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Sanders Offers Trump 3-Point Agenda for G20 Summit, Putin Meeting


Sanders Offers Trump 3-Point Agenda for G20 Summit, Putin Meeting

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As thousands protested in Hamburg ahead of the G20 Summit, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took to Twitter late Thursday to encourage U.S. President Donald Trump to focus on a few key issues as he meets with leaders of the world's top economies.


Sanders should have stopped at point 2. So when has Trump expressed an interest in looking into Russian interference with the election? Even when speaking to FBI director Comey before he fired Comey (obstruction of justice?) Trump did not bring up the subject according to Comey's detailed notes. Comey was perplexed about this omission by Trump as he should have been.


Fear mongering about WWIII? Are you one of those people who said Clinton is worse than Trump because she would probably start a nuclear war with Russia?


BS Jayne! Reading that bash Bernie rubbish from CP's "real left" is not productive, reasonable or accurate, IMO. CP has been full o shite, bashed Sanders throughout the primary and helped sabotage his candidacy - doing Clintons and the R'Cons work spewing deceit!

Bernard Sanders, The People's President.................a voice of integrity and wisdom in a political wilderness of stupidity, greed and corruption.......he swims in the cesspool of US politics both R'Con and DINO and to even try to make any difference must be politic - purity "leftist" pundits and divisive interests are not producing anything! Sanders IS....................walk a mile in his shoes before shooting your mouth off...........


So Sanders still thinks Russia meddled in our elections. Mr. Progressive is still following the Hillary line, which is a smokescreen to absolve her from her inept campaign, influence peddling, warmongering ("the Butcher of Libya" and all around awfullness. The whole line was invented by the Hillary campaign, which refused to provide their servers to the FBI, which had to rely on a suspect organization hired by the Democrats. James Clapper admitted that there wasn't a lot of evidence and only three intel organizations provided the info. In those, the analysts were handpicked; this is how you "fix" intelligence. Anyway former UK ambassador Craig Murray claims he was a go-between for the emails which were leaked by Dem. staff disgusted with the way Bernie was sandbagged. Senator Diane Feinstein, Senate Intelligence Committee, also has admitted they could find no interference.
So Bernie lets talk about something real, like Crosscheck, in which hundreds of thousands of likely Democratic voters were purged by Republican secretaries of state because their names were the same as others in other states only to find out in many cases when they got to the polls. Now that is real meddling.


Perhaps some proof of your claim that articles at CP "bashing" Sanders are inaccurate would be in order. If you think there were false statements made about Sanders, let's see some links to information that counter those articles. Here's one you can start with:


Paul Street is an excellent journalist and commentator with a history of honest reporting. If you can refute any of the points he makes in his article, then we have a discussion. Otherwise, you are just blowing smoke out your posterior.

And as for your claim that Sanders "IS" producing something, let's see a list of his accomplishments. I think you will find a long history of Sanders talking a lot, but getting very little done, other than collecting a paycheck over the years.

If you think Paul Street is lying, show us some evidence. If you think Bernie Sanders is so wonderful, again, let's see some evidence.


I still think he is a great asset for progressives but it is disappointing to see Bernie caught up in the tired and dangerous election hacking narrative. Bernie, you yourself said that last election the Republicans win but the Democrats lost, please go back to hammering on why the Democrats lost.

Even though I despise Trump I am actually glad he didn't press the election hacking non-issue. There are so many other problems with the U.S. and the world that we can be focusing our time and energy on yet the powers that be want to focus on a narrative that doesn't have any proof. I just hope that the majority of the public doesn't follow suit on such a false narrative.


Oh GAWD, Bernie, are you still trying to peddle the "Russian interference" meme? STILL....after a year of un-evidenced allegations, still no evidence of any such thing. All we have are the opinions and conclusions of a spy agency with a long history of disinformation campaigns.

I don't care how much you want to take down the Donald. There are plenty of legitimate reasons (emoluments?) and means without continuing to promote the escalation of tensions with Russia or of rewarding possible meddling in American politics by the CIA.

How disappointing!


Policy is all that matters, when St. Bernie the Not Quite So Bad, says something stupid like the Podesta loss deflection meme, he needs to be called on it.


Bernie was the frontrunner. But remember what he said back then? It's not about me, it's about YOU.
He called it a revolution. I don't like the word myself. But he was saying that the top all needed to go. And he was including himself.
Yes he mouthes the required script handed from the powers of be. Now, remember him for giving the US some impetus, and do what he said, move on.


Yep. We need to learn to move on beyond him. Unfortunately though creating mass movements is a little more difficult without a figurehead to inspire.


Sanders makes sense in his first couple points, but he is off when he forgets what he said loudly and clearly not long ago: "the Democratic Party lost the last election!"

Since the end of World War II the American government has been the biggest meddler in other countries' affairs, with terrible consequences for the people in those countries, at the top of the list in more recent news, Ukraine. The world needs G-20 consensus - and an important figure like Sanders - to show "real leadership" over the situation there, probably even more than in Korea, to get "parties," especially America, "to deescalate tensions." That's at least one good thing Donald Trump indicated a sincere desire to do during the 2016 election, and ought to be encouraged by all here at home and abroad to follow through with. To reverse this new cold war obviously being contrived by the manipulative and odious interests that were behind the campaign of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. It could very well lead us to a bigger blow up than anything connected to North Korea! Indeed, Trump along with Putin need to be encouraged, despite themselves, to return us to the hope for a more peaceable and democratic world that seemed possible when Cold War I ended.


So Sanders has is one of the "Russia did it`" crowd - so lets see, will he promise that the US will no longer interfere in Russian affairs?


Well, I for one would be terrified with the prospect of a US president instigating a nuclear war. They can you know? Of all that these two principal Presidential contenders have in common - narcissism, money grubbing, arrogance, a propensity toward mendacity - I didn't discern the blood lust in Trump that equaled that of Clinton.

As far as I'm concerned, I felt clean after putting my selection of Dr. Stein for the Presidency on my ballot (Washington State has a universal ballot mail-in, just mail-in).


Same. WA being a safe state helped.


"he swims in the cesspool of US politics "

He certainly does - he does the backstroke quite well .. (smile).


I nfor a dime, in for a dollar - hey having supported her in the election, he might as well buy the whole script ...


A great asset for progs? - Naw, a great asset fr the DP - two different, pretty much opposite, things ...


Gee, he didn't mention CC, eh? CC that he said was the number #1 danger facing us in the first debate, and hasn't mentioned it since ,,,


I do agree that Bernie is flawed and does things that are not on the right direction but whether or not he is a DNC sheepdog we will have to agree to disagree. I do admit though we have to look past him if we wish to continue this resistance.