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Sanders Makes History With 2016 Cycle's Biggest Campaign Event Yet


Sanders Makes History With 2016 Cycle's Biggest Campaign Event Yet

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders addressed an estimated 100,000 supporters at more than 3,500 house parties in all 50 states on Wednesday night, at what is being called the largest campaign event of the 2016 election cycle thus far.


The American people are weary of politicians that do not have their best interests at heart. Just who are these politicians? All but a handful. A mere handful out of the vast number of federal and state politicians are obvious working for their own short sided gains at our expense. This is why congress has a less than 9% approval rating with the American people.

Bernie Sanders is one of those exceptions. Bernie is not beholden the Wall Street thieves.

We have no choice but to support Bernie. There is no alternative candidate. All the rest are accepting money from the crooks. Besides, Bernie has some wonderful ideas and he’s a damn nice fella.


There are numerous alternative candidates. They just don’t get coverage in the corporatist media, or funding from corporatist PACs.


Green is a throw away vote and most appreciated by those who worry that Bernie can win. Every green vote is one less progressive vote that the republicans need to worry about.


Bernie must break with party and run independent. Joshua Frank at Counterpunch makes this clear.


Is Joshua Frank running for any office in 2016?


Bernie doesn’t either; what’s your point?


To be serious …a progressive administration would initiate numerous collateral improvements in appointees to government posts, progressive mandates to agencies like the EPA, new judges, various discretionary programs and initiatives, new appointees to the Supreme Court (boy could we use some sanity and balance there!!!), as well as inspiring people all over this country to try AGAIN…

To try believing in change and making things better! We’ve been knocked down and pummeled but the fight ain’t over. We need someone like Bernie to give impetus to all those well meaning progressive people who do much everyday to make life as best as possible in this country and …

who are willing to make that bit of extra effort to make the future a more livable place to live in.

We really do need someone like Bernie and Americans everywhere see it too. The oligarchy is taking away our democracy. What kind of country will we have left to our kids if they get their way?

In point of fact… if you do believe in democracy and want to preserve it… vote for Bernie!


He will not be allowed to debate if he runs as an Independent and that is a strong suit for Bernie. An Independent run would kill any chance he actually has …


If Hillary wins the primary, could Bernie still run as an Independent?


Joshua Frank is a writer at counterpunch…being a new poster I cannot puts links in my comment. I like very much what Bernie has to say and would support him actively. But I feel exactly as Frank does about how Bernie runs is more important than what he says. google wheels fall off sanders frank
My personal view is that Bernie may be trustworthy in terms of acting to the benefit of the public. It does not matter who in the else in the duopoly wins as there is no difference between them in practically speaking. While there are other third party candidates, they have zero chance. Sanders has a chance and momentum BUT he must fight the good fight outside party. I thought Frank’s article was superb…I cannot do it justice.


Great question…and the only way I’d vote…but at that point it is likely too late.


Many of the sixty or so people who attended the gathering I attended had been so turned off by the corporately dominated parties that they had given up and stopped voting but no longer, they are in Bernie’s corner now.
As for third parties, they are a crock. the last one to seat a president was the Bull Moose Party of Theodore Roosevelt. Senator Sanders is doing this the right way, by taking over the Democratic Party. He will have to win the primary and do it in such a way that Hillary will be able to run a successful campaign if his bid fails. I don’t believe anyone wants the Donald in the Oval Office even as a entertainer. Might make an interesting debate though.


Yes but I doubt that he would want to hand the election to the Party of No.


I voted Green but lost. this time I’ll go with Bernie. He has a chance of winning.


I read the article. And yes it is good. If all he says is true, and I’m afraid it probably is, then it is even more important that Bernie’s campaign continues to build momentum. If, when, he loses the primary, there will be a lot of people who will push Hillary to embrace at least some of his ideas. If he loses in spite of tremendous popular support, it could open the door to genuine election reform, and it could open the door to a similar candidate running in 2020.
Don’t give up on him. Remember that Hillary was considered the front runner in 2008 as well…


I’m goin with Bernie. Call it trust and blind faith in his integrity–which, dammit, I also had for Obama because he told such convincing untruths about his character and values. When I think that Bernie’s proposals will not get traction, I have to remember that if this truly becomes a national movement–truly a populist and popular movement–then anything can happen. Several have mentioned the greens, but they are nowhere on the radar–not even on sites like these, and I read them all regularly. Bernie is our best shot, and I fantasize him running against Trump–which would be Bernie’s most easily defeatable opponent. Let’s hope Trump get the nomination. I would appreciate any counter arguments about that idea that anyone out there has. Thanks


Please explain how a so-called prog Dem can win but a 3rd party prog can’t - ah, is it because of the media?

What does that tell you? It is clear that the CD staff writers are in Bernie’s camp - why is that? Based on principle, or party … I guess that will become clear if Hillary gets the nomination - will we see great coverage of the ongoing Green campaign, that we don’t see now, or will it be the usual LOTE …

Any duopoly vote is a “throwaway” vote - and i, for one, ain’t throwin’ away my vote any more -


FINALLY. We have the candidate who can begin making the changes the people desire and need to save this country.

As long as we do not get mired in the BUT THIS and BUT THAT, don’t allow negativity to prevail, get the word out about the man who will not be bought, and retain the belief in one person, one vote - WE CAN WIN.

We can make it happen.


Well it does matter because in tying his cart to the Dem machine he is dancing with the devil - he may be allowed to boogie a bit, but if he dares step on his toes, he will get Kuciniched …

He has already shown his willingness to cave to party interests, ala the ACA - and he has said he will support whoever the Dem nominee is - which means that all the loyalty and enthusiasm he engenders he will use in the service of Hillary, e.g.

So how do his fans feel about that …

Party over principle screws us every time - when will we ever figure that out …