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Sanders Kicks Off New Phase of Campaign With Ad Blitz Challenging Biden in March Primary States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/04/sanders-kicks-new-phase-campaign-ad-blitz-challenging-biden-march-primary-states

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Sanders needs to ratchet up the class analysis. He is the candidate for the 99%, while Biden–particularly after Bloomborg’s endorsement–is plainly the candidate favored by the 1%.


Can anyone explain the logic behind how so many southern blacks believe supporting a candidate funded by billionaires, will benefit them?


Our census held every ten years is upon us once again. Wouldn’t it make sense, since we make every effort to find and count all Americans, that we assist in registering them to vote at the same time.
How many of our estimated 500,000 homeless are going to don their best rags, and hitch hike to the polls?
How many single moms are going to leave their infants at home and charge off to vote after getting home from their second job?


Same thought goes through my head every time I see a 20% or more win for Biden PB.
It must bother a lot of others, white, or of color, why people are willing to vote for people who don’t support the things they want or need.


Hit him where it matters Bernie. Ask him if he is still running for the United States Senate.

Try this


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I too wonder if it’s all about supporting the label they put on themselves when they came of age (Democrat) or just willful ignorance of voting against their best interests.

I wish many in the black community had been able to hear Reverend Barber tell how Bernie’s entire political career has been in support of their rights to the equality they have been denied.

I work in advertising. Negative ads work. These are too gentle.

Oh, I don’t know, Tom. I know plenty “boomers” that do not fit that description and I am one of them.

As for the rest of your post I agree.

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