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Sanders May Endorse Clinton as Dems Adopt 'Most Progressive Platform'

Maybe you might enjoy seeing the recent Josh Fox film “How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change” OR Michael Moore’s somewhat lighter “Where to Invade Next.” OR one of the many solutions oriented docs out there. There are positive things happening out there that are good reasons to stay in and even enjoy the “struggle.”

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Kshama Sawant is correct. Further, people should seriously consider opting out of participation in the system they oppose (as much as possible) and opting in to what they want. There are alternatives out there in many places, if one looks.

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I imagine Sanders is under incredible pressure to endorse Clinton from a DNHC desperate to suppress Occupy Philadelphia type protests at the convention and minimize visible public opposition to it’s neo-con nature.


This is a situation in which Clinton requires a Sanders endorsement to have any chance of beating Trump. Sanders hopes that he can negotiate some concessions from the Clinton campaign so that his entire effort doesn’t go to waste. If Sanders chooses not to endorse Clinton, he would be responsible in some way in the election of Trump as President. If Sanders chooses to run for the Green party, he may win, but he may also hand the Presidency to Trump much in the same way that Ross Perot handed Clinton the Presidency in 1992.
Of course the major problem with a Sanders endorsement for Clinton, is that she will probably not follow through on a single promise due to the fact that Hillary is bought and paid for by corporate America. The billions that the Democrats depend on from AIPAC, Big Pharma and other multi-nationals is why she can never endorse an end to Israeli occupation, universal healthcare or to kill the TPP. Therefore if Sanders really wants to having a lasting legacy, he should announce his plans to run for the Presidency as a Green. Though Trump may prevail, what is at stake is far too important to just give either Clinton or Trump permission to run the country on behalf of the 1%.
If Sanders runs against both corporate candidates, the risk is that if Trump wins, the media will blame Sanders supporters for the election of Trump with hardcore Democrats backing the MSM’s distorted version of politics. Sanders will naturally be marginalized, ignored and smeared by the MSM, but he may win as well as most Americans despise Clinton and Trump.
If Sanders enters the race and loses anyway, the Democrats will double down to ensure that a left winger or 99 percenter never gets into a primary again as I’m sure the Democrats are already regretting introducing Sanders to the electorate.
Sanders is in a tough position and he doesn’t have time on his side, but nevertheless this reader believes he should run as a Green and see where the cards will fall in November.


Should Bernie endorse HRC on Tue - and mind you it has not happened yet - I imagine there will be a lot of hater comments targeting Sanders from his former “so-called” supporters. That will be sad. As will be the decision of some to drop out of the process in despair. If many people do this, Bernie’s run will have been pointless.

Bernie said from the beginning, this is not about him, it’s about building a Movement…about building a political revolution. The Movement continues well past this election. Hopefully the vast majority of Bernie supporters understand this and will continue to work to transform the system.

And who knows what Bernie will do or say - we’ll have to wait and see about that.


Can Bernie be bought?
If he lived alone with no family , then I would say no.
Maybe Bernie was given the speech that every president gets when they enter office. Maybe it’s the speech that James Comey and Loretta Lynch were given.
The speech about… if you care about your family, then you’ll fall in line and don’t make any trouble.
The speech that JFK didn’t take seriously.


Love to see enough support for Stein that she appears in the debates. Yes, I know that even if she meets the threshold (5% or 10% in the polls or something like that), the two parties will find a way to keep her out. But even if that occurs, it is just a few more holes in the two-party dike that will have to be plugged and explained away. Every little bit helps dismantle and replace the system.

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There is no quick fix. Even the miracle of Bernie winning the presidency is not a quick fix. I like what you said about the Montgomery bus boycott and that it wasn’t King who was leading the people - an example of what people power can do without a King/Sanders. The bus boycott was a campaign in a much larger and longer movement for Civil Rights. That is what it takes. And not only resisting the evils, but demonstrating and living the alternatives - they are happening in every city and in many rural places as well. Though many of these alternatives are local and decentralized (by design), communities are connecting and sharing and building power. You won’t hear about them on the MSM, but they are happening. People said Occupy died. - no it did not die, it became active helping in everyday life, so as to seem invisible. There are things to connect to locally, regionally, nationally, globally. That is the Movement.

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Some of us who live in a state that may be a close race between Hillary and Trump may actually vote for Trump, as the most effective way of denying Hillary the electoral votes from our state. Otherwise, I agree, just vote for Jill Stein and try to help the Green Party achieve the 5% threshold.


And, just to be clear now that I saw my post you were responding to, I am not suggesting opting out of voting. To the contrary, I agree with you that one should vote regardless. Hopefully that is clear from other of my posts on this thread. I was suggesting opting out (not participating) of the corporate capitalist system that must be transformed and opting in to the alternatives that are creating the new system.

This is an open letter to progressive Hillary Clinton supporters.

From the time it became clear that Bernie was going to give Hillary a real run for her money, you folks have been saying:

"Look, I agree with Bernie on a lot of his issues. I KNOW that Hillary takes way too much money from Big Business, and I KNOW that she is not as progressive as I would like her to be on some really important issues, but I also KNOW that we have to elect Hillary because . . . she’s running against Donald Trump for God’s sake!

And don’t forget, Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t a progressive when he was elected, either. When he was elected the first time, when the Unions and the Progressives came to him with the plans they wanted him to implement, FDR told them: “I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.” And you know what . . . that is exactly what they did it! They kept putting the pressure on Roosevelt, and THAT is how the New Deal got passed. They MADE FDR do it!

And we can do the same thing with Hillary. Once we get her elected, we will do the same thing. We will hold her feet to the fire, and keep her from drifting too far to the right. We will MAKE Hillary be more progressive."

Well, it looks like your resolve to hold Hillary’s feet to the fire, and MAKE HER be more progressive is going to be put to the test much sooner than you expected.

For those of you who don’t know, the full Democratic Party Platform Writing Committee met last week in Orlando to hammer out the final Draft Platform that will be voted on at the Convention in Philadelphia. At that Platform Writing Committee meeting, Hillary Delegates again blocked efforts by Bernie Delegates to include a platform plank that would have inserted language opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP) directly into the Democratic Party platform. The rationale for not including the strong, anti-TPP language out of the Platform is that it would be disrespectful to President Obama who is strongly promoting the TPP, and who sees it as part of his Presidential “legacy.”

Although that anti-TPP platform plank was defeated by the full committee in Orlando – by a vote of 90 to 72 (with 25 abstaining) - a member of the full Committee has told me that enough committee members have signed on to the amendment for it to be included in a “Minority Report,” which means that the anti-TPP language will be brought up for a floor vote at the Convention.

Including the anti-TPP language into the Democratic Party Platform should be a “no-brainer” vote for the Democratic Party. Opposing the TPP is the smart thing to do for several reasons:

Firstly, opposing the TPP is good party politics - the majority of Democrats, like the majority of Americans, are against the TPP. Important Democratic Party constituencies, like Labor and the Environmental Movement, are adamantly opposed to the TPP. Heck, even Hillary herself says she is against the TPP.

Secondly, opposing the TPP is good electoral politics – by supporting “free trade” agreements, like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the TPP, Establishment Democrats have put themselves, and the Party, on the wrong side of this history. By siding with the Corporatists, and not the People, on the TPP, the Democratic Party will be giving Donald Trump the one campaign issue that he could actually win on in November. If, on the other hand, the Democratic Party comes out, strongly, against the TPP it will help put out the populist brush fire that Trump hopes to fan into an upset electoral victory.

And finally, opposing the TPP is good policy from a “small ‘d’ democracy” perspective. If the TPP is passed, and signed into law, the United States, in addition to other signatories, will be ceding national sovereignty to the multi-national Corporatocracy. The “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” tribunals set up by the TPP which will, effectively, give multi-national corporations the power to “veto” any health, safety, or environmental laws passed by Congress. A classic example of how that “corporate veto power” will work is the $15 BILLION dollar lawsuit that TransCanada has filed against the U.S. arising out of President Obama’s decision not to approve the permit for the KXL pipeline under NAFTA’s ISDS trade tribunal system. How many new, tough, environmental laws do you think Congress will pass in the future, now that they know that the U.S. can be dragged in front of these “trade tribunals” any time a foreign corporation believes that some American law is depriving it of potential lost profits?

So the ball will be in your court, Hillary supporters. Will you, and your delegates at the Convention, live up to your words? Will you hold Hillary’s feet to the fire, and MAKE HER be a better, more progressive, President, by voting to put strong, anti-TPP language into the Party Platform? Or, will Philadelphia signal the first in a long string of concessions to the Party Establishment, and the Corporatist status quo?

This will be your moment of truth, and it could be your finest hour. I hope it is, because the whole world is watching.


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It’s 15%. And with Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party getting most of the votes not going to Clinton or Trump there seems virtually no chance Stein will make the debates.

Shucks, I see the Dem/repub Establishment has rigged that too.

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Hillary Clinton is a ghastly warmonger and a tool of Wall Street. I would think you could find many ways to show your distaste without resorting to misogynist smears.


I don’t understand how people can be so upset about Bernie endorsing the Democratic nominee - just as he’s said he would all along.

But then, what do I know? I was never a Berniecrat. Jill Stein is my Plan A.


,For those considering voting Green, make sure to check your state requirements. I know Stein is on or working to be on the ballot in nearly all the states, but there are also (usually less stringent) requirements for write-in votes to count as well. You can help collect the requisite number of petition signatures, if that still needs to be done.



We are still together and not in real opposition endgame - I am a few years older and have also been around the block a few times. Sanders gave his all, I don’t see him as a “sheepdog” or having betrayed us, only that he has a different road to travel and still deserves a modicum of our respect. I have been betrayed and duped and lied-to and hoped - but I think I finally see. There is no justice, just us and we need to stay tight…and frosty, to do what we can even if victories are few or partial…we have US. Keep the faith…what little there still is…peace…

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Right there with you. We’re following Laura Wells’ Plan B.

Go Green. The DNC doesn’t have to get your money and if some miracle happens and Queen Clinton is set aside for Bernie, being registered Green in CA you can still vote for him in the General.


Unfortunately for those who will vote Green or some other vote, you live in a dreamworld. Our system favors a two party system and the only way to change it is to change the Constitution. GOOD LUCK ON THAT GOAL. With the electoral college more than two viable parties would throw almost every election to the House. I certainly do not want those fools choosing the President. We are stuck with what we have and have to work within the system. So sad. Electoral college has to go!