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Sanders Momentum Evidence of Dems' Need to Embrace Sanders' "Bold Agenda for Change"


Sanders Momentum Evidence of Dems' Need to Embrace Sanders' "Bold Agenda for Change"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Armed with a fresh win in Indiana and a platform that reflects a "bold agenda for change," Bernie Sanders is providing key lessons that the Democratic party would do well to heed, some analysts say.


Has there ever been any question whether Clinton would embrace "a bold agenda" or whatever agenda gets her the votes she needs in November ?

The bold agenda IS however, scheduled to vaporize on November 9, 2016.


""Clinton is shy of the Democratic nomination by 182 delegates, according to the AP delegate tracker. Sanders would need to win every remaining pledged delegate and sway more superdelegates to his side to reach that threshold."

What!, how can Bernie ever get a fair shake? Clinton is not shy 182 votes, Clinton is at 1683 delegates, Bernie is at 1362, 2382 needed to be nominated. Notice how impossible this frame makes it seem, an obvious ruse to discourage Bernie donors. Last evening MSNBC played this trick all night, but Rachel still looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights.


Kshama says it best:

"We simply can’t afford to make this mistake. That’s why I have launched a petition calling on Bernie Sanders to run all the way to November as an independent, and to use his campaign as a launch pad for a new political party of the 99%."

My hero in Seattle is right. Bernie needs to run as an independent...anything else is suicide for the cause. But I'm afraid that the fix is in, folks.


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Interesting observation...


It's good for the Democratic Party? Bernie should definitely drop out now then, for the good of the country.


Bernie is evidently too intent at working on polishing the Democratic Party turd to even consider what someone like Kshama Sawant suggests.

Judas goat.
We're being played.


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Maybe a bold agenda is needed but Hillary Clinton is doing pretty well with her agenda as she is leading by over 300 pledged delegates, more than 500 super delegates, and more than 3 million votes.


It's easy to pile up votes when Diebold is on your team and you lock independent voters out of so many primaries. Also, are you a completely or only partially-automated shill-bot? I'm seeing these same talking points all over the net. Hillary really has no human support at all, does she? Just fake astroturf bots putting out lame talking points on comment boards and social media.

It's so sad watching this level of pathetic corruption. The dead hand of the corporate zombie Democratic Party wrapped around the throats of America's young people.


Why no demonstrations protesting the way Bernie is being railroaded? Why are progressives especially not calling for people to show their opposition to Hillary being forced on us through the rigged game that the democrats have been playing? If we keep quiet about it ( except for complaining online) they it will be our own fault that they get away with all of it from disenfranchising voters to coin tosses and the other dirty tricks.

Spread the word... Demonstrate at the democratic convention in July!

Protests are bold. Silence doesn't work.


I am noticing that for all the talk by pundits pro and con and all the complaining by progressives and Bernie supporters that nobody is talking about protesting what is going down! These people here are doing what the whole country ( the Bernie supporters' half anyway) should be doing. They are making their voices known not just sitting quietly and doing nothing! We all see how overtly they have been cheating against Bernie and rigging the game. If we let them get away with doing this we lose and we either get Trump or we get Wall St Hillary.

If they see that people will remain quiet and just take the punches then the superdelegates will never reflect the voters' wishes. But if they see that Americans are angry about being cheated of the most popular candidate choice then they will think twice about disenfranchising the voters and corrupting democracy! Make them worry about getting away with their dirty tricks!



Bernie will lose and then he will endorse HRC and he will campaign for her as will Obama and Billy. I'd put $$ on it. Why? Because, that's exactly what his wife said last week on MSNBC. I have no reason to believe he's preparing to do anything else.


"In reality, Donald Trump is a bigot of such pungent vileness that the victory of the Democratic candidate this fall is virtually assured."

So sayeth the Clinton machine.

But is it true?

Are independents going to vote for an establishment candidate they dislike and don't trust simply to stop Trump?

Are a significant number of Bernie supporters going to vote for a candidate who has belittled their beliefs and cheated her way to a nomination?

Are disaffected Republicans going to support a candidate they hate?

There's a reason Sanders polls better against Trump than Clinton does. Sanders is liked, trusted and respected. Clinton isn't.

And the more people see her, the less they like her.

If she's the Democratic nominee she will not only lose the election, she'll alienate an entire generation of voters enthused by Sanders.

Both Sanders and Trump appeal to people disgusted by establishment politics.

The personification of an establishment politician isn't going to get their votes.


Actually #DropOutHillary for the good of the party. Before the indictment comes down.


And Hillary may get indicted. Seems you forgot that. It isn't like he could say that he wants to be in the race in case that happens. And you are saying>>> Aw gee! There's nothing that we can do, they cheated.

Well how about protesting that they cheated? What the heck happened to America? Look at these people they see what needs to be done. Remaining quiet and just moaning and groaning doesn't do squat!


Come to the convention in July! Let them know we don't accept their rigging the game! Spread the word...Occupy the Convention!


What we on the Left must be prepared for is to vote for the Lesser Evil in 2016, and keep building The Peoples Party for both 2018 and 2020 elections. All this must occur while we bring together all the progressive groups in this country to forge a a mass movement that has a coherent program(think Bernie's agenda) and strategy to win over the many millions who could be seduced by a demagogue again in 2020.


Eghads!! Here come the creepy lesser-evilists! Back! Get back ye undead monstrosities! Ye Hillary-justifying abominations! Back before we skewer ye filthy carcasses with wooden stakes!


Nothing, you?