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Sanders Joins Union Leaders and Healthcare Workers In Protesting 'Corporate Greed'-Fueled Private Equity Sale of Philadelphia Hospital

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/sanders-joins-union-leaders-and-healthcare-workers-protesting-corporate-greed-fueled

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How Bernie spends his time shows where his heart and motivation is!! Bernie shows up alongside Americans to FIGHT with them and beside them, again and again!!!

Is he busy at fundraising parties? No.


So, how do they stop this? Force the city to take it over via eminent domain?

Hi Callmeskeptical:
I believe that healthcare is a right—I’m not sure what the governments thinks—but if it does agree that it is a right—then closing hospitals could be denying that right to Americans—This is especially awful in rural areas which are losing so much when their one industry town—leaves town. : (

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Hi Stardust,

I believe you won’t find a federal statute mandating health care as a right. In the U.S., access to clean drinking water isn’t even a right.

Hi Callmeskeptical:
AHA! there’s work to be done there then ~ : ) Some people are talking of forcing people to get measles shots as those without shots become a crisis in waiting for the rest of the populace!
That’s why health care should be a right. Health care should be nationalized----It’s been said that armies move on their stomachs----but nations can only thrive when the people are heathy! : )

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jeez was Joe “union man” Biden there ? and you just know they are going to cheat bernie again ,

already this cycle the increase in hit pieces via the washington post and NYT has to be 10x what it was in 2016 and i couldn’t believe that shit back then.

and then Bernie’s going to tell us to support whomever gets the democratic nomination

i’ll never vote for a corporate dem like warren, harris, buttigeg or biden or any of them

which leaves at a point where i no longer donate to bernies campaign

its all very fucking “SAD” as the orange asshole would say

I’m with you on this.

With regard to water, Vermont is the only state I’m aware of where groundwater has been judged a public good, due to their state constitution. But, that could be easily undone by the U.S. government and other signatory governments (in cahoots with multinational corporations) in any of these secret international trade agreements, such as the TPP, where an offshore international tribunal, composed of corporate-friendly attorneys, could rule, above U.S. law, in favor of the corporations, allowing them unfettered access to our waters. This is why it is so important that none of these secret international trade agreements become enacted.

Yes. I’ve wondered whether Sanders understands that many of us completely lost faith in him, due to his kowtowing to the DNC, Obama, and Reid.

it saddens me to say that … he is clearly the only true progressive in this whole shit show

I will vote for him, if he wins; but, I prefer Gabbard, whom I believe is more progressive; and, less likely to buckle under pressure.

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Hahnemann was sold in January of 2018 by Tenet Health, which (not who) owned a bunch of hospitals all over the country. But Tenet is a dinosaur and they are selling off, in this case to some front company for Paladin called American Academic “Health” System, which in a joint venture with another real estate vulture also bought up the surrounding office buildings and parking structure.
This kind of corporate buying and selling of hospitals has been going on for decades. Just ask the Daughters of Charity. But now we are seeing the vulture capitalists move in. They tasted their first blood in the pharmaceutical industry. They’ll do the same to the hospital systems.

… And they say Bernie is too old? He’s kicking all of their asses as He is Everywhere! The others never fight for the People! Isn’t this what We want? Or is hopping from one Superpac Fundraiser to another, owing Corporate donors and billionaires favors, a better choice? Time we opened our eyes and stopped getting fooled by Polls and Media Gaga. There is no one who has proved himself more than Sanders. He’s the only Real Leader in this sorry bunch of con artists. We can not allow election fraud or establishment opinion blindside us. We need him, AOC and the rest of the Progressives to help him Win at all costs. It’s a matter of our future and our Life or Death!!!

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I would suggest that the remedy is M4A, single payer, or call it government run healthcare if you are sour on the idea of healthcare as a Right, rather than a purchase.

We could start by having universal coverage of Emergency room charges. They, at the hospital or clinic would have to triage what is considered an emergency.

My goodness, I just had a vision of a lineup of water tankers sailing in and out of the Great Lakes loading fresh water and sailing off to countries plagued with drought or compromised water sources.
At what water level would the objections be honored?

From what I’ve experienced (fighting Nestlé locally) and have read about these upcoming international trade agreements, a multinational company’s profit will take precedence over any environmental damage. In other words, our courts would not be able to stop these conglomerates from extracting us dry. This is why water extraction should be carved out of these agreements; but, I don’t expect that to happen.

The one saving grace, however, is the expense of shipping by tanker ship is still much more expensive than desalination.

Hi Callmeskeptical:

I am wondering about the U.S.Forest Service who seem to be so willing to give away pubic land and resources…Giving water away from the San Bernardino National Forest----- for $500 a year I’ve read----and in the middle of a 6 year drought----geez—sounds suspicious to me.

Below is a link to a recent, fairly comprehensive, article on the San Bernardino National Forest issue. This has been ongoing for quite some time.

My bet is that there are people receiving money from Nestlé, for one reason or another, such as campaign contributions, who are impeding any studies that might lead to cessation of extraction. What we learned here in Maine is that Nestlé somehow gets the local and state geologists and water authorities on their side (probably dreams of future employment after retirement); and, they get written agreements that are grossly unbalanced in their favor, such that it’s not legally possible to stop them from extracting.

I think I’ve an article someplace on my systems where the Nestlé Waters North America CEO states that he believes water is not a public right. Basically, he could give a squat if Nestlé owned all available drinking water and we would have no recourse but to purchase from the company.

The best way to defeat Nestlé is to make certain they never gain a foothold in your community. Nestlé is one very difficult parasite to get rid of.

Nestlé is still taking national forest water for its Arrowhead label, with feds’ help – Jun 13, 2019 - Janet Wilson - desertsun

But that is the problem with your logic. You stated it bluntly. We can’t close hospitals because that hospital is a “right” in your book. The problem with that is that numerous hospitals are terrible and outdated and should be closed, presumably including this one. And society would be much better off if we use our resources to the highest efficient value. Under your logic we could have hospitals as poor as those in a third world country, but we should never close them and improve. That’s the problem with statism logic. It never allows us to improve and move forward. We’re always stuck settling for the status quo as the status quo gets old and crumbles. America improved as a country (ultimately improving the lives of the poor drastically) due to markets, not communism.

Hi Callmeskeptical:
Thank you for the information: It’s worse than I thought : (