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Sanders Opposes FDA Chief Nominee Over Ties to 'Greedy' Big Pharma



You gotta admit that Berni is correct on most issues, All the others are beholding to BIG money! GO BERNIE!


I think Bernie should get behind some form of direct democracy soon. If he gets "whacked" who will take his place? Conservatives can assassinate a progressive politician or two, but they can't kill us all.





For all his faults on foreign policy and the MIC, you have to admit Bernie is the best candidate, perhaps since FDR, that has a domestic agenda that could benefit the average American.


I have (potentially misplaced) optimism that if domestic matters are bettered foreign policy would improve. The country is caught in a vicious cycle of foreign overreach in times of internal collapse. There are two options, let it run its course to cataclysm or manage a deliberate shift to more sane and humane policy. Unfortunately, as it has been seen time and time again, when other countries seek the latter path Empire plants fangs with reckless abandon.


I'm not normally one to judge by appearances--can't judge a book and all that, but rhis time, this guy even looks smarmy. I mean, would you buy something from this guy?

But here he is, almost head of one of the most important regulatory agencies we have.


After which, inevitably, Empire falls. Could it be possible, though, that a "critical mass" of citizens attains sufficient awareness of that equation to choose, en masse, a more sustainable course? toward that "deliberate shift to more sane and humane policy?" (I know I have a rich fantasy life, but I like to think so...)


NO to Dr. Robert M. Califf being appointed. NO to letting Tom Vilasack stay on as Scty of Ag. We need to get these people who are tied at the hip to Big Business out of the Food and Drug areas of our government. They are doing very little to assist the Food Chains to stay or become more healthy. The overwhelming power of Corporate America is clearly chaining our entire nation to a future of no VOICE in government.


The American people were sold progressive rhetoric in a corporatist bag - a pig-in-a-poke - by candidate Barack Obama, his "change we can believe-in" mantra and use of progressive issues gained him enthusiasm and support from a politicallt starving public. That enthusiasm was immediately squashed after his election when then Prez Obama nominated and appointed his team of banker, corporate, special interest shills for greed, war, environmental exploitation and degradation - this FDA appointment of a big-pharma shill carries-on corporatist agenda and Obama's legacy as a smooth-talking sellout.

Obama's push (partnering with Republicans) for the TPP (and other) "trade" deal sellout to global greed and corporate fascism is the iceing on his deception cake. With DINO corporate whores and warmongers like that who needs RepubliCons to screw us?!

In case any have not read it http://www.commondreams.org/news/2009/12/13/obamas-big-sellout-president-has-packed-his-economic-team-wall-street-insiders