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Sanders on Repubican Debate: Candidates Will Coddle the Rich


Sanders on Repubican Debate: Candidates Will Coddle the Rich

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks you can expect the Republican candidates squaring off at the first official debate of the 2016 presidential campaign to have the same focus—the needs of the wealthy.

The Independent senator from Vermont and presidential hopeful made the comment in an interview on SiriusXM Progress radio.


I like the fact that Bernie is going to speak at Liberty University because we progressives have been preaching to the choir for far too long. We need to reach out to the conservatives that have an open mind and help them to realize they have been screwed by their own party.


Maybe some of the trolls who attack only Bernie might read this article and remember just how different Bernie is from the Repubs. The attack only Bernie crowd might also remember just how much they also want the same things that Bernie is fighting for (some of which are mentioned in this article).


For some reason these supposedly progressive pundits act as if their ‘mining for negatives’ (apt that phrase) is just them being fair and objective searchers for truth but they conveniently ignore that they are giving support for Hillary and discouraging many on the left from voting. I think they are trying to ‘get published’ and are being reckless towards the harm they cause.

The Hillary camp supporters sound very much like do some of these supposed objective progressives which makes you wonder about just how objective these folks are.

It starts to look sickening that so many supposed progressives may be something else entirely. An unsavory thought but perhaps more of a reality than we’d like to think.

The very fact that they ignore Hillary when criticizing Bernie positions means something! Either some are in her camp, some are paid shills and hacks and some are seemingly paid by somebody to suppress the progressive vote however and whenever.

These ‘mining for negatives’ pundits should remember that they are helping Hillary or Jeb get elected and all those issues (as those stated in the article and more) are their issues too if they are real progressives.

Too many faux progressives seem intent on helping Hillary behind the scenes. It is only because Bernie is so different that it is so noticeable. When Gore ran the oligarchy corrupted the Supreme Court and manipulated the vote (like in Ohio etc.).

I think that they would be doing the same manipulating tricks now with Bernie. It is sad to see that certain supposed progressives have fallen by the wayside.


Sanders will coddle the War Profiteers.

Look up his record on the F-35.

Lockheed-Marin is rich as hell, thanks to Bernie helping them steal $400 billion and counting of your tax money.

But hey man, enjoy your illusion of phony reform while you can. Don’t want to harsh your mellow.

Sometimes I get nostalgic for 2008, the days before I learned that Obama was also a Trojan Horse.


I think the first debate between Bernie and Hillary would get a massive viewership! Ratings for that debate would make republicans look like losers right from the get go due to a lack of interest (by comparison) in their debates.

Maybe Trump might draw viewers for the repubs but it remains to be seen if he can hold his own amongst the other cannibals.

In another universe we’d see a Bernie/Hillary debate and see a Trump/Jeb debate but things get more structured and manipulated than that.

This race interesting though and even Trump adds some colorful wackiness but the true historical contest is whether Bernie a long standing progressive/independent can get the nomination and make a run for the presidency. That anti-oligarchy platform is big news if he can be the candidate that debates against the republicans.

Stay tuned folks… a reformer president… I think the last one was FDR.

Go Bernie!!!


Probably they do but I am beginning to wonder. That oligarchy money gets spread around somewhere! There is a certainty that the oligarchy and status quo political elites would like to discourage progressives and lefties from voting. The rightwing has long counted on lefties staying home on election day.

I think some negativity pundits feed… at the trough too but we just can’t prove it.


Yeah we took them for granted but the powers that be pushed them out of the picture because they refused to allow these pre-structured debate formats.


Howdy Wereflea - Given the level of disinformation and focus on Bernie’s “failures”, I believe the “attack only Bernie crowd” couldn’t care less about “the things he is fighting for”, they’re just agents/shills (or idiots) for another agenda entirely. Endgame also makes a similar point. The “just don’t vote” cadre push a similar divisive agenda - any of their claims to be “a lefty” or progressive is bogus claptrap. Agents provocateur and propagandists have been around for a long time, these days sowing electronic lies, doubt and BS claims (like hasbara) is popular.


In case anyone genuinely doubts Sanders’ anti-war, anti-racist, and social issues credibility, Noam Chomsky’s endorsement should shatter those, and Bill Moyers, and Neil Young, and Killer Mike. Bruce Springsteen’s cannot be far behind. How 'bout it Bruce? I believe I’ve heard you singing these words:

“Mom, wherever there’s a cop beatin’ a guy
Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries
Where there’s a fight ‘gainst the blood and hatred in the air
Look for me Mom I’ll be there
Wherever there’s somebody fightin’ for a place to stand
Or decent job or a helpin’ hand
Wherever somebody’s strugglin’ to be free
Look in their eyes Mom you’ll see me.”


Yep and that oligarchy money has to go somewhere too!

It shows just how historic Bernie’s presence in the race actually is. He is a major shift away from politics as usual and progressives should get behind him to balance the support Hillary and the Repubs are getting from oligarchy money.

It’s real and that money is being spread around.

Go Bernie… Bernie is different… he didn’t take the oligarchy money. That ‘earns’ him progressive support since we all keep saying that candidates should do that very thing.

All these negative progressive pundits seem to have forgotten how they have all called for candidates to do what Bernie has done. They are making themselves phonies and hypocrites by attacking him so much.


I’ve read Joshua Frank’s article and his argument of Bernie being a sheepdog, gathering in the flock for Hillary, rests on the assumption that Sanders will lose the Democratic nomination. I think he fully expects to win the nomination. What happens to your argument then Frank?


I think Biden (if he ran) would be there just to keep it from being a Hillary vs Bernie contest. Biden would get his quotes and sound bites reported on and that would serve Dem status quo interests. What they and the other big money campaign contribution takers fear is it being Hillary vs the anti-oligarchy candidate Bernie.

Then Bernie’s popularity would soar. By keeping it less focused than on mainly anti-oligarchy positions, Hillary benefits. Who really believes Biden would ever win? Nobody! Biden would be there for Hillary’s sake to dilute the anti-oligarchy focus coming from Bernie which will sound hollow coming from her. So they dilute that point of focus as best they can. They are corrupt but not fools.


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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the Democratic version of Sarah Palin or Jodie Ernst. She’s got some clout in Florida but so does beach sand. We can only hope she catches a line drive in the next Congressional softball game; losses her memory, and, her talking points. Why can’t we get Barbara Lee or Jan Schakowsky to, at least be, Debbie’s simultaneous interpreter? DWS " Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 will be a plank in the DNC platform in the 2016 election. " BL or JS " What DWS means is that Sen. Murray has already proposed a $12.25 phased in minimum wage starting next year. Deb just has a hard time with math that doesn’t end with 6 zeros. " s/


You’re a bit late with that, it’s a screed posted so many times here, I can almost cite it chapter and verse. Pure Bunkum: Here’s the rest of the story;



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You sound like you want to " zero out " military appropriations. That’s a great political talking point if you’re running for President of Neptune. When you’re elected there send us a bumper sticker. Something catchy like, " All we are saying is give Neptune a chance. " Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tonto discovers the Lone Ranger has a twin brother named " The Soda Jerk Kid. " Soon, it all begins to make perfect sense to Tonto…


Thanks for the British political update.


So, how then do you explain the endorsement of Sanders by Noam Chomsky, the preeminent voice against militarism for the last 50 years?