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Sanders Movement Pushes Democratic Party Platform Toward A Big Fight Over Charter Schools


Sanders Movement Pushes Democratic Party Platform Toward A Big Fight Over Charter Schools

Jeff Bryant

Earlier this week my colleague Richard Eskow reported on the impact the populist progressive movement led by Bernie Sanders and others is having on the Democratic Party Platform to be voted on at the party’s national convention in Philadelphia later this month.


Characterize it more as a TOKEN fight, rather than a "big fight".

The DNC knows they need to continue to be appearing to adopt Sanders' platform in order to keep Bernicrats from jumping off the Clinton bandwagon.

Meanwhile, the Philly Convention's corporate sponsors are the sergeants at arms who assure that anything substantial emerging from the Convention and beyond has their seal of approval.


2010 article on Charter Schools: mixed bag results http://www.educationjustice.org/newsletters/nlej_iss21_art5_detail_CharterSchoolAchievement.htm

Charter School rules and regs vary with the State.
In some cases there is a preordained selection bias: so only children with involved parents get chosen to attend.
Charter School results vary...not making this as clear cut as one might think. .


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I'm going to expand on your truth aligatorhardt: The phony BALONEY Bernie Sanders!

Great article on counterpunch about Mr. Sanders

The Dream is Over: Bye, Bye Bernie

excerpt from article:

Unless Sanders supporters flock into the Green Party in larger numbers than anyone now expects, or unless large numbers of them resist calls to jump onto the Hillary bandwagon in other ways, it does look like the point of the Sanders campaign was indeed to use peoples’ longing for a better world as a ploy for easing Hillary’s way back into the White House.

What Sanders says is that, by endorsing Clinton, he is saving the world from Donald Trump. Maybe he believes that. Whether he does or not, there is a technical term for that kind of excuse: “bullshit.”

We don’t need Bernie to save the world from Trump; Trump is doing a good enough job of that on his own, aided and abetted by bona fide Republicans even more vile than he. What Bernie does is irrelevant.


Thank you for this great news! I wanted Sanders to address these issues for K-12 education. Common Core and the like are losing a generation of children. I am furious they've attacked education in the hopes of dumbing down the next generation and make a profit doing it. We had a big battle over it her in Colorado.
Thank you for pointing out that though Bernie didn't address the problems, his delegates brought it out and to the front. Getting these issues in the convention and in the final draft is huge. What he meant by "not me but you" shows how what he has done opens doors for us to make it happen. If anyone thinks this would have happened without him they are sadly mistaken. These issues would still be passed over with no mention. Now they're out there and accepted by the party, it gives credibility to the fight. It won't happen fast but we will have that to refer to. For all of you that think Bernie betrayed you take a look at this.

http://www.inquisitr.com/3300479/not-me-us-was-not-just-a-slogan-and-bernie-sanders-is-not-a-sell-out/ all of you that think Bernie betrayed you take a look at this.
Don't know why the article didn't come up?


This is trash and hate mongering. If you don't like him fine but he is not what you are describing.


I found the article to be hugely important to anyone with children still in school. I also liked that it was Bernies delegates that made this happen. Bernie's work is already paying off.


It hasn't always been this way. The funding for public schools has been slashed repeatedly causing schools to decline. Charter schools siphon money from public schools causing further decline. Public education at its best gives a child exposure to all types of people and broadens their education. We need to fund them and get rid of Common Core.


Trash? I don't think so. Different opinion then yours yes, but that doesn't make it trash. Does it?

Bernie had his chance to do the right thing and that wasn't endorsing HC. Right?

He not only couldn't mention Jill Stein he never had the common decency to even respond to her requests to talk to her and the green party (even back in 2012 when the Greens reached out to Bernie).

We should stop talking about him as he is a complete non player now. Jill Stein, who's views are very similar to Bernie's, is still in the race. I'm focusing my efforts on her now. If you don't want Jill Stein, and I'm sure you aren't a trumper, you must be planning on voting for Hillary? Wow, if thats true Dede, you are throwing your support behind one of the biggest hate mongers! You've picked the right one!


Do you and "deck hughes" recognize that public schools are a staple of a Democratic nation and one of the last assets that belong to "the commons"?

Do you understand what standardized tests have done in the way of TERRORIZING children who have a natural desire to learn instead!

Do you know that entities ranging from Bill Gates to the Koch Brothers wish to privatize education so they can suck every last dollar from the marrow of an institution they are smothering to death?

And do you recognize that the bulk of charter schools belong to either Christian entities or represent PUBLIC funding of Catholic Schools... in violation of that VERY wise wall constructed to protect state from religion and its tyrannical dictators?

This subject is VERY important. And the lack of articles about Jill Stein should not be framed as somehow competitive with articles about charter schools or the way public schools are being gutted!

Who are you people?


I have zero confidence that you are a new poster. Too convenient to just show up to add to the Bashing-Bernie choir.

The term is "whose views." The word who's is a contraction for who is.

The lousy spelling is one thing that defines the Tag Team. Another is that its favorite pastimes include: throwing slime at Democrats, Progressives, Mrs. Clinton and now Bernie Sanders and/or taking every felonious act executed by corrupt entities in power and purposely turning the blame onto all citizens.

I expect you'll subscribe to the latter in due time.


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Just because Sanders took a fall doesn't mean he and for that matter WE are not still in the struggle. Unless you were born 6 months ago you are probably aware that our movement has been in existence and growing for decades. The actual left is now larger than it has ever been and nearing critical mass. Sanders has done much to consolidate that and to move us forward. We must continue to work for real democracy and climate sanity. What other choice do we really have?


I seriously don't know how you got all that from my post. I plan to vote for Jill Stein but I will back Bernie Sanders in anything he does that gets us closer to our goal. He has done a great deed for all the dormant progressives in this country. I will never under estimate him and though I don't agree with him endorsing her, it is the first time in his run that I disagree with him. I certainly won't throw everything he's done out and disrespect him when he has done so much. We really don't know why he had to do what he did.


Not true. Charters are unaccountable and underperforming. You need more facts.


Hello Susan. Did I ever say I was a new poster? Not sure why its important to you or not if I am a new poster or an old poster. So I made a few grammar mistakes! So what! You understood what I was saying.
Lets try and be civil with each other and everyone else who comments. Why not? Peace.