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Sanders Leads 30 Democratic Lawmakers Calling for OAS to Ensure Fair Elections in Bolivia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/22/sanders-leads-30-democratic-lawmakers-calling-oas-ensure-fair-elections-bolivia


Sanders: Bolivia’s post coup government carried out racist violence against indigenous people, imprisoned activists and threatened political opponents.

Pompeo: And your point is?


Wait’ll ya see what the OAS has planned for our elections the month after Bolivia’s! Look for the Trump\Pence\Jeanine Añez ticket in 2024…
Followed by Bible Thumping bus tour with bass & drum openers Sly & Robbie
joined in the District of Colombia for one night only by
Status Quo Joe and Top Kop Kamala Harris on clave and conga.

Folks, they don’t call 'em the Organization of American States for nothing. Free Che dorm room poster at no extra cost.
To communicate directly with the OAS, write to
P.O. Box 23
Chantilly, VA 20153

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Atonement Seekers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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Roughly 20% of CD headlines mention how a progressive entity is outraged and demanding something.

Then another outrage happens, sometimes moments later.

And the demands are either ignored or scorned – and the supposed opposition party looks feckless, if not downright complicit.

I mention this because it underscores the problem with the status quo. As election day draws near, the noseholders are frantic, as usual, and eager to ignore how we got here. Decrying Republican administrations and policies and then, a few years later, rehabilitating those administrations and enacting their policies.

Go ahead and duckduckgo or google “Bush/Cheney called nazis.” Then recall how W is now the d-party establishment’s buddy against Trump, and the way Democrats teamed up with LizCheney to stop Trump troop withdrawals. In a decade, we’ll duckduckgo "Trump called a fascist, " get millions of hits, and find it odd because he wasn’t such a bad guy compared to the existential threat of the Scalise/Cotton ticket. Jeebus H Xmas.

Noseholders = Enablers

200,000 dead and the Dems are rightfully sweating an election they should be winning handily.
But Republican Lite tastes way too much like Republican for voters to get excited.
The MPP can’t get off the ground fast enough.


THIS is why I was 100% behind Bernie in both 2016 and 2020. Real Deal. Evo got the bum’s rush by Uncle Sam. A President Sanders would not have inked such an order. Never. Let’s hope we get Joe elected, but remember that we will have to nip at his heels with more vigor than the corporations. The People have to have a Permanent Presence in Washington or this country is truly finished. It’s up to the youth, I am afraid. Wish them luck and counsel them well. They deserve better than the sheep dip we are leaving them.


Is Sanders basically running as a proxy for Biden at this point?

I mean, he seems to be the only one out there saying anything. You’d be tempted to think he was the dude running for office.

Like 2016, Sanders is working harder to get those jerks elected than the jerks did themselves.


This is a long article but shows just how things can happen which seem unbelievable:



I liked the article, but it was still biased. It made it sound like Che Gueverra was some nasty terrorist rather than someone devoted to the greater good and the fight against corruption and facism. The Guardian still follows the Great Western Narrative but with reservations. To say that the U.S. fears were not entirely baseless in South America is like saying that the slaves were not entirely blameless for their situation in the U.S. South.


Another letter expressing outrage and concern that’ll end up in pompeo’s round file. His ilk don’t care about human rights abuses - they live to commit them.

Provide oversight? That’s the problem–US oversight.

What a statesman we lost when the Democratic Party used every trick to sway voters away from Bernie in the primaries! Bernie would have tried to mitigate all the problems we have caused in countries around the world. We could have held our heads up.
And he continues to lead us in doing the right thing. No sulking in a corner for him!


OAS is Code: O=C, A=I, S=A.

OAS and Fair in the same sentence is one of them oxymoron. Countries like
Canada are simply obedient dick suckling OAS morons. Running around at their master’s feet waiting a pat on the head and a bone.

Just at they steal oil from sovereign Syria with immunity, they want the lithium from Bolivia without paying for it. As Musk says: He can coup anyone he wants to …

US, reduced to common horse thieves and cattle rustling. In the old west the US
and Musk would have hung from the nearest tree.


as this is a typical coup orchestrated to acquire the lithium for corporate profits–the few voices of truth and reason will be soon downed out by the greed of those corporations and their lackeys in government who are being paid handsomely to ignore the consequences for the people of Bolivia–just one more ideation of the national paradigm–get the money and to hell with the consequences