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Sanders Leads Top 2020 Contenders on Greenpeace Climate Scorecard While Biden Places Dead Last

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/30/sanders-leads-top-2020-contenders-greenpeace-climate-scorecard-while-biden-places

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Forget Biden, he’s the 2020 version of “Pleased as Punch” effin 1968 Hubert Humphrey— and as Jim Hightower says, “the only things in the middle of the road are; yellow stripes, dead armadillos, and old Joe Biden”!

Put a fork in him — he’s done!


If only.

Of course, BERNIE leads because this is a real poll—unlike the one the day after Biden decided to run…Well if Biden’s the one I truly wish my state had write in votes.

Biden is an idiot and I don’t think many women will forgive him for what he did to Anita Hill.


That’s what the Headline should read at the Primaries: Sanders leads while Biden is Dead Last.

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Good points. Unfortunately, as attorneys for the DNC acknowledge in court, Party decision making is not democratic. The DNC works to please its financial supporters - plutocrats and corporate donors - and Biden is the candidate best suited to promote the Party’s financial backers.


Biden has lots of campaign money, he has the unequivocal support of all mainstream media owners and their advertisers and that’s it. His family will vote for him. He’d have the votes of 100 billionaires except billionaires rarely bother to vote. As for everybody else, let’s go talk to them.

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We have one last chance. If we get Bernie elected this time, we may be able to avert the disaster that is rapidly approaching. Perhaps it is already too late after 4 years of Trump. If we elect any on of the want’a’bees there is only one solution. Sit on a chair, put your head between your knees and kiss your fundus good by.

Once again Tulsi is slighted. She’s not mentioned in this article. And for some strange reason Greenpeace ignores that she is the ONLY candidate to have a history of introducing real legislation in Congress to combat climate change in making their ranking.

Guess what also? Bernie only ‘leads’ the ‘top’ contenders. The actual top score by Greenpeace, who evaluated all candidates, went to Inslee.

Guess what? Inslee’s ‘bold program’ is a weak, NeoLiberal imitation of Tulsi’s Off Fossil Fuels Act (OFF Act).

You know what Greenpeace’s rationale for downgrading Tulsi to a B and putting her below idiots like Warren who wants to ‘green’ the military so they can be more ‘efficient’? She hasn’t released a presidential plan (WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK AN ACTUAL BILL IS?)

They also downgrade her for pointing out that AOC’s Green New Deal is what it is: vague, measureless, and just a proposal for talking points while she is proposing an actual specific, measurable, LAW.

Damn it, this kind of stuff makes me angry.

Let’s praise the NeoLiberal proposals of a man who supported regressive carbon taxes that will hurt people but have no real effect on the producers of fossil fuels who won’t pay it but will pass it on to consumers and so keep producing- especially if the plan is to rebate those consumers so they can keep affording to buy the gasoline. What is this? Some kind of Kabuki Theater acting like it’s doing something when it isn’t?

Ignore that he’s just watering down what Tulsi introduced to Congress YEARS ago.


I tell you folks, the scam is running full steam that the manipulaters have gotten Greenpeace to join in on it.

I think I’m going to go barf now.

They mentioned she got a “B” along with Warren and Gillibrand…they called her Gabbard vice Tulsi.

It was in Kevin Robillard’s Tweet:

Kevin Robillard :heavy_check_mark: @Robillard

How @greenpeaceusa ranks 19 Democratic presidential candidates on climate change:

Inslee A-
Sanders, Booker B+
Gillibrand, Warren, Gabbard B
O’Rourke B-
Williamson, Buttigieg C
Harris, Swalwell, Klobuchar C-
Delaney, Yang, Castro D+
Bullock D
Ryan, Biden, Hickenlooper D-


8:20 AM - May 30, 2019

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