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Sanders is Right: Clinton Not Qualified To Be a Progressive President


Sanders is Right: Clinton Not Qualified To Be a Progressive President

Peter Bloom

The Democratic primary has dramatically intensified in the wake of Bernie Sanders resounding double digit victory in Wisconsin earlier this week.


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These two are like the political parties in Weimar Germany who hated each other so much that that they could not unite to stop Hitler. Both camps need to understand NOW that Trump will destroy democratic government In the United States and stop squabbling.


" Hillary Clinton is undeniably an extremely experienced and informed candidate."

Peter, I would re-word that statement like this: Hillary is undeniably an extremely experienced liar! And has been informed how to act innocent while being a corrupt tool of the economic, elite like Goldman Sucks!


You fail to understand that those of us supporting Bernie WANT to destroy the status quo Democratic Party. I'm closer to 60 than not. In my life I have seen the institutional Democratic Party go from the Great Society to an oligarchy-controlled party of the top 10% pandering to the professional class, having thrown labor, minorities, and the poor under the bus. We realize that Hillary and her ilk must finally be stopped once-and-for-all. We don't care, she must LOSE this election, preferably to Bernie, but by November. While Trump is looking less and less likely to be allowed to become the GOP nominee, a Trump Presidency would be a lot like the Carter Presidency - bumbling and ineffective. I don't see him blowing up the planet, nobody is going to cooperate with him on either side. It would be a four-year holding action, where the left could hopefully bring forward a truly progressive candidate to take him down. Our major concern right now is ripping control of the Democratic Party away from Hillary and her faction. This MUST happen if we ever hope to take over the party for We The People.


It's a primary, stupid! (to paraphrase old Bill) This is PRECISELY the time for careful analysis. And democrat friendly voters are in flux. They had a certain expectation in mind for years that there was only one possibility. Then comes the surging Sanders, bringing enthusiasm, energy, and a real choice. Hey, Thornberry, don't fear the fact there is now a choice; embrace it. The old ways have not been working for the majority of Americans. A better future for them is at hand. Join the fray.


The Clintons destroyed what was left of democratic government in the US two decades ago.Trump would have been derailed in New Hampshire if it had not.


Well, since Clinton is not going to just abdicate with a lead, and there's no real policy-related reason for anyone with non-corporate concerns to vote for her, her camp has to make up some sort of rot.

Sanders and Clinton are each competent administrators, and if Clinton appears less so, it is mostly because the widespread corruptions of her career come to public attention with email leaks and FOIA requests and so on and so forth. Only so much can be effectively hidden from so many for so long.

The situation becomes fairly simple: Clinton is plenty competent, but the problems that she wishes to solve are not your problems or mine, but those of a global ruling class.


Any experienced and informed person from a government that represents the 1%, and not the 99%, must be decisively rejected. A person "informed and experienced" and still voted for the Iraqi invasion is more evil than one who did so uninformed and inexperienced. Anyone who knows how the vast majority of the American people are suffering, who knows the inaccessibility to healthcare, quality education, and jobs that pay a living wage and STILL remains an apologist, a mouthpiece, and a paid propagandist for the oligarchic government MUST be automatically disqualified. Such a person is not a "lesser evil" - she/he is evil incarnate.

Voters must remember the ruling class responsible for their present situation. If they think that life today is better than life barely twenty years ago, go ahead and vote for Hillary. Or if they realize that every day, in every way, things are getting worse, try Bernie for genuine change.


People who take this stand are inured to ALL of the following:

  1. Trump's nod to Christian Evangelicals and their goal to turn this nation into a virtual Christian Theocracy
  2. Trump's hostility to Mexicans and Latinos.
  3. Trump's kneejerk reaction to Muslims
    4 Trump's indifference to Black Lives Matter

And worst of all...

That EARTH MOTHER doesn't have another 4 years for any major figurehead to just act as a "place holder."

What about Trump's cavalier perception of torture? That he energizes the most right wing jingoistic fools imaginable... those quite capable of enacting major Hate Crimes?

What about his stating that he'd just carpetbag portions of the Middle East?

There are LOTS of closet right wingers who post on C.D.

Right now, their meme is that Hillary is worse than Trump. As I asked in another thread, will they STILL try to make that case if the odious Cruz becomes the nominee?


Another closet Republican "comes out" on C.D.

Half of the REGULARS are clapping. Gee, I wonder why.

And political analysis should really be taken seriously by a poster who can't differentiate between loose and lose... something intelligent people learned by 4th grade:

andrewboston commented:

"If Hillary looses, she will no longer be "qualified" to give $300,000 an hour speeches."


Clinton is, in a way, like the researcher who spends their time cranking out garbage papers non-stop, and then turns around one day and touts themselves for how experienced and hard working they are. Which is unfair to the people who have less to show because they've spent more time thinking through and checking their own work; doesn't change the fact that garbage results are garbage results; and if a person can get away with it, leads to others taking work less seriously.


Lesser evil than any other candidate? .. No so sure about that either.


Both Bushes called Saddam Hitler. That rhetoric was a sign post. We are all saw what that started. Hillary has called Putin Hitler. Did you miss that? Inured ?

Starting a war with Russia trumps all those other bad items you list.

Besides all the things you cite are domestic. That's what the 2nd amendment is actually for - Bernie knows it- he just isn't spelling it out.


Did Sen. Sanders actually say that H. Clinton isn't "qualified to be a progressive president?" I've been catching conflicting reports since morning, and this is the only one that included the word, "progressive." Technically, both are equally qualified for office. Ideologically, this is one of those "in the eye of the beholder" issues.

Progressive politics is nothing new. It's a political ideology that centers on core socioeconomic policies -- poverty relief, solid programs to reduce poverty, economic justice. Americans have moved well to the right on these issues, rejecting the progressive agenda. That's just the way it is. The meaning of words actually matters.

There is just as much confusion over "democratic socialism." It's true that Sen. Sanders had supported democratic socialism for some time. Note that democratic socialism does include a legitimate welfare system.Today's Democrats reject this model (ended actual welfare, etc.), and liberals show no indication of supporting it.

Whatever Sen. Sanders personally believes, his own (rather extraordinary) record stands as proof that his goal is to serve the American people, working for the best interests of the country as a whole, and not only promote to his personal philosophy. THIS is what qualifies him to be president.


Take any pair of people and you can draw some kind of equivalence between them. The same principles which give us equal rights also give us a weird and almost comical ability to draw comparisons.

Trump gets associated with Clinton because of connections like New York, big money, Trump's former support for the Democratic party, their personal ties to each other, and the fact they're known to both put forth the same unsavory ideas using different words. Both have some dubious ethics. If Clinton is worse than Trump, it'd probably be because she's more effective than Trump at disguising herself as benevolent while embracing her inner Kissinger.

2016 Election Has Voters Feeling Helpless, Unheard, and Ashamed

Sanders stood in front of his cheering crowd and declared the Hillary had said he was not qualified to be president. That was and is a flat out lie.


Sanders declared that Clinton is not qualified to be president, period. After he lied and said that Clinton had declared him not qualified to be president.
The "progressive" line is just Bernie Buster spin.


Don't give up. They are coming out of the closet.


And Bernie himself is now in that percentage. The world won't hold its breath.