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Sanders On A Plane


Sanders On A Plane

When the League of Conservation Voters gave a surprising early endorsement to fossil fuel shill HiIlary Clinton, the key environmental player called her "the most effective leader to stand up to Big Polluters." Leaving the next day, the most effective leader to stand up to Big Polluters hopped aboard a $13.3 million Learjet 60 that consumes 203 gallons of jet fuel an hour, putting its carbon footprint at 4,283 pounds, or over two tons an hour.


reaching south and into the recent past - an interview with another president - José Mujicá, of Uruguay who over time, simply attending to the people's call to serve, presented the challenges of a life of simplicity. Rumors inevitably swirl around such a choice. Perhaps simply revisiting his experience is timely.


Hey, Bernie... could choice... although, do you know anything about Guy McPhereson?... I think you'd like what he as to say... but, yeah, you'd probably add some optimism...


Prior to their endorsing Clinton, LCV was sending me a lot of email solicitations to donate.

Since their endorsement they have doubled the number of solicitations that I receive. Today I even got one with Robert Redford admonishing me to donate to LCV.


What? Where are all our Sanders haters?

Surely this is some dark plot to rope in voters for Hillary.

Pretty soon they'll be accusing Sanders of staging on board photo-ops.

And plotting wars in the mid-east from his middle seat.

Or some such bullshit.

Bernie 2016: The guy who flies with us.


The League of Conservation Voters inspired me last week to unsubscribe from their web page. No more from me for them. They proved one time to many they are shills for Big Oil, for Big Banks, for Big Trouble, PERIOD!


What a great little story! Bernie on a plane! A very human candidate - Bernie is ours. Maybe not perfect enough for some ...

... just a real person that you wouldn't mind sitting next to on a plane.


Vote for Bernie Sanders who by deeds alone has proved himself to be a leader.....Not a corrupted crook...I dont trust Hillary she is just like the rest rich and shameless......We wont gain anything with Hillary just more of the same old shit.


In the early 60s I flew from NYC to Miami economy class, and to my surprise and delight, the two seats just in front of me were take by Eleanor Roosevelt and her secretary. Eleanor took the aisle seat. I wanted to say something to her, she'd been my hero since the 30s, but I couldn't think of anything she hadn't heard a million times. I read later that she was deaf and always took her hearing aids out in public places. Now I'm almost 90 and I do that too, though I have no fans to ignore.
What would you say to Sanders if you found yourself sitting next to him?


I'm VERY curious about this plane experience you describe! That could very easily have been Lorena Hickok next to Eleanor Roosevelt. My friend Terry Baum recently performed to national audiences (SF, NYC) her play resulting from her extensive research into Lorena Hickok. "Hick" was known at the time as the nation's "First Friend" because she spent so much time with the Roosevelts and Hick and Eleanor were in fact lesbian lovers. If you are willing to contact me or Terry, it would be amazing to get more information from you about your experience on this flight, its timing and their interaction, just as an anecdote for revisions of the play. Reach me through my seepcity site, please. —Joel (once at seepcity, click "Give me the lowdown" to reach me)


one of my favorite movies, " Mr. Lucky"


I'm sorry, but I can't add anything. I can tell you that I was a child and adolescent during the four Roosevelt terms and cried bitter tears when I heard he'd died. She was a role model for some of us and, when I read what H Clinton is and does, I sigh. As a Jewish girl growing up in a New England city, I learned early the extent of the privileges WASPs took for granted, and it was much later that I understood that some of them accepted the responsibilities of noblesse oblige. The Roosevelts did.
The flight was in the early spring of 1961, and my baby daughter cried loudly during most of it.


I did the same. Told them why on their FB page and then unsubscribed. I will now donate to "Friends of the Earth".


Thank you for that more exact date! So that was a year and a half before Eleanor died and six before Lorena Hickok. Somehow I doubt you'd recognize the face, but if you Google Lorena Hickock that might be the person who was Eleanor's "secretary."


Wow! What a breath of fresh air! More power to him.
* Note: The guy running against him sounds like an asshole. He would fit well in DC or Wall Street and is no doubt heavily funded by the CIA or other spook organization. (I know, he's not running against him, just his party.)


" called Clinton "the most effective leader to stand up to Big Polluters."

Why do we need leaders? Are we cattle?


When Mujica said "se necessity direction" he doesn't necessarily mean "we need leadership", as the translation indicated. A democrat like Mujica would more properly mean, "we need a way", not a dictator.


Although I am never concerned about gaining anything from Hillary or the other corporate politicians, I am very concerned about how much each of them has caused the 99% to lose. Had the 99% simply not gained anything during the past four decades we would all be better off.


Hillary will calculate how much pandering is required to get environmentally concerned voters out to the polls, then drop them like yesterday's trash.


Bernie Sanders is trying to avoid Paul Wellstone's ending.