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Sanders on Clinton: Not Unqualified, Compromised


Sanders on Clinton: Not Unqualified, Compromised

Robert Borosage

As the Sanders surge continues, the Democratic presidential contest has gotten
chippy. After Clinton called Sanders “unprepared” to be president, Sanders responded he thought she was “unqualified.”


Although the media emphasizes "fracturing of the GOP", the Democratic Party is no less fractured, with many Sanders supporters being independents who have never voted for the party and always voted for the person. Many Trump supporters are also independents, not allied with any party.

With this type of fracturing there should be no expectation that either party will unify after their conventions, resulting in "establishment" candidates in both parties coming up short of supporters in the general election.


There can be no greater turnoff than a campaign of Hillary v.____.


The biggest player in the next election that tips the balance in favor of a given candidate may not be the Republican, Independent or Demoratic voter. It might all boil down to the Deibold vote.


Hillary Clinton is a poster-child for "compromised" politics and service to certain sectors - some refer to her actions as "failures", they aren't really "failure" at all, but ordinary political servitude/complicity to corporate/banker/Wall Street profits, big-money, & power.

The Clinton-Obama-Clinton triumvirate has served big-money and corporate empowerment/profits their entire careers thru various mechanisms including so-called "free-trade" deals (NAFTA, TPP & TTIP), really Trojan Horse schemes, to cement the dominant power & profits of global corporate fascism! Mammon uber alles.....

Another example of Hillary's "compromised" morality is support for US war-machine missions - actually financial & political enforcement actions, not "defense" - Clinton's actions (or failure to act) aided and resulted in war crimes - the destabilization/destruction of entire societies with millions of deaths and displacements - crimes against humanity in Iraq & Libya! Her contemptible response to the murder of Libya's Qaddafi, mirth and laughter........

http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36013703 - Obama admits Libya his "worst mistake" - include his SOS, Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton, her husband, other political accomplices, and media propagandists all represent and serve global forces/interests that build vast wealth and power on the backs and lives of millions of people, whole societies - those are de facto accomplishments NOT in the public interest, twisted as "qualifications"!!

The reverse is clearly visible in Bernie Sanders record. A genuine Human Being of plain words, decency, integrity, and focus for the future his entire career - a fully functional Moral Compass and dedication to and for the Common Good!.


Hillary seems to me to look at getting the past to just be a bit better. Better for whatever that means for the common good. Sanders is about doing it different because the status quo is no longer acceptable nor does it work for the common good and he continues to point that out and what doing it different will do. Go Bernie.