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Sanders Joins Calls for Resignation or Removal of Postmaster General Over Efforts to 'Suppress the Vote and Undermine Democracy'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/sanders-joins-calls-resignation-or-removal-postmaster-general-over-efforts-suppress


Cheers for Sanders.


What will Sanders do to enforce his political will?

Speaking out is usually a good response in itself, but if there is no way for Sanders (or anyone else) to actually remove the parasite from office, then speaking out (without action) tends to cover up the deeper problems.


The People need to swarm to USPS headquarters with signs and shouts of “LOVE THE POSTAL SERVICE, DEJOY MUST GO!”


Pelosi has a solution to our overall catastrophic situation; the power of prayer.

Looks like we are fucked.



“[H]is potential conflicts of interest.”

Potential? No, with millions invested in competitors of the USPS there is no question of “potentiality”. It is so. The back of the old Confederacy needs to be broken once and for all.

We will be out in the streets tomorrow to demand the firing of DeJoy and for the profiteers to keep their hands off our post office.


"DeJoy, a former North Carolina logistics executive with tens of millions invested in USPS competitors". HOW TF is this not a criminal conflict of interest, to destroy the USPS for personal gain, and a treasonous conspiracy to steal an election - arguably the most critical in American history!? WRF!!??

"DeJoy should be removed from his post for threatening “the voting rights of millions of Americans” to “aid Trump’s reelection efforts.” ant that is a short list of his crimes!
The dismantling of one of the foundations of American government Of, By, and FOR the people, and premeditated slow-down.gutting of the USPS (among other voting manipulating crimes) is a transparent effort and conspiracy to manipulate the coming so-called "election! How is that blatant shite not a federal crime and treason - a hanging offense!?

Removal of DeJoy is by the USPS Board of Governors - all old white men, and ALL appointed by the criminal.candidate donald j trump, approved by the utterly corrupt extremist Republicon Senate!

As usual Bernie Sanders is a voice in a political wilderness of hyper-partisan division, sold-out elected officials, a Republicon dominated Senate conspiring to destroy our already questionable/dismembered “institutions”, and an “opposition” party dominated by complicit stooges working to benefit from the cluster-farce this nations government has become!
As usual the neo-liberal DP and idiot uninformed voters, have manipulated, or been manipulated, to put-forth the absolute weakest candidate nearly imaginable that does not inspire, is not fit to speak extemporaneously or even remember where he is, and has serious integrity/corruption issues from the past! The toothless milk-sop DP is a fuckin joke as an “opposition” or damn-near anything else for that matter! The leaders of the past rolling in their graves at the timidity and complicity!

The doomsday clock ticks and still the people/stooges/frauds “in charge” are either criminal thieves, treasonous extremists, vulture capitalist parasites, war-mongers, milquetoast “opposition” pretenders, co-conspirators, or just craven fuckin fools watching our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Commons be ripped-up and sold to the highest bidder as our environment and planet are poisoned by greed, exploitation to extinction, and worship of Mammon!


And then there,s this - more evidence (as if any more was needed!) of the stupidity, inept “advisers”, mental dysfunction/confusion, and just ordinary idiot foot-in-mouth disease of the Democratic Party (idiot voter) pick to run against the most dangerous threat to America and the entire world in our history, Jor Biden.
How can so many be so uninformed, so hyper-partisan and corrupt, so complicit and craven, and so blind? How can the DP entrenched apparatus and “leadership” be so complicit to the numerous frauds and crimes that threaten the republic and millions in their astonishing bumbling stupidity??

REPLACE the inept and corrupt candidacy of Joe Biden NOW with someone that can actually speak two words without making themselvs a goddamn fool - and consign US ALL to oblivion under the fascist dicktator trump & co!



That might actually help! That and tens of thousands gathering to beg Trump to ensure his place in history by saving and strengthening the Post Office.


Yes, Bernie is great — up to a point — but the part Bernie hasn’t leveled with us about is that we need a peaceful people’s “Political, economic, social, and cultural Revolution Against EMPIRE”

Americans are actually ‘less free’ than any other people in the world.

Yes, we appear free — but as Janis sings — freedoms just another word for “nothing else to lose”.

’We the American people’ have been systematically and massively ‘dumbed-down’, deluded, divided, distracted, propagandized, infantilized, and mis-directed by the most powerful and effective regime of ‘stupidization’ the world has ever seen —- much more so than Dr. Joseph Goebbels and the entire Nazi propagandist regime could ever dream of imposing on the ‘subjects’ of this rather obvious Third Reich (Third EMPIRE).

The only experience that ‘we the American people’ ever had any experience, knowledge, and detestation for was the ‘external’ British Empire — which the people easily recognized as an ‘external’ EMPIRE, and which ‘we the people’ including founders, framers, and “Common Sense” farmers, trades-people, fishermen, loggers, builders, and even pastors; hated, rejected, spoke and wrote against, and after 12 short years of oppression and tyranny ignited a “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage’s 2014 definitive history of our first and only Revolution Against (External) EMPIRE.

Clearly, now after 244 years, ‘we the American people never:


because the American people, as deluded and propagandized ‘subjects’ of a far more effectively Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire in the second half of the 20th century never had any informed sense that their country was, in fact, only the nominal HQ of, and merely ‘posing’ as our formerly “promising” and sometimes progressive country (PKA) America.

American ‘subjects’ of this far more effectively ‘disguised’, truly global, corruptly-crony, and capitalist-fueled EMPIRE — after the Second World War of Empires — never had any “Common Sense” that THEY (as mere ‘Subjects’) we’re blinded by being in the belly of this Whale of an Empire (which was Moby Dicking us).


“Show me what democracy looks like”
“This ain’t what democracy looks like”
“This is what EMPIRE looks like”


Yes, we are indeed effed — which is why my newest doubled-sided protest sign simply says:

“Our Revolution”

and on the other side:



Fuck, the whole fucking administration needs to resign.

Let’s at least be clear about that.


Add the whole goddamn DP entrenched hierarchy neoliberal complicit stooges! The pelosi “please pray for justice and the downpressors” - what a pathetic crock o shite from her and all who sail in her! Fuck them ALL!


The difference between this swill, and Chris Hedges’ article?

Chris understands exactly what Sanders is, and that there is no salvation to be had, from the Democratic wing of the Party of Wall Street and war.


An interesting contrast to draw. I sort of don’t know what to do with this Progressives Demand Removal of Bad People genre – it seems to be a journalistic strange attractor of late. Then someone in the Commons chips in with the Frederick Douglass chestnut about “power concedes nothing without a demand” and our path forward to a better future just writes itself:

  1. Identify something bad.
  2. Demand that it stop.

The magic progressive demand-wand: wave it, rinse, and repeat (after 3. Demand ignored.)

When Frederick Douglass used the word “demand” it wasn’t in any vain sense. He meant Otherwise you’ll have to kill me.


Sanders, as usual, states the correct actions to take. Oh, how I wish he had some real power.


The corruption of our government continues to be more and more blatant. And DeJoy is already showing us what the Post Office would become under privatization: higher prices, lower services, and another obnoxious work environment. Seems to me that’s always the case with privatization. I will absolutely join any local protesters!


If there ever had been a single person of integrity in the US government, and there hasn’t ever been, then there would have been the requirement that in every single office that no conflict of interest could exist. this would mean you could not own stocks, you could not be a former employee of any company who’s interests might be served by the department you are in, and people like this postmaster Louis DeJoy, and Donald Trump himself could never have taken office. In fact such a requirement would eliminate every single Judge, congressman, Senator, and executive appointee in the last 75 years.

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During the past three and a half years 86ing Trump appointees results in the successor appointee being more fascist than the predecessors. Ditto with a DeJoy successor appointed by Trump.

The path to progessives’ success is: 1) for all the BLM and police accountability protesters to shelve those issues until November 4 and focus their protests on saving USPS, an issue that the GOP will not be able to co-opt, and 2) 8645 on 11//03/20.