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Sanders Must Build a Progressive Movement All the Way to the Convention and Beyond


Sanders Must Build a Progressive Movement All the Way to the Convention and Beyond

Peter Bloom

Hillary Clinton’s sweep of all five states last Tuesday seemed to signal the end of Bernie Sanders’ insurgent “socialist” Presidential campaign. While Sanders is far from being mathematically eliminated, Clinton has taken a commanding lead in the march toward the White House.


The struggle of importance is that of progressives versus corporate Democrats. The Democrats are not particularly progressive on the whole. They just want to appear so. Bernie, historically an independent, is a progressive in the true sense who realized that the Democratic party was the only effective vehicle for his message. Yes, politics is about compromise. I have yet to see him compromise his principles, however. Having never registered for a political party, I empathize with Bernie’s frustration with our country’s political system. He does represent the country’s best hope at this point in time. Let’s not surrender such hope to the echo chamber of the corporate media.


He’s working it. From Bernie’s rally in Salt Lake City on Friday:

Over 14,000 people felt the Bern. (See more images.)


Not the reform of the Democratic Party, but an entirely NEW party/movements is the way forward; a party/movement totally independent of corporate $$$ and 1% influence.


Personally, I feel the way forward in the USA is for the true progressives in the Democratic party to leave the same and ally with the Green Party. This should boost that new parties overall support into the double digits on a percentage basis.

This will than force the Democratic party to come to the table or shift their own policies to the left. Progressives must negotiate from strength and not from weakness within a larger Democratic party.

Now the problem is of course the Republicans would always get elected but for the life of me I can not see much of a difference between a Hilary Clinton as President or a Donald Trump.


" The Democrats are not particularly progressive on the whole. They just want to appear so."



Is Bernie Sanders really a socialist? Eugene Debs was a socialist but Bern Sanders seems to be a social democrat. Bernie Sanders firmly supports capitalism. Of course he wants the excesses addressed. His vision appears to be a capitalist economic system with an abundance of social programs.


No movement or political revolution will ever be built within the confines of the Democratic Party. And the repeated failure of the American left to grasp the duplicitous game being played by the political elites has effectively neutered it as a political force. History, after all, should count for something.

Do Sanders’ supporters believe they can wrest power from the Democratic establishment and transform the party? Do they think the forces where real power lies—the military-industrial complex, Wall Street, corporations, the security and surveillance state—can be toppled by a Sanders campaign? Do they think the Democratic Party will allow itself to be ruled by democratic procedures? Do they not accept that with the destruction of organized labor and anti-war, civil rights and progressive movements—a destruction often orchestrated by security organs such as the FBI—the party has lurched so far to the right that it has remade itself into the old Republican Party?

-Chris Hedges


Bernie echos much of what the Green Party stands for and vice versa. Bernie, running as a Democrat, is articulating progressive values in a national campaign, (even though the MSM has largely ignored or discredited him).
If Bernie gets the nomination, he should win. If Hillary gets the D nomination, Plan B should be implemented in a wholesale way. I say, “take a chance and voce Green”. Rather than throwing their votes away by voting lesser evil, or anti-Trump, or writing-in Bernie, or staying home, the Sandernistas should consider a united Green vote.
I think the Greens could win in a 3 way race.
Perot got 19 % of the vote in 1992 as a third party candidate and we have the advantage of the Internet and social media. Voting for a candidate who is a legitimate progressive would feel great, and Jill Stein is a candidate with integrity, (and she could break the glass ceiling).
If Bernie’s candidacy is derailed, take a chance and vote Green. JILL CAN WIN.


Why call it a “progressive movement”—and thus potentially alienate a lot of “conservative” or “tea party” or “libertarian” voters who possibly COULD endorse many of things Bernie wants to do. Let’s find some COMMON GROUND and leave the Dems and GOPs behind!


The Democratic Party is dying. Over half the electorate are independents, Greens, Libertarians or otherwise unaffiliated with either of these two corrupt parties. Rather than try to save this irredeemable old capitalist party, all efforts should be made to further marginalize it, to strip it of its ability to work with Republicans to destroy progressive efforts and movements and third-party challenges, and ultimately to render it irrelevant.

The Democratic Party is not known as the Graveyard of Social Movements for nothing. The idea being pushed by this article is a trap, RUN AWAY.


Jill is not going to win this cycle, but the highest priority is to make noise to get her into the debates. Of course, the Republicans and Democrats almost certainly won’t allow that either but this is the year to put the screws to the Democratic Party. They are weak. They have an atrocious establishment candidate in Hillary, they are facing an electorate in a stridently anti-establishment mood.

This is the year to nail the Democrats. They are finishing Bernie off, and as payback it’s time for us to finish them off.


Seeing how Sanders’ platform is similar to those of FDR, JFK and LBJ, none of whom were socialists, Sanders is a moderate Democrat by mid 20th century standards.


The sooner the Democratic Party is consigned to the same boneyard where the Whig Party lies, the sooner democracy can be restored in the US.


Protocols for “Product Recall” would also be apropos.


Jill could win if she were on the ballot in 50 states and in each had a cadre of attention getters to do anything and everything needed to overcome the media freeze out that keeps all non-Dem non-Repub candidates from being able to get their message heard.

If the Green Party had candidates for every single open office and were to publicly proclaim that they were Green Party and that, if elected, they would support the goals of a Stein presidency, would communicate with each other and work so that the Green Party was a real political party with a specific agenda that they were working together to enact – not just a good idea whose time never manages to come – then voting Green would mean something tangible and voteworthy.

If something along those doesn’t happen, T-shirts saying “Don’t blame me, I voted for Stein” will appear, and Stein voters will be blamed for electing Trump the way Ralph Nader was blamed for Al Gore losing to President Junior.


awesome! Thanks. And yet the Dems (evil me is thinking Dumbs) still want Hillary, who attends well-heeled fundraisers and attracts few to rally behind her.

Way to go Utah!


Takes a while to realize he is talking about the DNC and HRC peeps doing all this cancelling, etc., right?


After reading this article and the subsequent posts, I feel like I left Earth to go live with the fairies in Fairyland.

Senator Sanders can no more build a progressive movement than he can fly to the moon using his arms for propulsion. Movements are built at the bottom, grassroots level … not at the top! Any organization built from the top is, by its origin and nature, totalitarian … the exact opposite of an organization built upon the principles of democracy.

Attaching the label of “movement” to the Sanders’ campaign mistakes appearance for reality. Sanders’ rallies have certainly attracted large crowds – even larger than those of Obama in 2008. But an audience is not a movement.

In order to create a movement people must belong to an on-going organization where they participate in the important decision-making of that organization. In this way they play a significant role in defining the direction of the organization, and thus it becomes a part of their own identity as well. Even more, they establish relations with one another where they discuss and debate issues of policy, allow themselves to be influenced by the arguments of others, and influence them in turn. Participants are transformed from isolated individuals into members of a collective will. The Bernie Sanders campaign is top-down — like virtually all institutions in capitalist society…

Source: http://socialismoryourmoneyback.blogspot.com/2016/03/sanders-fading-away.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FLkuul+(SOCIALISM+OR+YOUR+MONEY+BACK)

Yes, we need a prominent progressive movement with a national voice. However, it is the task and responsibility of the people to build that movement … not Senator Sanders.

As a starting point, this people-built movement can use the talking points of Senator Sanders’ agenda on domestic issues to gain national support and enthusiasm over a period of time with the eventual objective of having nationally viable, electable candidates from city councils all the way up to the Presidency who will advocate for progressive agendas and represent the progressive populace in the U.S.


Why is he running as a Democrat?