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Sanders-Klobuchar Shred GOP Cruelty in Lopsided Debate Against Graham-Cassidy


Yeah Dreaming,

I believe a lot of us would like to know his story.

The Diabolical Sneer he had on his face was scary as shit, to say the least.

I wouldn’t want him touching me.

Perhaps that’s it.


NO coverage of this anywhere this morning — including CNN!!! You think corporate america is afraid of something?


Cassidy needs to be reminded of his oath to “first, do no harm.” His callous disregard for the humanitarian crisis his imbecilic ideas would initiate demonstrates that he did not take that oath seriously when he first took it, and that he has since cast it aside in favor of “first, take care of myself, my political ambitions, and my so-called legacy.” What a repulsive man he is.


Anything that makes Bernie look good, CNN disappears. It’s an obvious tactic they have used since he first began his presidential bid, and they’re still at it.


It won’t be that hard. Sanders bill gives a 4 year transition period, with more people being included in the plan each year. The first year 18 year olds join the oldest group. It’s a well-thought out plan with an entire funding suggestion section separate from it.


Assuming Wikipedia can be believed (which is not always true of ANYTHING posted on the Web), then it’s just another case of “Follow The Money” . . .

But how can they be ‘Middle’ Men when they’re skimming their Fat-Cat profits off the Top??

Why should Korporate America be afraid?  They’re just showing off how much control of the MSM they already have, and it’s only going to get worse when they kill Net Neutrality.
As I said several months ago, “1984 . . .   Here At Last!!


"As Common Dreams reported last week, many Democratic officials and pundits expressed concerns about Sanders’ decision to partipate in Monday’s debate, worrying that his push for Medicare for All would distract from the immediate task of defeating Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act."

Because protecting profits and CEO paychecks is the number one task of government today. Single payer is anathema to Democrats just as much as Republicans, since their campaigns depend for financing on the companies that would be left out of a single payer system.

Calling a single payer system that makes health care available to every citizen a “distraction” from what is really important, i.e protecting and increasing insurance corp. profits, should finally show everyone, once and for all, that Democrats and Republicans are no different where it really matters.


CNN went with the conflating story of the week. Trump’s overt racism Friday in Alabammy and then the militarized flag-wrapping, 1%er flag-draping and knee-taking bullshit, that’s followed.
FYI & BTW- Colin Kapernick first sat down and then later took a knee, during the anthem, to protest severely abusive and illegal tactics used by America’s Police & Security State against people of color ( the poor, et al ). The murdering of innocent citizens, the imprisonment of innocent citizens and the execution of innocent people with no legal ramifications for the public officials who allow this modern day barbarism to continue.
It has nothing to do with the dishonoring of military service members, wars in the MENA or with being patriotic, or not. But, of course, Trump says it does so it must be true or our MSM wouldn’t pander like they’re doing, right?
But, the debate was a winner for Sanders and Klobaucher, without a doubt. Which means it is not news for our Big Brothers & Big Mothers in the MSM. It’s a pipedream for the 99%ers. Got that!


I’m going to search how many viewers watched last nights debate.that would be important to know.


Doctors and members of the nurses union say four years is too long. It sets the transition up for failure and attack by the other side. Interviews on DemocracyNow.
According to them, all doctors already have a medicare / medicaid number, the infrastructure has been in place for years and it should be a simple transition. When the program was started it was not phased in. The only reason for phases is to wean the insurance giants from their fat frigging paychecks and to provide them a chance to undermine the new system!


It doesn’t have to be at all hard. I think once one of the Canadian provinces went to medicare for all, it took only months to make the change for the whole country. We want Medicare for All. When do we want it? NOW!! Keep the pressure on.


Cassidy’s head was reminding me of someone, and then I googled “Mars Attacks!”

How pretentiously foolish does he look, stroking his face this way and that, as he waits to continue the hard sell of foolish wealth transfer he labels “healthcare”.

Maybe he’s just trying to strike a spark upstairs, right before he goes with his plan all along, to annihilate Congress and countryfolk with his Cassidy-Graham double barrel ray gun.


Oooooo, that dreaded word “socialism” strikes deep into the Repugnant psyches, especially those of Graham-Cracker and Hop-a-long Cassidy…what a pair without a pair between them. The pugnacious party of prancing prevaricating patriots is devoid of compassion, rife with self-aggrandizement, and wreaks of gluttonous greed. And only three in the Senate stepped up to truly represent the best interest and well-being of their constituents and ALL Americans…speaks volumes about how deep and widespread the rot is in the GOP…in both the House and the Senate.

Go, BERNIE GO! We love you long time.


Medicare for all would bean improvement over what we have now but it too is not the ultimate solution. Healthcare should be free and equal for all. No co-pays, no deductibles. Every one should be able to afford high quality healthcare. Capitalism as a system will never provide free, high quality healthcare for all. It seeks to shift capital expenditure away from education and healthcare to greater military expenditure for wars of plunder in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia all for oil and natural gas. They seek bigger armies to prepare for world war with China and Russia to determine who will dominate oil, and strategic minerals as well as global markets. No worker j=has a stake in such a bloody conflict fought to maximize capitalist profits. Instead we workers of all countries have a stake in ending this corrupt racist system and building the international movement of our class to crush capitalism and build a global egalitarian communist society where we workers are empowered and have all the wealth we produce utilized for the benefit of all who toil. See www.plp.org .


Obama’s actions spoke louder than words. (IOWs he ain’t Trump.)
its truth: Obamacare was a pro-industry Democrat scam that destroyed an opportunity for single payer education and reform and ultimately brought devastating political ruin to the Democrats themselves.

Yet to deviate from the Obamacare rallying cry earns one the title of traitor. Why, because Obama did little else while he was in office and the democrats are determined to save his legacy. Obviously on the backs of the sick and dying, remember–we could have had single payer, Obama just didn’t have the backbone to try.

Now that Obama’s private citizen numero uno, he’s on the speaking circuit, earning well in excess of half a million to a million and a half a month. Not a bad run for someone that couldn’t be bothered to “pick up his own dirty socks” (said Michelle O when he was running for pres, obviously long before they had domestic staff) and hadn’t done much more than earn $10k per year as a community organizer (prior to running for Congress). Michelle O was the O household breadwinner.

Insurance co’s would not have participated in Obamacare, and certainly not covered pre-existing conditions, etc, if not for Obama preserving their profits (Obama not only guarantee their profitability, their stock went thru the roof after Obamacare passed). This is what all the insurance exec’s foot stomping in Congress is about today, they want more money from the government to stay in the phony exchanges. In some circles that would be considered extortion, in the US it’s business as usual.


Failing that they planted Senator Klobuchar. Incredible resistance to the only effective solution, Improved Medicare For All and to watch the disingenuous mental gymnastics to prevent it from coming into being and to confuse people is beyond the pale. Worth watching the full debate if you can stomach it.


I don’t really believe we could have had single payer in 2009 if Obama had just pushed for it. I do think we could have had a much better law though - a public option - or a Medicare at 55 perhaps - if he had been a supporter of real progressive change. But alas, President Obama is a liberal reformer - not a progressive politician and never was. I knew that in 2008 when he was running and he didn’t say otherwise. I did however think at that time that he would give progressive voices a seat at the table. He never really did and that was my biggest disappointment with his administration.


After watching the debate and particularly the patronizing and unconscious racist (did you catch his response to the disabled Black woman relating how he has worked with prisoners?) MD, Cassidy, that is, and cognizant of the AMA resistance to Improved Medicare For All, I would indeed prefer the UK system.


And politicians, beginning in the era of loving Reagan, began using “rhetoric” as a disparaging term for other politicians, meaning apparently to them, “bull shit” when all it really means is the skill of persuasion using language. Or actually, just writing and speaking effectively.


Ah, Cassidy, patronizing comes so natural to him, he doesn’t realize he’s doing it. Yes, I also noticed his condescension toward the disabled woman.

I think I would prefer the U.K. system, but the Canadian seems more possible right now. Ours stinks so bad, any other would be better. I thought Bernie was canny to draw the comparison of health systems between two mainstream capitalist countries, rather than more socialist Scandinavia, or even Cuba. He controlled the dialogue last night.

It’s amazing to me that socialist fear mongers, like Cassidy and ‘Boots on the Ground’ Graham, have no problem spending $700 billion a year for a socialist military. Last I heard we spend more on our military than the next 8 countries combined.