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Sanders' National Favorability Doubles as Clinton Lead Slides


Sanders' National Favorability Doubles as Clinton Lead Slides

Jon Queally, staff writer

Under the headline, 'Sanders Surges, Clinton Sags,' Gallup on Friday released new survey data showing that the two-leading Democratic nominees are currently heading in opposite directions when it comes to favorability ratings among likely U.S. voters with the grassroots populism of the Sanders' campaign outshining the strong name recognition and more centrist policies of Clinton.


It’s good to see the Comments back. They seemed to have been gone for several days and I thought CD had given up on posting comments.


National name recognition is a function of main stream media reporting. How many times are candidates discussed on news programs and talk shows with obvious absence of Bernie Sanders name or his program, or giving him minor reference while giving significant coverage to other candidates antics. I suspect Hillary will be promoted over Bernie by the opposing party because she has more skeletons in her closet and vulnerable to attack, such as Bengassi, state dept emails, and of course Bill. And lord strike us dead even to consider a genuine socialist as POTUS.


Forget the polls, because the only poll that counts is the Wall Street poll. Even though Sanders may be surging, HRC has already been selected by the 1% economic elite. These polls are nothing but a dog and pony show for the sheeple…


Bernie gets a scowly-face photo, while hillarity gets a yearbook photo. It would be kinda funny to see the expressions and staging reversed. Wouldn’t it?