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Sanders is the Most Liked Candidate, and His Popularity is Growing: Poll



Sanders' unfavorable rating should be 1%.


Trump said that the system is so corrupt that Bernie wins eight out of nine states and they still say Hillary is winning.


The more people/voters recognize the genuine humanity, truthfulness and humility of this principled Human Being, the more they will support his vision for the future - a vision he has held and fought-for over 50 years, not as a result of a poll or focus group or the issue of the moment - he has worked for the Common Good and against common greed, unlike most politicians, his entire career!
Bernie Sanders is the true breath of political fresh air our republic and people desperately need.
This is arguably the most important election of our lives, for ourselves, our children and our planet! Don't fail to be part of these great days!
Feel the Bern!


Will people hear about this poll? The press is experiencing a voluntary mental inertia which lets them hold on to previous public perceptions about the candidates which keeps perpetuating the idea that Hillary is competent, that Bernie won't be able to get much done with a republican congress, that Hillary is popular though her numbers keep going down, that Bernie can't catch up to her overwhelming lead (that superdelegates will not change their votes) and so forth.

Will people learn about this poll out there in mainstream media land?

They haven't learned about the other ones showing Bernie is coming on stronger and stronger... Voluntary mental inertia.


It's interesting to note that my local newspaper cited the same poll but focused exclusively on Clinton-Trump. Not a word about Bernie Sanders. I wonder why?


“Calling all conscientious humans of San Francisco!

George and Amal Clooney, coupled with Hillary Clinton will be hosting a fundraising dinner in San Francisco on April 15th. "The fundraiser is for The Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic committees of 32 states and Puerto Rico" (http://fortune.com/2016/03/25/clinton-clooney/). The dinner costs $300,000+ to attend for a couple, and around $33,000 for an individual to be able to dine at the table with celebrities and to take a photo with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Let the people of San Francisco gather and march through the main streets of Nob Hill to protest this event and to show Hillary Clinton that we don't accept this kind of corruption. Rich people should not be allowed to buy politicians. Imagine, for example, how far $30,000 could go to help the homelessness problem in San Francisco. This corruption-fest is not just undemocratic, it is immoral and obscene!


The very least we can do is to remind Hillary's rich donors of the corruption they are a part of. We will protest outside the event so that none of the attendants can chose to close their eyes to criticism and insulate themselves from the people in a fancy dinner. We are the people! We refuse to be excluded! We demand to be heard! They don't want us there. We will be there! Bring your own posters and banners!”



Fuck Hope


Looking up William Cromwell this morning, I found that he was one of the original partners in Sullivan and Cromwell, the Dulles Brothers old firm, and on their notable alumni list is, Amal Clooney. Link here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullivan_%26_Cromwell#Notable_alumni


I believe the 1% prefer fxcking Charity. But, that's just a guess.


People look around the world and fear chaos, so cut them some slack. They would like things to be better but the game is rigged so who knows. They aren't sheeple, they seek to make the best of things they can't do much about individually. They fear your attitude because while the words 'bring this corrupt system down' may be enough for you, they want to function in life as they know it...to pay rent and mortgages, to grocery shop and get the kids ready for school, to pay the utilities and worry about no cost of living expenses for Soc Sec and all those things that need the system. They don't understand your statement and therefore fear the lack of definition of it. So what would happen if the corrupt system was brought down? How much of it or all of it and what would take its place and so forth.


Spot On Mark. It isn't the alphabet soup in our bowl, it is The Empire. Even though they are crafty in above ground photo-op actions, the well runs very deep and The Empire must survive at all costs.



Trump knows the system is rigged against him and Bernie, because like I have posted before: Presidents are not elected, that is just a dog and pony show for the masses to make them believe their votes count and they live in a democracy. Hillary has been selected by the selectors, but I will do everything in my power to stop this Wall Street walker!


Caroline, may I ask a favor? It's a small one. Please don't use caps for hrc. For me, it shows that she is human in some manner or form. I am making a serious joke, my tongue is in my cheek but I am serious at the same time as I sit here wishing I was in The City by The Bay.


Use of the word sheeple implies you are superior to that class. So what are you that you denigrate humanity so?


Is the one on the left really a human rights lawyer?


Bernie is a human being. He not attempting to manipulate the voters for personal gain.


Yes and no. Elections are also like any tool. Consider Arizona, Wisconsin and other places where people came out in unexpectedly large numbers and belied precisely what Carlin is talking about. THOSE FOLKS, in my opinion, represent the ground shifting from decades of highly propagandized focus on a strategy of usurpation constantly setting the bar out of reach. Nothing like cold shower to rip back the marketing curtain and make focus local, engaged and refocused.

In the words of Howard Zinn, you can't be neutral on a moving train.


The poll clearly shows the effects of Clinton being pounded continuously by the Republicans for the past few decades while Sanders has remained a little known member of Congress escaping any wrath of the Republican attacks. Should Sanders somehow win the nomination that will quickly change and expect the Willie Horton and swiftboat gang to come up with something really nasty.