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Sanders Leads in Wisconsin, But Could State's Voter ID Laws Hurt His Chances?



It isn't fascism without widespread fraudulent elections.


What just boggles my mind, is how the good people of Wisconsin could ever elect one of the most crooked of Governors, Scott Walker!


Voter suppression isn't only in Wisconsin. People who rant constantly about not voting for the duopoly and the LOTE vote take note. How many who tell progressives to not vote are shills?

Voter suppression efforts take place in progressive sites and forums too.


It is unclear whether this will hurt Sanders or Clinton the most but it certainly will hurt the Democrats in November which appears to be the point of the law. These type of laws in swing states could certainly go a long way to help the Republicans win the presidency. Most Americans might favor the Democratic candidate but it might not translate into enough votes to win with these type of laws in place.


Could someone post what kind of I.D. exactly is required to vote in Wisconsin today?


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I wouldn't be surprised to see felony vote-rigging in FitzWalkerStan. In a perfect world the FBI would grow some genitalia and set up a sting operation.

I'm reminded of when the Russians landed troops in the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine. Then the population of the Crimean Peninsula all voted to secede, except CBS had film footage of one totally empty polling place.


Hang in there and don't take it all on your shoulders. 'There's something happening here' but this time everybody knows what it is! Occupy knocked on the door and woke people up and Bernie has opened the door on the whole shebang! Whatever happens half the people (more in the general) are aware of the issues Bernie has brought to the table. Practically everybody is aware that the game was rigged anyway and that is different isn't it? So many of us were asleep or apathetic because we felt isolated and that nothing could be done by ourselves. There are a lot more of 'ourselves' out there now aren't there? There is a clear sense that progressive views are shared by most Americans. The word oligarchy has now become part of our everyday language and it doesn't sound like you are a commie because you criticize the rich either.

So concentrate on avoiding personal doom ...lol. Bernie may still win. The country doesn't like Hillary and they don't like Cruz that much either. Trump proved that inheriting money is not the same thing as inheriting intelligence.

Keep in mind that it is becoming increasingly obvious that Hillary has too many liabilities and that in the general election that independents will overwhelmingly vote for Bernie. This has becoming an election and a half! Lol ...get more rest...lol.


Exactly so Wereflea! Those who style themselves the 'real" left are likely shill SB's!


A smile for you blueseahorse........hopefully.....it is for me. Keep the faith!


Several have disappeared I see and other screen names come and go saying the same things but it isn't like before. Maybe a few got fired? ...lol


Your wish......


Is there any body out there in Wisconsin or has anyone seen reports from Wisconsin that have an idea of how it is going? I'm about to jump on the phone again for Bernie, something I HATE doing but feel compelled to do. I hate it b/c it's not in my nature to talk on the phone, especially uninvited and to strangers, not b/c I don't think it's an honorable and good thing to be doing. Someone asked what the ID requirements were. I have here (on my Bernie instructions) the following acceptable IDs: WI driver's license, WI ID card, Passport, military or veterans ID card or tribal ID card. My understanding is that it gets tricky for students. They have to jump through a series of hoops involving various combinations of ID depending on what they have or don't have. It's frustrating being in another state and having no control over the outcome. I can't imagine Bernie supporters aren't out in full force, however. It's hard not to feel the dark shadow of underhanded dealings even when a state is likely to prove supportive of Bernie. It's been a real stressful roller coaster this election.


Thanks for the answer Emphyrio


Looks like a really close election, doesn't it? The media tells us it's neck-and-neck in Wisconsin. Trust them, or trust your lying eyes:


Oh for Gods sake, no one here was trying to deny you your first amendment rights. Dry your eyes.


That's not how people vote.


Not really. People don't have to tell anyone how they vote.


Appreciate the update. This helps to explain a lot to people who are not from Wisconsin understand how a Koch Roach fawning parasite, like Scott Walker, can get away with his rampant corruption.