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Sanders Launches Petition Urging Lawmakers to Block Military Action Against Iran Without Congressional Approval

Sanders Launches Petition Urging Lawmakers to Block Military Action Against Iran Without Congressional Approval

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As heightened tension between Washington and Tehran continues to provoke warnings of potential war, Sen. Bernie Sanders released a petition as part of his presidential campaign Thursday calling on federal lawmakers to "pass legislation that would prohibit military action against Iran without congressional approval."


“It shall never come to pass” cackle, cackle "Oh, that crazy Bernie Sanders is at it again "

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Here’s the petition/fundraiser if you want to sign - I did


With all due respect Mr. Sanders, we do not need any petition! Because we already have the Constitution which clearly states that only congress can declare wars. Ever since Korea congress has been guilty of treason to our Constitution and the deaths of untold numbers of American, soldiers.

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Hows that Constitution been workin’ ?


Not like it lawfully, should…that’s for sure!

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Section 8 of the Constitution defines the ‘Power’ of Congress.

Declare War

(Congress has not declared a war since WWII and rubber stamped the ‘police actions’)

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.

(Trump is using ‘Executive Power’ to declare the Mexican Border an insurrection)

To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that use shall be for a longer Term than two years.

(We are in the seventeenth year shooting Asia and African Peasants in undeclared wars readily funded by same pols that complain (petition).

Congress is in danger of being declared ‘redundant’ by Executive Action.

Congress has been rendered redundant for a while, at least when it comes to matters of war. Dem or Repub, they are all too happy to keep oiling the war machine with their votes and our tax dollars. That is why I think this call from Sanders is not enough. We should not only be demanding a block to military action unless congress approves a war but a block to such a war period. You just need to look at the lead up to the Iraq war to realize that congress will try to bullshit any excuse to get us into a war. Frankly if they did get the chance to vote I doubt the result would be any different. No to war period.

Why aren’t the current total number of petition signers reported when each new signer signs? Once the number gets high enough, it will influence more people to sign.

Sanders likely knows this petition is not enough. Watch and see what he does next. This new guy Sanders is bolder than the one who ran in the primary against Clinton.

I am glad to see the group of progressives spreading out to cover a variety of urgent issues without tripping each other up.

I sure hope so. Him essentially admitting that he will support whoever the Democrat nominee is though doesn’t alleviate my fears.

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The Iran buildup is falling flat just like Venezuela did. All those who supported it will have some scrambling to do to explain. It is a really easy move for Bernie to make.

Article 1 of the Constitution say only Congress can declare War and the War Powers Act of 1973 reiterates it is the sole power of Congress…

So why do we need a petition? It weakens the power of Congress to not use the Constitution and strengthens the power of the Executive Branch when they inevitably ignore this proposed petition.

When are the Democrats going to show up to a gunfight with something more than a knife?

Impeach the President now!

At least having Ways & Means investigate Emoluments in order to get a clear path to Trumps taxes and business transactions

To attempt to restrain a Commander in Chief with words is pointless.

photo caption:

‘Hypnotic’ Anti-war Speaker

“Look into my eyes,” intoned the Senator, after his speech failed to persuade Federal lawmakers to resist National Security Advisor John Bolton’s drive for military action against Iran. “When I snap my fingers…you…will…grow…a pair…”

What goes around comes around. It’s really quite simple, no “law of the land” means exactly that.

It will have to be the wild west.