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Sanders Nabs Major Union Endorsement as Economic Agenda Drives Surge of Support


Sanders Nabs Major Union Endorsement as Economic Agenda Drives Surge of Support

Jon Queally, staff writer

As Democratic voters head to primaries in five delegate-rich states on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders is riding a wave of momentum based on his call for a political revolution and for pushing an economic policy platform he says puts working people and the middle class above the interests of multinational corporations and the very wealthy.


I voted for Bernie a couple of hours ago. It was early and the polling place was not at all crowded, but I live in a rather conservative part of Illinois. In Illinois the voter asks for either a Democratic or Republican ballot.


I just voted. My Ohio suburban polling place was not crowded at all and the poll worker I asked said the morning had been “steady”. Get out and vote folks in the states that are today. Those of us who have waited years to vote for someone like Bernie, this is our day!


His lips in this picture look like he was just mouthing “YUUUUUGE”, when it was taken :laughing:


There is a concern among some that Trump might cause a fracture - a split in the Republican Party. It is a current theme in the media at present.

But the real concern is not among the Repubs who salivate about having a run against Hillary but among the Dems who fear that Sanders is the more popular candidate! There is the potential that were the rigged game to succeed in preventing his nomination, that the Democratic Party would implode and the backlash cause them to lose the election.

This endorsement from yet another nationwide union is indicative of Sanders popularity with the voters as opposed to Hillary’s which is coming to be seen more and more as being manufactured by the media. What will happen if Sanders gets shafted by the rigged game becomes a very real question!

Serious problems could result for the country if it is perceived that the actual choice of the voters was denied to them. Sanders obviously enjoys a greater popularity than does Hillary when independents and even many former republican voters and conservatives are included among his supporters. They don’t vote in the primaries but they do in the election and there lies the rub.

Sanders has greater support from the voting public in general besides just among democrats and the democrats are in denial about it. Why our country needs to be subjected to these unnecessary stresses (and ones that will severely damage the democratic party’s credibility and standing with voters) is dismaying. The status quo Dems would rather risk losing to a Trump or a Cruz than go with the more popular Dem candidate.

These are the kind of questions that students in history classes someday will groan over and ask will it be on the test. Why did the Democrats support the weaker candidate in the fateful 2016 election and lose the election? What were the economic forces involved if any. What was the part played by the political ideologies of the candidates if any? Describe the reaction of the public and the subsequent dissatisfaction with the political system and was that a causative factor in the unrest which followed?

Aw gee!


The unions that support HRC have sold out their rank and file members. They are endorsing HRC for a quid pro quo for themselves.

ATU is supporting Bernie for the good of their rank and file members.


The GOP “fracture” story is just that…a story. The GOP knows that Trump has a better chance of winning in November than any candidate they have had during the past decade. The GOP needs the “fracture” story to create the illusion that the GOP is not racist, and the media needs the story to add buzz to a candidate who has bolstered their ratings more than any candidate since Sarah Palin.

Promoting an establishment candidate in a year that disfavors establishment candidates assures that the Democrats have and will continue to have a real fracture.


The GOP is just as much the status quo as is the democrats. The Repubs fear losing control (they march in lockstep and brook no dissent in their ranks) to Trump who is utterly unpredictable to them. He is very much like a separate Republican Party because his base is not the wealthy corporate conservative (despite him being one himself) but the party’s Archie Bunkers and bigots that traditionally the Repubs have relied on for votes but never paid any attention to otherwise. It is real that they don’t know Trump. He is too rich to do what he is told… They never expected that. He is an unknown to them and us.

The Dems face the opposite. They know exactly what Bernie represents and despite his huge support base, they are not interested in changing things much. Look at how they were forced by Bernie to even consider raising the minimum wage to $12 ph and that is less than Bernie’s $15ph! They see the concentration of wealth at the top and are aware of what has happened to the population as oligarchs grabbed most of the wealth yet they wax eloquent about how another $3 ph would be excessive for the lowest paid. These are people who vote themselves raises.

Neither the GOP nor the Dems really want to change anything. They are themselves the things that would be changed and they know it. The only way to change something in Washington is to change the people who run things. Neither party wants that to happen.


Excellent. ATU endorses Bernie - get on the bus - or subway, or streetcar! ATU get’s you there…


Transit is part of our infrastructure, GO Bernie!


Sanders would have to: get past Rahm Israel Emmanual in Illinois (no chance), Kasich, in Ohio, probably more corrupt than Illinois, which specializes in rigging elections and Missuori, choosing their worst enemy. Nobody, but those with “Irrational exuberance” would be surprised he was carpet bombed?

Now the fun begins.