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Sanders: Libya Disaster Evidence Clinton Learned Little from Iraq "Mistake"


Sanders: Libya Disaster Evidence Clinton Learned Little from Iraq "Mistake"

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though Hillary Clinton has repeatedly confessed that her vote to approve the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq was a "mistake," rival presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is now highlighting how influential role in the decision to overthrow Libya's government in 2011 is strong evidence she learned little about the chaos sowed by western military interventions in foreign lands.


When a career politician serves those who benefit or profit from a policy or agenda, like war and peace, or military versus civilian priorities, and make decisions or cast votes for one policy over another based on what’s good for those who benefit in various ways from that policy decision, they have abdicated their responsibility, honor, and integrity - violated their oathes of office and service - sold them cheap to gain personal benefit of one form or another - and that is the very definition of corruption.

Hillary is both a career politician and one that has taken counsel from those who benefit, gain, and profit from her policy decisions rather than from others who work for the Common Good rather than common greed and self-interest…and that is NOT a recipe for a leader of conscience or one that can be trusted…IMO…


Bernie is very late in coming to this critique and needs to hit it hard during Saturday’s
debate. It’s HRC’s most vulnerable point and Bernie’s best chance to gain ground.


Bernie can’t catch a break, now this:



from Democracy Now!:
“The Democratic National Committee said it has indefinitely cut off Sanders’ access to the Democratic Party’s master voter file, after a computer glitch made some confidential data from Clinton’s campaign briefly accessible to the Sanders campaign. The Sanders campaign says it has fired a staffer who breached Clinton’s data. Being locked out of the file means the Sanders campaign will not be able access the party’s master list of likely Democratic voters, effectively grounding the campaign’s voter outreach to a halt.”
How possible would it be for this staffer of Sanders’ to be a Clinton plant to do this deed to shut down Sanders’ Democratic voter-outreach? Even without this conspiracy, the Party decision to shut Sanders out is quite clearly a pro-Clinton move, exposing further the Party’s deep commitment not to democracy but to its paymasters.

I find this article a welcome breeze of sense about the inseparability of domestic and foreign policy in U.S. politics, and how a progressively transformative politics stays quiet on U.S. empire at its peril.


I agree about the inseparability, but it should not be a centerpiece of the campaign, with the elimination of the draft, most people are mainly interested in bread and butter issues.


HRC says her vote to invade Iraq and approve of that shocking, awful and murderous attack was a “MISTAKE”. I do not believe it for a moment that that is a true statement. But even if it is, then if HRC is that stupid to make such an egregious “MISTAKE” that so many innocent Iraqi people died for her voting, “MISTAKE”! HRC is the last person to have her hand on the nuclear trigger!

No Hillary Rotten Clinton that is total BS…it was not a “MISTAKE”! Millions of people tried to stop the illegal invasion of Iraq, alas, to no avail but at the time we were told we were mistaken. Ironic, isn’t it?


This woman thing is evil to the core, who would say something like “we came, we saw, he died” after the brutal savage murder of a nationalist leader. Khadafy brought Libya to par with the most advanced first world nations where millions would come from Africa, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to work.


CBS News Headline “Sanders Campaign Improperly Accessed Clinton Data.” Since when did it become Clinton’s data? God I hate that evil woman and all the people associated with the DNC. I’ve hated them it seems for decades. The time is coming when they and the groveling MSM are going to pull a Howard Dean on him. With the critique by Sanders of the Queen of Darkness’s diplomatic failures, it seems that the gauntlet has been thrown down.


Yay Bernie. I am so glad you are pointing out the huge differences b/w you and Hillary. Go Bernie.


I had the same thought. I suspect the data access issue is an attempt by the DNC to manufacture a Howard Dean scream moment during the debate. They’re doing everything they can to piss Bernie off. Why else tell the press about it? You’d think, under normal circumstances, the DNC would keep this in-house instead of notifying the press.

Why try to make your own candidate look bad?


The staffer explained what he did (see post above). He was merely trying to determine the nature of missing permissions in of Sanders own database, by entering Clinton’s database to see if the access permissions were lacking in that database. As someone else wrote, it was the equivalent of discovering a hallway full of open apartment doors in the middle of the night and sticking ones head in the doors and saying, hey - anybody home? Do you know your door is wide open? - and then police suddenly rushing in and accusing the poor person trying to help of burglary.

So if there was fowl play, it was someone deliberately messing with the database access permissions in order to trap a big gotcha the Sanders campaign. It is filthy and vile.

You have signed the Moveon petition regarding this, right?


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DNC kills Sanders campaign by stealing their voter rolls …

This is deja vu all over again. In 1992, Gov. Jerry Brown was running against corporate candidate (and DLC darling) Bill Clinton in their race for President. I worked on Brown’s (anti-corporate power) campaign. When I went to the Orange County Democratic Party Headquarters to pick up the Voter Rolls for our campaign … GUESS WHAT HAPPENED … the Democratic Party would NOT GIVE THE VOTER ROLLS TO THE BROWN CAMPAIGN, the same voter rolls they had given freely to the Clinton campaign who was steeped in corporate money.


I am concerned that the debate tomorrow will not be on our real issues, but about this scandal. Important as this scandal is, it should not prevent the candidates from speaking to the Economy, Foreign Policy, Inequality, Solutions for Homelessness and Unemployment and the Future of our infrastructure. This is not about choosing the most exciting bruhaha, but about the issues.

I signed petitions, called the DNC, and donated to Sanders and I am calling my local Oregon Democratic Party to hear where they stand on this issue. I am not trivializing it. Our Democracy is at stake here.


" Why try to make your own candidate look bad?"

Because Bernie is not THEIR CANDIDATE even though Bernie is running on the democratic ticket. Like I have said before the POTUS are not elected, they are selected and it is self evident that HRC has been selected. But one good thing the selectors ( the economic and political elite) must be getting worried about Bernie’s nascent rise in the polls.


I’ve signed it now. With Sanders’ barber shop interview with Killer Mike, did Clinton fear it was time to pull any plug within reach on Sanders before he makes serious inroads even into the Black South?


I hope you are wrong about your last paragraph. But even though I totally want to see him beat Clinton, and think this DNC move may show even they are afraid he has a real chance to do so, I agree that he will not be our savior on articulating a full progressive vision forward. His critique of U.S. interventionism in the last debate and his maintaining a “big difference” with Clinton on this are welcome, for sure, but he is not a principled, deeply grounded Cynthia McKinney when it comes to U.S. foreign policy, for he has chosen to go along with empire enough of the time to avoid being fully kicked out of office by the duopoly (as they did to McKinney). He isn’t making a robust argument about how U.S. empire is a plague upon the whole planet (including its people and its climate) as well as upon the U.S. people by taxing them to fight wars for corporations instead of using those taxes for the millions of peaceful things that need doing domestically and internationally. So we the people still need to lead the way to make those arguments, and to make space for Sanders and generally the “political spectrum” to follow.


Foreign policy is the underlying structure determining both the moral integrity of our country and its economic health. When we do not have a leader who can tie it all together for us we stumble along from pillar to post like drunken sailors. We are at the mercy of quack doctors coming up with ridiculous diagnoses and prescribing ridiculous treatments. I am reminded of a Marx brothers movie. But our situation is the furthest thing from funny. People die and people suffer from the infectious disease of our foreign and domestic policies.

Can Bernie Sanders save the world? He has kept away from foreign policy because he is as guilty as Hillary in supporting Israel. He cannot get elected if he announces that changes will be made in that policy. But he cannot be the statesman we need if he continues to embrace it.

Can he be a stepping stone toward change? The forces of party politics and mainstream media are marshaling against.him. Our country suffers from Munchausen’s Syndrome where the people in charge of our health keep injecting us with things that will keep us sick, and we are too weakened to help ourselves.


one battle at a time, friend