say that I know with certainty that if Bernie says something, he means it. I also feel absolutely certain that he actually gives a damn about others. I can’t say that about the majority of elected leaders in D.C.

I want someone to take the lead who cares for the people he/she serves and can be trusted to say nothing but the truth when speaking.

With Bernie we have decades of his political experience to look through to find that evidence of ethics and empathy.

If ethics and empathy is not more important than a single issue, then I fear that we human beings can never elect a good leader.


Bernie Sanders is the most qualified, the most experienced, the most dedicated, the most articulated, and the best candidate the USA has to defeat the repubs and their sham of a president. His recent international outreach to leaders supporting the Green New Deal is without comparison. He has done more in his life for the middle class and the poor than most repubs and democrats have ever done. I hope he runs and I hope all other democrats that might want to run for president will wait to see if he announces his candidacy and then endorse him as the candidate. Total solidarity for Bernie will make the 2020 election a landslide! Peace


I agree with you here, Lrx–but hopefully this will not cause too much alarm, since it is not for exactly the same reasons.

Most minority individuals are not of a managerial class. Also, many educated whites, male and female, work for wages. Teachers, nurses, professors, and technical people hold an employee’s relationship to capital although we are not mostly the people regarded in the stereotypes that hold over from the days of blue-collar work.

We still have working class interests in relation to capital. That means that we want single payer healthcare, public education, higher minimum wage, ample plans for retirement, reduced efforts going into to wars, and a sharp reduction of the differences in income level. By public education, I mean to include higher education, and that this should be possible without debt or at least without crippling debt.

The Democratic Party has left workers behind not because none of us work for wages, even though that work is less the stereotypical labor of manufacturing, which has been mostly exported. Part of the demonstration of this was the extreme popularity of Sanders’ campaign despite the collusion of the DNC, the president, and the press with the Clinton camp. A part of that that might have gone to greater proof is that Sanders stood to draw more votes from Trump voters, third party voters, and non-voters as well.

But the question here is not whether Sanders can draw the populace. It is how much of the right wing of the party still stands to prohibit his candidacy. Sadly, I think that the machine remains in place and intact, and that we may therefore have another four years of Trump and recriminations.


I must say, watching the same forces that I saw in 2016 array themselves for 2020 does not fill me with optimism.


Ironic, isn’t it, that one of the oldest elected officials in the country should be the one most concerned with its future, and who promotes the most progressive agenda?

Fortunately, he has inspired a small army of young people to become involved, and who are adding their voices to his, even to the point of running for elected office themselves.

Bravo, Bernie!