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Sanders Leads Senate Demand for $1,200 Stimulus Checks Over 'Get-Out-of-Jail Free Card' for Corporations

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/sanders-leads-senate-demand-1200-stimulus-checks-over-get-out-jail-free-card


The Streetlight Effect: When People Look Within The System For Solutions To The System
By Caitlin Johnstone

A policeman sees a drunk man crawling around on his hands and knees at night and asks what the problem is. The drunk man says he’s trying to find his keys, so the officer gets down and starts searching with him. For a few minutes they crawl around hunting for the missing key ring by the light of the street lamp before the policeman stands up frustrated.

“Are you sure this is where you lost them?” he asks.
“This isn’t where I lost them,” replies the drunk.
“Then why are we searching here??”
“It’s where the light is.”



Thank You, Bernie! Always looking out for the “little people”!


Thank Pelosi and Schumer. The bill they wouldn’t agree to in October/November (included the stimulus checks) and was double the size of the current one they won’t agree to now.

Might as well get used to it. Biden hasn’t been inaugurated yet austerity for the poor and working class knows no bounds with democrats. Maybe Pelosi can brag again about her two mega-sized fridges full of assortments of ice cream while those w/out make do with coal in their stockings for x-mas.


My guess is Bernie’s household spends more than $1,200 /week. It’s the same with his $15/hr plan. Try to live in a bustling city on 15/hr. These talking points don’t even make a good band-aid.


Mitch McConnell…".We can’t afford to help the people who are out of work and losing their homes. We have a lot of federal executions coming up, they aren’t cheap."


Whoopee! The democrats are back!

Last March, with unanimous support in Congress, President Trump signed the $2 trillion CARES Act into law that provided a $600 a week supplement in unemployment benefits and a $1,200 direct payment to every working class adult, $500 per child and significant help for small businesses, states and cities. In October, as part of the negotiating process, the Trump administration and a bipartisan coalition in the House supported over $1.8 trillion in Covid relief that also included another $1,200 direct payment.

Today, zilch.


I’ve seen what civilized developed nations are doing for their citizens and they are providing tangible consistent relief. The cruelty of the US response makes me hold my head in shame. The corporate python has coiled around the body politic and won’t let go. We must get money out of politics if We the People is ever to hold any meaning.


The thing is, the corporate immunity for their crimes proposal will cost the public millions if not billions - where as the $1200 stimulus checks will be re-circulated and grow the economy, saving many small business’ and families! THAT is the difference between the moral compass vision and quality of Bernie Sanders and too few others, and the corrupt entrenched duopoly that serves wealth and power (and themselves) while screwing the “little people”, the family, guy and gal struggling just to keep body and soul together!

Bernie is the conscience of the nation and People’s President while the pretenders posture, dither, prevaricate and lie their asses-off to benefit themselves!

Pelosi Schumer and the other sold-out Un-Dems already have theirs and don’t give a shite about the 99% - as far as McConnell and the other GOP depraved scum, thay don’t give a shite about anything except their extremist crimes and crony’s!


I wrote to my senator. It will not hurt if everyone who has the ability to craft and send a “demand” letter to congress. If you do not use your voice you do not have one. The quasi representative government is what we have until we force another one out of the bushes and dry earth.


$15 per hour in Dana, Indiana makes you rich and is also unsustainable for that local economy.
$1,200 would help me pay off my credit cards I’ve been living on.
The entire mess is so very complicated.
Going full Marxist would remove the landlords, eliminating evictions and rent payments. Problem solved. But the landlords would get the army to slaughter the rest of us.
Meanwhile ALL of Asia is rising up, including North Korea, and we can’t even rollout face masks in an emergency. Or prevent 30 soldiers from being murdered or committing suicide at Fort Hood in a year’s time.
There are deep systemic and structural problems in the USA. But at least we’re legalizing drugs so the populace can self-medicate as their financial well-being tanks further…


Russ & Pam Martens

The Federal Reserve’s mandate for the past 107 years has been to be the lender of last resort to FDIC commercial banks in order so those banks can make loans to businesses and consumers and create a thriving U.S. economy. The Fed has never been authorized to insure or help investment Bankers, (aka the trading houses on Wall Street) much more bail out their reckless speculations. But that is exactly what the Fed did secretly from December 2007 to the middle of 2010.

During the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010, the Fed, without any notice to or oversight by Congress, secretly funneled a cumulative $29 trillion into Wall Street bailout programs. One of the same programs the Fed is using today, the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF), secretly funneled $8.95 trillion in loans to teetering Wall Street and foreign banks, much of that at interest rates below 1 percent. Two-thirds of that $8.95 trillion went to just three Wall Street trading houses: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.

The Fed then battled in court for years to keep its outrageous hubris a secret from the American people after being sued for the details. Only in 2011, after the Fed lost its court battles and Senator Bernie Sanders and others tacked an amendment on to the Dodd-Frank Act requiring a GAO audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs did the public finally learn the truth.

For the second time in a dozen years, another former Goldman Sachs banker holds the reins at the Treasury Department as it bails out Wall Street while crushing Main Street businesses and American families. This time it’s Mnuchin rather than Hank Paulson, who served as Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush during the 2008 financial crisis.

The degree of contempt and cruelty that this Wall Street gang of captured regulators had toward struggling Americans living through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression was revealed in Neil Barofsky’s book — Bailout: An Inside Account of How Washington Abandoned Main Street While Rescuing Wall Street .



Why don’t you tell the entire story?

Trump’s own party shot down the more generous Heroes Act provisions and refused to approve any new largesse for the workers. That reality has not changed and you are making it look like the Democrats are to blame.



Probably should get used to it Ed. It happens here on CD all the time.


You are a very good writer, I wish the subject were not so dire. One small point, of mine: Remember that Marx was also a news paper writer for a big daily New York news paper. That was One hundred and fifty years ago. Darwin was writing about competition driving evolution. The idea of natural cooperation and sharing among plants and animals had not been discovered, officially.

And re; US troops slaughtering civilians… Eventually, one by one, the troops learn what happened back home. Only the violently insane stay with the government. Overseas; Drone swarms parked in deep ocean trenches register ship sound prints from afar. Aircraft carrier fleets will disappear for pennies on the dollar. A sick population earning $15/hr can’t fund a replacement fleet.

There is only one thing to do in this fix; Help humanity communicate ideas to itself. Each new idea fits in with the old and sprouts completely new ideas. This is evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate in step with Cosmos. There is no way to know what will happen if we accent the positive and eliminate the negative. How about pollution free Earth healing $40/hr?

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On an unrelated note: the official Twitter account of the Arizona State Republican Party has just asked it’s followers if they are willing to give up their lives to overturn the election results.
The GOP in Arizona is calling for death and treason among it’s members.


I will never get used to it. For awhile this was a safe place but I am convinced there are paid actors or bots maybe attacking these threads.

BTW, just now on Google News, the Arizona Republican Party has officially asked it’s followers there if they are willing to sacrifice their lives to overturn the election results. The official RNC twiiter account posted this.


Okay, I read it.


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Phred, Yes, Man, you have to look for the CAUSE of the our problems — not just the effects, of this damned EMPIRE:

As I just wrote to the NY “Times” article and video, “Shift to a Not-So-Frozen North Is Well Underway, Scientists Warn” about the Global Crisis of Burning our own home down:

The damn ‘negative externality cost’ pumping and dumping scam of making faux-profits for this damned Empire, and to allow the damned; ‘Ruling-Elite’, UHNWIs, <0.003%ers, TCCers, self-appointed “Masters of the Universe”, and “Evil Geniuses” [Kurt Andersen] to decide whether they prefer the Red Team or the Blue Team to be their compliant dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy for the next four year season in ‘our’ White House — is what is killing our own home.

Even dogs know not to defecate where they sleep.

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One thing for sure, working people will more wisely spend stimulus money than greedy corporations.