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Sanders Looks West as National Poll Gives Him 'Whopping' Lead over Trump


Sanders Looks West as National Poll Gives Him 'Whopping' Lead over Trump

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As the Bernie Sanders campaign hoped for big victories in primary contests in the American West on Tuesday, a new national poll gave him a "whopping" 20-point lead over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

Voters in Arizona and Utah, as well as Democrats in Idaho, are going to the polls Tuesday to cast ballots for presidential nominees.


The establishment is confident it can stop both Trump and Sanders and continue looting America as normal.

Carry on peasants, and thanks for participating in the quadrennial electoral charade!


The media knows this – and that’s why they keep trying to push Hillary down our throats. They know they won’t be able to get away with a steal with the amount of votes Bernie will get.


re: the Arizona primary: “And it’s a closed primary, which hurts Sanders, since it means independent voters can’t cast ballots”
Wrong…Independents simply could change party affiliation one month before the primary, something I did. I will change back after the election today. If enough knew this he will get plenty of help from that source of voters.


that is entirely accurate. party affiliation had to be declared in advance of the caucus. its not a same day switch


The media also must know that Hillary’s fawning policy to Israel is NOT in the interest of the United States or the world.


The patchwork of rules wherein certain states have elections closed to independents and others do not is ridiculous!

If elections were The Olympics, all these inane rules would handicap the best of athletes before they had a chance to honestly compete.

If mass media didn’t constantly push Sanders OUT of the spotlight, treat his speeches as irrelevant, and insist that he’s an outlier with no chance of winning; and if polls were open to ALL voters, the numbers would more conspicuously favor Sanders.

The handicaps built into these pre-election debacles are maddening! And equally unfair!


Right. Argue FOR the forces that handicap today’s mavericks and alternatives to the Status quo candidates.

How many people have the time and energy to change their party affiliation twice? How many even know that they can do this?

Your argument reminds me of those who mock the voter I.D. laws because for THEM it’s no big deal to show an I.D. They show a glaring lack of empathy along with an incapacity to recognize what life is like for those who may be elderly, or those who’d feel intimidated by these draconian procedures, or those who lack birth certificates and so forth.

By siding with the Authoritarians setting new traps, they show their disdain for the ACTUAL practice of Democracy. For it’s Democracy that calls in all voters and doesn’t place fences around polling places.


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Go Bernie, Go. I’m with you the whole way brother. Hillary, you’re in for a surprise, I pray…


If I had x-ray vision I would visit Cesar Chavez’s grave so I could watch him rolling over.


Stream a thon on youtube Bernie2016tv tonight.


That is true ONLY if the independent does not re-register as a Democrat before the registration deadline for the primary election! If independent voters by and large are NOT doing this, why? The only two possibilities are:

  1. I didn’t know I had to be a registered Democrat to vote in the Democratic primary!


  1. We hate Democrats - that is why we love Bernie! I’m simply not going to check a box on a card or website next to the word “Democrat”.


  1. Ignorance is no excuse for crying out loud - get your head out your smartphone and get with the fucking program! You can do it on an internet form in 3 minutes!

  2. You voter registration is NOT some kind of oath of fealty to Hillary and Obama, it is just a bureaucratic procedure for crying out loud! YOU CAN CHANGE BACK TO “INDEPENDENT” AS SOON AS YOU GET BACK FROM VOTING!

So, with the above in mind, the deadline to change your registration here in Pennsylvania is in SIX DAYS! If you haven’t changed to Democrat yet, PLEASE go here and do it NOW!



They primary election is only closed to “independents” becasue the “independents” will not take 3 minutes to change their registration to “Democrat” before the deadline of the primary. I

Ther is no excuse! - It can even be done on the internet nowadays!


See Endgame’s link to the Facebook thing about fraud going on in Arizona.
It looks like those who did change their registration from independent to democrat are not being allowed to vote because
the voter registrations were not updated.
If true, I hope Bernie blows his top and gets this investigated.


Here in Pennsylvania, we get a mailed a new voter registration card from the county election office within a few days of re-registering on the internet. This serves as proof of the registration change.


Re: United Farm Workers president Dolores Huerta has gone establishment and endorsed Hillary.

Union people should pay more attention to supporting Bernie. His voting record over time for union causes is one of the best in the Senate, somewhere over 90%, while Billhillary’s record is in the mid 80s.


thanks, randlieb! hope some friends did the same.


This is awful.


Depends on the state. In New York, for example, you can only change your affiliation AFTER the next election.