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Sanders Opposed to Relief Plan That Gives 'Absolutely No Financial Help' to Tens of Millions of Suffering People

A person does not live on Social Security and unemployment, one survives. These greedy, power-hungry a-holes will never give us schmoes enough to truly live.


And now, with all those temporary things disappearing, he is standing there with absolutely no political leverage, while the corporation and investment banks, the largest beneficiaries of the don’tCARES Act, are rolling in wealth. How’s your stock portfolio doing?


And where’s your political leverage? Pot-shot, much?


Sanders didn’t write those provisions. He also doesn’t control the Treasury, which played a key role in interpreting oversight regulations loosely and reducing enforcement so corporations and wealthy folks could benefit. Instead, he did the responsible thing, and voted on an imperfect bill that helped millions of people. I listed what it did, those things are real. Now, he’s also trying to do the right thing—we should support him, not castigate him.


Not to mention Donald Trump and Jared Kushner properties received 3.65 million dollars in Covid relief loans from the Paycheck Protection Program according to NBC News. Must be reassuring for them.


That’s such a blatant corruption and violation of the emoluments clause. Dude shoulda been impeached 40 times at least.


It’s so easy to tell who are the “bought” prostitutes in this government.

I’m not ever getting rid of my “Bernie” shirts.


Only one impeachment for every 100 lies, or something like that?
I would like to hold my breath for the next 6 weeks, but the dude is in our face every day.


Sen. Sanders ( who I’ve admired and whose campaigns I’ve financially supported ) has to be able to count Senate votes. 30 Democrats and 30 Republican Senators can pass this emergency ( COVID ) legislation. And, strengthen their hands. Being a bipartisan is certainly a good PR cover.
BTW-They sell a hybrid product, think bratwursts and shredded cheese here, in the grocery stores of America called cheddarwurst. An odd mixture of diced cheese and ground sausage, evidently. That describes this proposed Congressional legislation, perfectly. I sure hope the casings hold up to the heat that’ll be needed to cook and keep this odd concoction together. FYI- I’ve never intentionally eaten a cheddarwurst but this pandemic may offer me the opportunity.
This cheddarwurst stuff might just be what 4 years of the Biden Adm.'s. legislative " product " looks like. Oh wow…yikes.
I sure hope they have lots of condiments and chips! Bon Appetit!


According to and old legend…!

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Sanders should have thought of this before surrendering and running away.


Sanders demonstrated that he is more than willing to stand on principles, so long as he isn’t getting personal push-back from his DNC “friends.” I appreciate his tepid and highly conditioned support of the people so long as he doesn’t have to personally risk any aspect of his career, unfortunately, I require politicians who place the people and their needs ahead of all other concerns, all of the time, so while his weak-sauce echoes of support are something, they aren’t very much at a time when even a lot of hard-core support from an army of (the “Sanders we thought we had”) clones would probably be insufficient to insure the survival of our nation, or species.


Everyone is talking up that vaccine making its way to the states. What is lacking, however, is the money to get it from wherever it’s being safely stored to the people. I’ve heard (from Cuomo and a couple of others) that it will take billions of dollars and right now the feds have allocated exactly ZERO. So . . . there’s that too. We the people? We simply do not matter. Or we do but in such a way that they want us dead.


I’m hearing alot of blabber from the “progressive caucus” in the democratic party, but they have done almost nothing of substance. They give only false hope.

They currently have huge leverage over Pelosi for the speakership, but they fall in line and promise to vote for her. They also voted for the patriot act. Voted for the pentagon budget. Voted for the unbelievably shitty cares act.

They have the leverage to force Pelosi to bring a full vote on Medicare for all in the house - as a block they can kill her tenure as speaker.

But do they?? No.

They blabber and do nothing. I no longer hear their empty words and woke virtue signaling. When I see actions that match the rhetoric, maybe then I will listen again.

Until then, they are simply not the real deal.


Any group which once embraced Pelosi as a member (and didn’t immediately implode due to supercritical concentration of hypocrisy), doesn’t deserve the label “Progressive.”


Well, they’ve got an awful lot of serendipitously VACANT and forclosed homes to rent-out to chronically ill suvivors? They’ve gotten used to our betters cravenly grasping at offers WE can’t refuse? Both sneering faces of our duopoly have terrorized us all into hopeless, benumbed submission?


Great point. We frankly many corpse packed reefer-trucks sitting around NYC for months. Dreaming of an America, long passed into deluded fantasy does no good, for nurses, doctors, first responders, visiting/ long-term health aides… if, everyday logistics precludes deployment or Jeff Bezos & Walmart decide to cash-in & CVS/ Aetna/ McKesson Teva/ Mylan/ Pfizer buy up storefronts or do at home delivery?

~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/12/05/ups-d05.html (betya, Senate’s gonna adjourn really EARLY?)


Bernie didn’t surrender, he got beat. Whether it was a fair fight we may never know.
It is getting worrisome with trump’s ridiculous packing of Pentagon personnel.
Is it just to make things more difficult for Biden?
Good thing trump is on a short timers calendar.

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I’m writing my U.S. Senator & Congressional Representative to vote against any relief bill that contains corporate immunity. Perhaps Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Mitt Romney (R-Utah), and Susan Collins (R-Me.) would like to start a betting pool on how many more workers will die from Covid due to corporations’ immunity from prosecution.


He may be telling the truth here but he wasnt about healthcare, or higher education or banking or our rights to regulate dozens of other things, instead, Sanders was used as a tool to mislead and brainwash the whole country into mistakenly thinking our rights to a real democracy had not been stolen when they have been.

Our “R2R” was actually stolen 25 years ago by the General Agreement on Trade in Services so its impossible that we could have any kind of honest “debate” about healthcare now, without leaving or modifying our WTO commitments first, which there is zero chance Biden would do. In short we’re fucked.

Expanding Medicare will also destroythe medicre our poor people need by violating the Annex on Financial Services. See the first paragraph. It couldnt be clearer.

Its clear that Bernie is not what he claimed to be, whatever he really is, its not constructive, he’s hiding the most important things, enabling the neoliberal take over of this country by stealth.

Truth matters.

Millions of good jobs are also on the table to be outsourced and / or offshored, bargaining chips in a huge game. A trick on the country and the whole planet, They dont deny it, they say its not personal, its just business.

Their goal is to lower wages for all workers by setting them all against one another, and basically steal the whole planet and its future for the oligarchs, ending anything that even remotely resembles democracy…

The real power is now in Geneva, all our legislators can do is alienate more and more rights, making things worse and worse. This is easy to prove, why do people keep falling for the same tricks?