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Sanders Joins Union Leaders and Healthcare Workers In Protesting 'Corporate Greed'-Fueled Private Equity Sale of Philadelphia Hospital

Hi trftctvor:
Hmmm healthcare for all is a HUMAN Right! IN fact, its not communistic, many nations including the UK, France, Canada, and even Israel provide health care run by the government. LOL, one of the few government programs which works really well is social social—although apparently many politicians want to ruin it,

Healthcare for all is the least one should expect from a said- to- be democratic republic.I do not understand why you think that tax payers paying for national health programs are communistic? Somehow you have focused on communism which I am not speaking to. Secondly, read what I’ve written again: the tragedy is that when corporations leave towns, there’s not enough funding to keep rural hospitals running—that is a tragedy for citizens who lose jobs, then heath , the future -----happening everyday in America to those one factory towns------and as the one job leaves for overseas, citizens are hung out to dry and possibly die. Truly, capitalism kills more frequently and efficiently than anything. : (

they’re going to rob her … the media is piling on her like they are bernie

Same old, same old… too bad we can’t buy a network…

Actually, Medicare for All would do the same thing to those hospitals. All hospitals lose money on Medicare rates. They only make money off of the commercial payers. If we hold Medicare reimbursement rates constant after Medicare for All, which Bernie’s plan assumes (and is the only way his plan assumes “savings”), then numerous hospitals around the country will be forced to close, totally disrupting the entire healthcare system. To combat that, the federal government will probably do what Maryland did (see article below) and raise government reimbursement rates. Of course, doing so will totally wipe out any previously-projected “savings” from Medicare for All. And poof, the idea implodes, as anyone with the smallest understanding of economics and supply-and-demand would understand.

Click the article. It takes you to a different article than that picture implies. Glitch by CD.

Hi trftctvor:
Thank you for the article—but why do the other industrialized nations have health care for all then? Why are we paying Israel billions and they have socialized medicine too?
I actually think that all Amercians were covered then health care would be cheaper, because people could actually see a doctor if they were sick and not have to wait—and then end up waiting too long.
Besides, if all people were covered, there would be more jobs too, and if people did not have to worry about paying health insurance, everyone would be better off, as outbreaks like measles would not be happening as everyone had health access.
The tax laws have to be redone as in a democracy all citizens should have equal access to good care., and the Trump tax cit for the rich is harmful and ridiculous.
Besides, the way that America is now, what are the benefits of being a citizen?