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Sanders Joins Call for DOJ Investigation into Exxon's Climate Coverup


Sanders Joins Call for DOJ Investigation into Exxon's Climate Coverup

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Arguing the oil giant's behavior may "ultimately qualify as a violation of federal law," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday joined a chorus of voices calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to launch an official fraud investigation into Exxon Mobil's decades-long efforts to suppress the scientific connection between carbon emissions and climate change.


Calling out the Ministry of Truth--way to go Bernie!


Can it be possible that Americans could have a president that acts like this? We always get the people who care more about serving the corporations first rather than the people.


YYYyyeeeeesssssss!!! you go Bernie!!1 I'm almost inclined to run out into the streets with this info.....


....and guess what? all that MONEY that was made, not just by the corporation, but by the ceo's and others, that made millions and billions, from oil... SHOULD HAVE IT TAKEN AWAY. Leave them with enough to put them in the middle, middle class... I"m serious... because I am sick of people who are rich, based on our Fossil fuel economy and think they are better than others.... when they were/are destroying the very planet under their/our feet. I say a way to sue them or some other way and take all that money away is further punishment.


The idea of corporate crimes against humanity and Earth is maturing rapidly world-wide.

The same logic will eventually by applied to war mongers that promote wars against innocent families so their corporations make more money. Executives of large propaganda corporations like Time, the New York Times, fox news and CNN also commit crimes against humanity by facilitating war and pollution, they will also be locked up for a very long time after proof they intentionally caused american citizens to kill so many hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens.


Like I have said before: Bernie has some liabilities; especially on foreign policy, but to me, his assets on domestic policies outweigh his liabilities. Not perfect, but probably the best one at having a chance to be POTUS even though Bernie's chance of being nominated by the democratic party are about 10:1. Probably the best Bernie can hope for is a cabinet position in a HRC administration.


Petroleum distillates are a noxious product that causes both loss of life and financial damages. A company that knowingly makes such a legally malicious product is liable for all damages caused by their product. Felony charges are theoretically also possible under the law but I'm not holding my breath, because Exxon is too big to jail.


There is no way Bernie would ever be part of a Clinton administration. She may be publicly cordial to him, but I'm sure, deep down, that Hillary is seething that she has to take on a "nuisance" like him to get to "her turn" as President. I'm sure that is the way she and her supporters look at this election. They'd just like to have a coronation, which they think they are entitled to. Hopefully, they have a rude awakening coming, but given the last round of polls, maybe not.


This is HUGE- Bernie is actually challenging the Rockefeller clan here- Who knows, just maybe Monsanto and Pfizer will be next- This NEEDS to happen....


Like the tobacco companies knowing the death risks of their product and
still developing a hi-performance nicotine delivery system (e-cigarettes)

So too the oil companies knowing the massive death risks of CO2 climate,
instead go "Burn Baby Burn" and develop a juggernaut delivery system
to effectively free base oil to the addicts.

Gaia does have Rights and they are being run over roughshod.


This is just a thought. I am not throwing Bernie Sanders under the bus, but didn't Obama recently come out and publicly acclaim that fossil fuels had to stay in the ground? Didn't he say that we had to work on renewables--now? So, the subject of the dangers of extracting more fossil fuels has become a subject open to debate among Democrats, at least. This makes the subject "safe" for a Democratic candidate to espouse.

Could it be, the powers that be, see the writing on the wall, and now a "socialist candidate" can be heard and accepted by the people? This way, it makes it "look like" we're actually progressing in this nation. But is it really all just a part of the playbook? Let the people think they have some power. Give them a little tidbit of success. Let them win one. Maybe they'll settle down and stop causing trouble--for the elite rulers, so they can proceed with their sprawl over the planet.

One day we will wake up and gasoline will be $15 a gallon, and electric cars will cost $150,000 worldwide. It's the plan, to sweep out all the chaff--the lower and middle class, that is. You want your ration of gruel for the day? Put this ring around your neck and shut up.


He' not the only one.....


He hasn't been elected yet still in election mode.


Speaking of Monsatan, here is a very informative piece with history of Agri-Business and their greed, criminal conduct, and Third-World scams to create profits from the misery and debt of many a starving farmer. This corporate pirate is evil in its basic definition!


He is performing his role as a member of the US Senate in calling out Exxon's probable lawlessness and maleficence. It doesn't matter whether he's been elected to the office or not. He would do this were he not even running. That's what makes him so distinctive.


Politicians generally are neck-deep in campaign-contribution bribes and corruption, the exception as I see it is Bernie Sanders, who has warts as do all who enter the political "Thunder Dome", but he has been consistant in his positions, not a human wind-sock reacting to every poll or issue. He has the moral character, I believe, to respond to calls to stand-up for those issues he seems (to some) deficient in now, as candidate. This call for accountability and action from a weak "Justice" dept is a measure of his integrity.

Candidates often make claims they do not live up to, or shy away from issues they know will get them hung (politically speaking), and sell the public a bag of shite. Many change radically once elected and betray the issues they ran on - one comes immediately to mind. I think this man Bernie is clearly different and will, if elected, stand-up for justice and civil rights, and civilian priorities, not only military, and RESTORE fair taxation of the uber-wealthy and powerful, as well as rein-in corporate excesses and greed and poisoning the Planet....just my opinion......


As it is now for the most part in Norway, one of those socialist counties.


All neat and tidy then? They wish.

First off I wish socialists - the abused children of politics - would stop being so hungry to claim Bernie as a socialist while focusing on all his flaws and non socialist aspects (the right wing appreciates their help in associating Bernie with the word - the politically insulting word - socialist).

Bernie is a democratic socialist (capitalism with a social heart and focus?) whereas they are (as they constantly tell us) hard core 'true' socialists. They claim Bernie (which obliterates the subtleties of difference between his positions and theirs) while they reject Bernie at the same time.

Worse they go around telling people not to vote for Bernie even if he is socialistic simply because he is a running as a dem. Socialists are suffering from a lack of attention and show it.

How about we progressives, lefties, pseudo-lefty liberals and liberal leaning moderates and the odd inexplicable libertarian who are the only ones willing to talk to Trotskyites at parties ... all just vote for the major candidate who would dare call for a DOJ investigation into Exxon's climate change coverup?

Bernie has earned the true meaning of the word Independent because he is the only major candidate that refused to take the oligarchy money.

That is INDEPENDENT... or have we forgotten the actual definition of the word in this age of Citizen's United?


When you consider all of the natural resource bounty this land has given up over the centuries-and all of the destruction of our ecosystem that that irresponsible plunder has caused- well then I believe it high time that the commoners should share in that plundered wealth of the commons- After all, can BP ever give us back the Gulf of Mexico in the state they found it in?