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Sanders on Why Medicare for All Is Vital for Union Workers: 'They're Losing Wage Increases Because Cost of Healthcare Is Soaring'

We need an expose on the union leaders with UNITE in Nevada. Who are they and where are they coming from. I bet we would be surprised who they are and who is behind them.

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I pay now $15,000 per year for health insurance. On January 1, 2022 when single payer begins I will get a $15,000 raise immediately. And all of us who NOW pay outrageous premiums will also see there pay increase. This increase will be the largest transfer of income in history. With single payer all of us will be paying much less for better coverage. The economy will boom. Wall Street will at first go down with the delisting of health insurance companies, but will roar back after the public begins to spend there new money. Bernie plan can succeed when after he gets elected President travels the country to educate Americans about single payer.


Union Workers are at the Mercy of their Employer and as was the case with GM, when workers went on Strike for better conditions, the first thing GM did was to cancel their Health Care Insurance.

With Medicare For All, we no longer need to rely on our Job for Health Care Insurance and it could mean an increase in Wages since the Employer is no longer burdened with this Costly Expense unrelated to their Business.

Basically Mayor Pete is Lying to the Culinary Union because he is trying to protect the Profiteers in the Private Insurance Industry and at the same time Protect the Donations/Bribes he is getting from those Businessmen who are making a fortune charging Consumers exorbitant prices for Policies that have Sky High Deductibles.

This is what happens when Candidates start taking money from Large Corporations, they expect you to help them to continue cheating the Public.

Mayor Pete you turned out to be an unethical fraud who cares more about filling his campaign Coffers than actually Representing We The People.



Very true. The discrimination in pricing (supposedly based on older people needing more health care) is a key to further age discrimination. Also, older workers may have to contribute more to health care because their premiums are higher so the actually have a reduction in income. All premiums should be the same regardless of age and the cost should be amortized across the entire public. We are really getting abused with the current system.


Yes, the mayor from a small town in Indiana who seems to know it all. We should definitely make him president.

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Good piece on the Culinary Union’s treachery



Not to mention your last drop of blood. I’ve seen too many hospitals keep a patient until their “insurance”/medicare ran out of benefit money and then dump the patient, who they never worked to cure in the first place, OUT the door.

I can not understand why people are not proactive about this problem.

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The only proposed program which is worthy of consideration is the one from Pramila Jayapal.

Good point here. I think because when it come to healthcare “the people” don’t make the rules, in some cases they don’t even know what the rules are or the costs. Just as now, where there is an attempt to impose consequences for some of these things, they have already been restructured. So a lot of people find out the hard way.

There is a new level of hospital care (at least to me) and they give a notice after you are in this care stating that it may not be covered and result in additional charges. It is actually over-flow from emergency care that is charged differently. Ugh,

Yup, the insurance and pharmaceutical businesses run the healthcare industry. If the words were changed to HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY before any discussion of healthcare business it could bring more light to the problems.


In deed. It is an INDUSTRY.

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