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Sanders May Endorse Clinton as Dems Adopt 'Most Progressive Platform'


Sanders May Endorse Clinton as Dems Adopt 'Most Progressive Platform'

Common Dreams staff

Bernie Sanders is reportedly poised to endorse Hillary Clinton for president at their first joint campaign appearance on Tuesday.

Both teams confirmed Monday that the Vermont senator would join the former secretary of state during a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where they would "discuss their commitment to building an America that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top."


It is to laugh.

Step right this way, boys and girls. That smell of roasting flesh should not be a concern. Bring all your hopes and dreams with you! I hereby endorse Hillary's Democratic Party neoliberal abattoir.

Step inside, step inside!

Judas Goat


Don't Endorse Hillary Clinton!
Petition by David Busch
To be delivered to Bernie Sanders, Presidential Nominee, Democratic Party and Democratic National Convention
Dear Bernie Sanders, We, your supporters, delegates and superdelegates, urge you to respect the Democratic Party's process. You are a Candidate for President until the full Democratic Party Convention decides who they endorse. It is not your role now to endorse Hillary until that final vote is made. Nor, in this process, is it our role now to endorse her--or not--either.


Bernie should not use the platform "progress" as an excuse to endorse Hillary. The amount of platform "progress" is inadequate, with the TPP left out, but even worse, the platform will be forgotten after the election anyway. It has no binding power. It's most practical use would have been to block the TPP vote in Congress in December, but that can't happen with the anti-TPP plank voted down ...


Sanders sez: "If we are going to transform America and create a government which
works for all and not just the 1 percent we need to elect candidates who
will fight for these principles. We need to elect a Democratic Congress
and president ..."

Ouch. Rings a bit self-contradictory there.


Thank you Caroline

I just signed the petition.
It is interesting that when I went to the page, Move On had a disclaimer that the petition may not be in line with the Move On member values. Are death, destruction, and government corruption really Move On's true values? We need to set them straight.

Never Hillary!


Sanders can decide if he got enough in the Dem platform to endorse. However, Clintonites stopping inclusion of opposition to the TPP is enough for me to not vote for her. At this point, Jill Stein (Green Party) has got my vote.


Let's wait to see what Bernie does first before expressing disappointment.

And remember The Movement was always about what we DO going forward, never about simply Bernie running for Prez. Keep the faith. Keep up the solidarity with the people.


If Bernie believes that his campaign has altered the character of the Democratic Party and that the platform is more than window dressing, I do pity such naivete. Hillary is a neocon war mongering Wall Street insider who cannot distinguish truth from lies. If you're trying to sell the Democratic Party, Bernie, I'm not buying. Good bye and good luck, buddy.


Why not go and vote down ticket? There are other people and things to vote for or against and you can leave Prez line blank. Or vote anyway and at least make the effort.

Personally, I think voting is one tiny thing among many that people can do to be active citizens, but I still do it. I do understand though those people that are forced to wait for 7-8 hours to vote. That can be frustrating, especially when you consider the potential shenanigans with peoples votes once cast.


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What is all this nonsense about the Democratic platform? As John Nance Garner said about the vice presidency, it isn't worth a bucket of warm spit. Once Clitory is elected no one will even pretend that such a document exists.


Seriously, Cookies? Such an ardent supporter. You think Bernie can be bought? If so, what might be the price?

Let's wait for Tue and see what happens before drawing conclusions prematurely. And even if Bernie endorses HRC, the Movement has to continue. Bernie's run was just one campaign in the longer Movement.


Over the weekend I peeled the Bernie sticker off my car and took down the yard sign.


What is it about dems that leaves dems wanting?
I've often likened Pelosi's job (as dem 's leader) as "trying (unsuccessfully) to herd cats." It is what it is.
In amerika today everyone is out for themselves. It is the human condition having come home to roost and it's not going to get better.
TPP as I try to comprehend is NAFTA on Jones' kool aid with only corporations coming out on top. It's not that they aren't thirsty, They only drink Perrier Sparkling.
I look at the price of "just things" these days and realize it's all relative. So is being a human being going forward.


I'm not! I can't be.


Not much if anything but it felt good (for about 2 minutes) to do something. Guess it was self serving. I was going to preface that link with "not sure what good this will do".
Thanks for pointing it out endgame. You just negated by 2 minutes of feel good time :slight_smile:

I wish we could figure out what would work to stop collapse . . . alas, it might be too late.



Bernie played his part - the sheepdog herding in the wayward ones with soothing words and noble talk.

But don't worry kids - even though I will offer myself to a war-mongering lying pig, why, this is just the beginning!

We'll get 'em next time, by golly!!

I pity those who actually thought the outcome was not preordained. You matter little in the overall scheme, even as you so badly want to believe you do.




I will donate another $27 if you will just promise NOT to endorse Hillary.
Please don't throw away all the good you have done.