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Sanders on Kaine's Conservatism: "His Political Views Not My Political Views"


Sanders on Kaine's Conservatism: "His Political Views Not My Political Views"

Jon Queally, staff writer

In his first televised interviews since Friday's release of internal DNC emails by Wikileaks and Hillary Clinton's choice of Sen.


I really could not read this.

Tim Kaine = barf in my mouth


Sanders is being too kind to his colleague in the Senate. Right-to-work is just one of several reasons to call Kaine a conservative. That Kaine is being pitched as a "progressive" is evidence of how delusional the Democratic Party has become.


So Bernie! Are you still going to grab your ankles, assume the position, and give a Hillary pep-talk in Philly? Enquiring minds want to know!!


It's not delusional at all. To the contrary, it's quite intentional.

There are whole departments devoted to Propaganda in colleges that teach war or War Science as devotees of Mars-rules define it. Nothing like adding the imprimatur of science (or religion) to the most odious of things to dress them up with the patina of normalcy.

My point is that the term--Progressive--has been occupied. Think: co-opting cognitive space.

If words cease to define specific objectives and yet these words are trafficked in frequently, their former (or originating) premises cease to remain in currency. To the darkest of souls, it's their hope that the Light of Truth, the Promise of Equality, the Source-directed allotment of Free Will be forgotten. In their places, worker bees are being conditioned to do the work of The Masters.

Take the word "Freedom" for example.

Are Americans particularly free these days?

There are several million ensconced in a Criminal Justice system that long ago unhinged itself from any premise of Justice. A crime punished by 18 months in one state might merit more than 7 years in another. Then there's the whole dreamed up "war on drugs," pretext for incarcerating more and more persons (The U.S. IS #1 in that category!) to essentially create a whole new genre of slavery via the Prison Plantation Movement.

Are college students FREE when they're destined, for the most part, to graduate with vast burdens of debt and less available job niches through which to pay it off?

How about Hispanic families awaiting the boot of Immigration Teams to knock down their doors and rupture loving unions...

If Free Trade is free, free for whom?

And on and on.

Just as I've several times made the compelling case that the Clintons were TAPPED with the JOB of divesting the Democratic Party of all its former functions and ideals; terms like Feminist and Progressive are being co-opted by those who do not BEHAVE in ways resonant with the intended meanings of these terms.

But if lots of people HEAR that Kaine is a "Progressive" or that Obama's policies are "Progressive," or that Hillary is "Progressive" while ALL of these individuals push war, grant big businesses liberties that violate long-established laws (by writing new ones to preempt the former ones, i.e. TPP and TIPP), and do very little to offset climate instability.... then those who SET FRAMES are TAINTING THE TERM on purpose.

Because if "that" is what "Progressives" do... then it's certainly not a good thing.

Where then on the Political Spectrum do the positions exist that are anti-war, pro-Environment, Pro genuine women's rights, Pro genuine Civil Rights, etc.

There IS no place left.

This tactic is to the currency of words what all those closed door meetings are to public policy. Make OTHER invisible.

There's no better way to sustain the increasingly deadly status quo then to lock off the imagined capacity for anything else.

Like I said... this is as deliberate as waging endless war by spreading terror and lots of armaments to go with it. While the glassy-eyed pundit class asks merely, "Why aren't 'we' winning wars"?

Wrong question!


Full Stephanopoulos interview (Synopsis: DWS should go, defeat Trump/vote for Clinton, elect progressives downticket)



Well, it's pretty clear that Bernie will not indict the DNC or Hillary tomorrow in his convention speech. He seems to have fully embraced the "lesser of two evils" meme. This is so disappointing, since he ran his whole campaign on the idea of "political revolution" and supporting Hillary is the definition of "politics as usual".


Sanders on Kaine’s Conservatism: “His Political Views Not My Political Views”

Glad you said that Bernie! Now take back your endorsement of HC and join forces with Stein (I know this is a pipe dream).

The future of life on earth is at stake----this is our last chance election to get someone at the helm of this god forsaken country to stand for all life on earth. Even if it is too late------to go down with HRC/Kaine or Drumpf at the helm is rubbing salt in the wounds of collapse.

HRC/BAU candidate = pro business, pro fracking, against carbon tax and now has Tim Kaine who is a friend of fossil fuel interests.

Donald Trump = climate change denier who, with his proposed policies, is an individual who is willing (with the support of those who vote for him) to commit crimes against humanity----same with HRC if TPP goes through and fracking continues (among other things).


“We clearly see, right in front of us, what urgently needs to done to stave off global disaster on an unprecedented scale. We need carbon taxes and the reconversion of industry and energy towards zero CO2 emissions systems. This route is without any doubt technically and economically feasible, but politically it seems to be permanently locked. If we do not unlock it, the future looks bleak, not to say hopeless, for humankind.”

“The key to addressing climate change is to win elections and break the deadlock of corporate power. No economic, social and technological solution is possible without it.”


Sorry Bernie, you lost me.
You had to have known that the fix was in from the start. That the only way you would ever win this nomination, or any concessions from the DNC for that matter, was to drag the Party down, stomp on it, set it on fire, and rebuild it for the bottom up.
I guess you didn't have the stomach for it.
Now, matters are worse. The youth vote that was driving force behind Bernies campaign, a coalition that could have led a revolution within the Democratic Party, has been crushed. And along with it the hopes, dreams and political aspirations of yet another American generation.
Now we go to Philly, where will will witness not a nomination, but a coronation. We will see yet another conservative attempt to pander to the young left with empty rhetoric and of course fear mongering for what might happen if they don't vote for the status quo. Aside from political assassinations, this year resembles 1968 more and more. The GOP nominates a dumb beast that no one believes can win, and the democrats in response nominate and old party hack that excites and motivates no one.
We know what happened in 68, don't we?


Tim doesn't have time to barf in your mouth. He's way too busy praying for all those little pink fetuses.


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I agree that he sacrificed his greatest asset -- his credibility and integrity -- when he took a fall and endorsed Clinton. That said, we still have to continue to struggle against the corrupt capitalist juggernaut of destruction. We must maintain and build on the organization Sanders consolidated beyond this moment, this selection seasong, and beyond his opportunist weakness.


Kaine, who solemnly claims to oppose the death penalty, presided over eleven
executions as governor.


As if anyone with a smidgen of brains would confuse Kaine with a progressive! He is a neoliberal just like Hillary. Going forward maybe we should ban parties and have a better method of selecting potential legislators and presidents. Maybe require some minimum grade on a test that would include civics, geography, science and critical thinking ability.(grades made public for each category) and must pass a health test including mental health. And then ban all money except public financing once they get their x number of petition signatures (varied according to position) ...and signature gatherers cannot be paid.

We are fortunate to still have one person running for Planet, People and Peace...as opposed to profit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSGecSclLXI&t=4h10m


I'm with you on that. I'm supporting Jill2016 so that the Green Party will have a bona fide presence on the 2020 ballot. Also, I'm hopeful that organizations like Brand New Congress (http://brandnewcongress.org/home) will have staying power and effect lasting change.


Bernie's expressions seemed to me to be those of a man who is going through the motions, the expressions of a man who wants out of the circus. He is simply uncomfortable talking about the sleeze in politics. I have great respect for Bernie, he brought issues to this campaign I've not heard in my life time. It has been a great journey, the getting there is often more rewarding than the destination, in travel, and in politics.


Bernie gave it more ALL than anyone else I've ever seen...and it was an uphill struggle on top of that. He was definitely in it to win...but once he saw the DNC fingerprints on the scales of justice ...I think he carried on with his secondary objective...to wake people up...and insert ideas into our somnoulent brains. He did that..

But he left a hole...because people need a leader too...Jill Stein does a pretty good job of that...and if noone else rises up who is better we should put our resources and voices behind her...short term goal to make sure she gets to participate in the debates. After that it will be a matter of building momentum...for the NEW Party for People, Planet and Peace... Catchy...true and vitally needed if don't want to kill off our species.


I have been holding out hope that Bernie would stand up for the 13 million voters that voted for him and sent him money. But today I finally have to accept that he will bend to the will of the Oligarchs and go on to the convention like nothing happened.
I am deeply saddened by this but very happy that Jill Stein is being buoyed up by all the new people. All she needs is the money and voters to get on all the ballots and I heard this morning that she had gotten on most now, with the new surge. I've only seen it in one place so not sure of the validity but I sure hope it's true.
Jill Stein 2016


Having become addicted to the political scene for the past 68 years (starting in Chicago) I do see repetitive patterns, but slow progress. Internet allows more access (internationally) to facts and connection with like-minded pursuers of truth just as U.S. media lures the mis-educated away from vital human values. Twisted statistics, infotainment, trust the celebrities who gain the most audio-visual time, divide and conquer. CD comments allow emotional expression (therapeutic, yes) but increase the fears and divisions between fearful folks. IF we can focus on solutions to fairly overwhelming problems we will be using human energy for a sustainable future. Bernie Sanders said it clearly and repeatedly - WE are the solution if we have the courage to unite locally, nationally and world-wide. We all share blame for the present chaos. We all make errors and if we learn from them we won't repeat them. Simplistic? Yes. In my 88 years hope springs eternal that we can all keep on growing and learning together......