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Sanders-Led Group Introduces Bill Calling for Removal of US Forces From Yemen


Sanders-Led Group Introduces Bill Calling for Removal of US Forces From Yemen

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the Trump administration continues to expand the U.S.


How about removing US Forces from ALL the countries around the world which are making war on behalf of their oligarch owners. Oh wait, that is why they will NEVER be removed.


This is a start, a beginning, it isn’t just Yemen. As we all know. “All we are saying, is give Peace a chance”.


Good news. Hope if this bill passes, we don’t have a showdown over war powers. Might get interesting.


Good work here. There aren’t very many good politicians.

We have no money for anything else … war is big business. Medical industrial complex is another problem too.- along w some much other stuff.


The US “proxy” in Yemen - the Saudis - have their own political agenda along with their new pal ally the Israelis to confront Iran whether there is a rationale or not. o matter how you slice it civilians are being sl;aughtered in Yemen just like in Syria.

The PBS Frontline broadcast last night on Yemen was informative.


One can tell just how corrupt the overall political order here in the US when only one major officeholder declares as an independent. Independent from what? He votes one side or the other. What purpose does Bernie serve?


It’s almost hopeless stopping the US war machine. This is nice, just not very promising.


The bill doesn’t call for limiting military support for the KSA. In that respect, it’s toothless posturing.

If, OTOH, it could lead to a re-examination of the War Powers Act, I’d support it without reservation.

But that ain’t gonna happen.


I am so happy to see this introduced. It helps to publicize the uhconsionable famine in Yemen, along with cholera and the new re-emergence of diphtheria.
Bravo, Sen Lee, Murphy and Sanders.!


I have to say this is a definite conundrum. Why? What will happen to all those troops returned here? Where will they work? Where will they live? How will their large numbers added to the population affect the overall economy?

Believe me: I am anti-war and anti-occupation but those questions need to be seriously addressed. Anyway, I wouldn’t hold my breath awaiting the recall of all overseas military anyway.

**P.S. I had/have serious issues with Bernie and his pseudo support of Bitchley…er…Hillary but, you have to admit, he ain’t afraid to fight for what’s right, domestically or internationally.


Like corporations screwing workers in the name of greed?


Read this article and review his travels across the country promoting health CARE instead of health insurance or his strong support for unions to get some of your question answered. By the way, it is the fucked up system that creates the “us or them” scenario instead of more options/choices.


Without people like Warren, Sanders and Steyer we would be in deep dung. Why is the media so intent on destroying them?


The U.S.spent $5.6 Trillion on war profiteers, on bogus wars since 9/11.


Infrastructure. The US need safe trains. More mass transit and less car accommondations.Can troops pour concrete and lay rails? I dunno.


The media is intent on destroying them because they challenge the economic status quo.

This is not a new pattern of behavior but old media has long lost its grip on society. Alternative news sources are running the show and this is what is empowering people like Sanders and Warren.

I always like to remind people that Winston Churchill was once considered a outcast politician in Britain On this side of the Atlantic, we have this romantic picture of a man as a fearless war leader. But truth be told, he was strongly disliked by the conservative party establishment because he was too “red”. His critique of Hilter actually centered on economics, and the conditions that drive people to vote for authoritarian leaders. He could see what was going to happen but he was openly dismissed when his solutions fed into a labour narrative. His idea of social reforms, both in Europe and at home was openly mocked in the establishment press. Funny how the press always protects the establishment.

I bring up Winston Churchill not because of the war but what happened afterwards. Britain as a world power had came to an end, Churchill knew it but his party didn’t. However, with skill he changed the levers of power and carefully started to dismantle empire. Britain began to look inwards and address it’s own social problems starting with the NHS.

It took the economic exhaustion of war for Britain to change and I suspect a similar exhaustion will have to happen here for us to change. But change it will. Sanders and Warren may seem like outsiders according to the establishment press but their time is coming.


What purpose? Owned by the MIC, just like all of the rest of them, he was a big supporter of the F35 boondoggle. How’s THAT for purpose?


Clearly FF returning military - if ever - will become more cops, and others be retrained to become teachers…with guns. …What could possibly go wrong? Two birds…

We went from a civilian nation (mostly) after WWII with a wide social representation drafted military that went back to civilian life, to a “volunteer” military nation with a socially limited military that almost cannot return to “normal” civilian life…not by accident. …the epidemic of suicides and homelessness of many returning vets speaks volumes…


I’m assuming removal of US forces from Yemen refers to special forces secretly in the country, correct? Or does this “removal” reach into Saudi Arabia and US armaments?