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Sanders-Klobuchar Shred GOP Cruelty in Lopsided Debate Against Graham-Cassidy


Sanders-Klobuchar Shred GOP Cruelty in Lopsided Debate Against Graham-Cassidy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Shortly following Sen. Susan Collins' (R-Maine) announcement that she plans to vote against the latest iteration of Trumpcare—likely dealing a death blow to deeply unpopular legislation that was already teetering on the edge of collapse—Sens.


I went to the NY Times and did a search to see their reporting on this debate and there wasn’t any! Am I wrong? Did my search just miss it?


Your search can’t find what isn’t there.

Now you know why Trump gets a lot of mileage out of his fake news claims, despite he and the GOP being the most prolific fake news originators, AND why newspapers keep losing subscribers.

Selective reporting contributes to the degraded credibility of what passes for news and gives the right wingers more leverage.

During the sixties the mantra was that the credibility gap was big enough to fly a B-52 through. The gap has grown wide enough to fly the whole B-52 fleet through in V-formation today.


Imagine grinning conservatives supporting regime change wars that require foreign nation building plus a bloated homeland government managing huge federal debts to pay for war during global climate collapse.

Join in and help repair a world where corporate pirates use military force to thwart each other with endless war. Experience an imaginary country where reduced services for actual citizens creates insecure people who will work for whatever they can get while serving royal owners of tall buildings.

Free health insurance, education, and public transportation create wealth for society. The problem for corporate pirates is they can’t steal that money from the people. Capitalists loose their free lunch when people have health insurance as good as Cubans have. Many rivers is a fiction woven with surprising spices.

Imagine a here and now where illegal aliens are half-Irish sun-kissed mocha java brown people from Mars.


Is anybody surprised that the Democratic Party leadership discouraged this debate ?

Graham’s debate statement about insurance stocks rising echoed the theme in Obama’s September 9, 2009 interview with NBC where he told us “health care reform must preserve insurance company profits”.

Gubmit sanctioned extortion is a more succinct description.


I watched the debate and whether one likes Bernie or not, he understands healthcare issues. The best Lindsay Graham could do was fear monger about 'Bernie-Care" and “healthcare for all means healthcare for no one”–empty soundbites. To the ‘socialism’ screed, Bernie answered “we’re talking about the Canadian system not the U.K.'s”.

Here’s to Bernie running in 2020. He.s our best hope for Single Payer, and his–health care is a right, not a privilege–dog will hunt in the next election.


Anybody who ever participated in high school or college debating realizes that what passes for “debate” in 21st century political campaigns IS reality TV, it is NOT debate.


Last night, Graham and Cassidy lied their ass off in a last ditch effort to sell a shit sandwich as a Filet Mignon.


My son spent six days in a German hospital, received emergency surgery excellent round the clock care by physicians trained in Ohio. There was no bill this cost me nothing. This is very real and we are being very robbed.


Insurance is a financial product, not a health care product.


I don’t remember that statement. I’ve read his Sept 9, 2009 speech to Congress on that topic a couple of times and he definitely dissed single payer in that speech (so I was obviously very unhappy with that) but also focused much of the speech on reigning in insurance companies. Can you provide a link to that statement he gave to NBC?


That is designed to create a profit center for execs and shareholders. How do you create profitability? By giving as little care as possible. Now to be honest, Americans always want “more” when it comes to health care and they don’t always need more but all too often necessary care is sacrificed for profitability.


This has been a problem as far back as the 1970’s, the Walter Cronkite days.
The Bush senior and junior plus Obama all allowed mergers, consolidations and buyouts by a handful of media moguls like Rupert Murdoch. There is a very striking similarity between the media in the US, UK, Germany and France. They all look and feel the same as if they are forced to use a single source for reporting western propaganda.


DP, this is acknowledged; The first and foundational idea was that a for profit health insurance system would be maintained under the ACA. That was agreed upon by common agreement and keeping any representatives of single payer away from the table when the initial decisions were made.

It was, indeed, a fateful choice. Choice is not the right word because again so much was done to keep single payer advocates marginalized in the discussion.


Exactly - any system that is focused on “improving” the private insurance system can never provide truly universal care or truly reduce costs the way a single payer system can. Obamacare went that route from the start and that was a huge disappointment. My post was just focused on the Obama quote about insurance company profit levels - because I hadn’t heard him say anything like that.
Regarding the New York Times coverage of this debate that you brought up - so far they have only covered a couple of things about the debate like Graham’s defense of McCain that many outlets deemed the most “newsworthy” thing to come out of the debate rather than any actually substantive discussion of health care. Perhaps they’ll have more later since the debate was just last night. But I find it even more disturbing that CNN even played things that way in their own coverage of their own debate. You have to dig pretty far into their website to find the actual debate. When you look at their “highlights” reel that is linked from their homepage - it is a laughable summary of what actually took place.


Not that the UK system is not excellent (when it isn’t being defunded and privatized) too.


For what it is worth. What happened to Senator Dr. Cassidy M.D.? Reading the Drs. Wikipedia page, Dr. Cassidy’s early life was just full of good kind stuff, than it appears the Dr. did an about-face, and entered the dark side. What gives Dr.?


Correct, Huge health care corporations like Tenent already own six hospitals in the UK. We not only have the worst health care here we can actually lower the standards world wide.


I always refer to health insurers as ‘greedy fat cat middlemen.’


Transitioning to Medicare-for-All her in the US will be a big challenge. It will involve a lot of disruptions. Many of the comfortable will likely feel some discomfort. But it is imminently doable and will definitely be worth it for everyone.