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Sanders Organizing Grassroots Push Against TPP for DNC Platform Meeting

Sanders Organizing Grassroots Push Against TPP for DNC Platform Meeting

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Environmentalists oppose it. So do labor unions, medical professionals, and major religious groups, as well as every leading presidential candidate.

So why hasn't the Democratic Party gone on record opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Noting that the deal "is opposed by virtually the entire grassroots base of the Democratic Party," Bernie Sanders said he will reintroduce an amendment rejecting the TPP at next weekend's full Democratic Platform Committee meeting in Orlando, Florida.


Is Ross Perot still in good enough shape to do a few “giant sucking sound” presentations with his charts and all ?


Are any protests planned? This is one demonstration I could get to!

A lot of STRANGE things are happening in Florida, in general, and Orlando, in specific.

A few weeks ago our state had a Tropical Storm pass over.

Then the young talented Singer was gunned down.

Then there was the rampage at the gay Orlando night club.

Now there’s a major toxic tide outbreak (due to waters released from Lake Okeechobee… by the Army Corps. of Engineers who runs that facility) that has rendered MANY Florida beaches unsafe to swim in.

And now… will it be another expression of toxicity, this time in political form? That deceivers are meeting to pretend they hold the Democratic–for working families–brand while selling our nation (and its assets) to the hedge baron equivalents?

The mood has been set…


I don’t know about that - but here is a reminder of the moment with the smugness himself to Perot’s left (not a political metaphor) and the pappy bush to his right (definitely a political metaphor). And of course, the man was looking straight down both barrels


Because the platform committee is under the control of Clinton and Wasserman Schultz, it is not surprising that many major planks are not progressive. If any person had doubts about Clinton’s positions on trade agreements, it should be quite clear now that she is closely tied not only with Wall Street, but also the fossil fuel industry and much of corporate America.


Re-register now and send a message to the DNC that you are disgusted with the party. If they see the flood starting they may get cold feet about pushing the NeoCon/NeoLib on us. After the coronation it’ll be too late. And sign the petition: http://movement4bernie.org !


Right now Sanders has a big soap box. A BIG soap box. He has elevated the issuses across the national awareness despite the resistance of the majority of the media. Something he may not have been able to do so readily even as a US senator running on the Green Party ticket. As Siouxrose11 in effect said, it’s push, push time. From there it goes where ever the movement has to go. The Democratic Party may eviscerate on its own in the near future. With the possibility of merging with the Greens, or some other possibilities. There’s no crystal ball for these things. But the movement must grow. If we’re aware and making ourselves felt, it can’t be stopped. Omigod, I think it’s called democracy.




Remember when dealing with trade issues to expose the false polarity of either being for trade (support current corporate trade agreements) or against trade (do not support the current format of trade agreements).
Lots of progressives are for trade but want that done through a fully public, democratic process that involves resolution mechanisms transparent and accountable to the masses. One can support trade but reject the current corrupted trade negotiation system.


Why Bernie? But I suspect you know: Hillary is NOT opposed to fracking being she has pushed for it across the globe and is not opposed to the TPP and will grease its passage once elected. So why then all those wonderful other Sanders objectives making it on the DNC platform? Well with the passage of the TPP these become moot points. Frankly, at this point of global peril–the ecological collapse and nuclear cloud hanging over us all, why should any of us give a damn about Obama’s “legacy” in keeping this TPP off the platform?


Ditto, all those platform policies and ones not put in the platform at this time were ones that Clinton administration helped defeat and change which caused the meltdown of 2008 and bailouts… Will Hillary correct the disastrous policies Bill Clinton siged into law? Doubtful once in office and Clinton will not be able to change the make up of house and senate, just not enough enthusiasm for Clinton and people will stay home or vote in their minds the lesser of two evils Trump.

Please Bernie these platform policies really mean nothing, go third party.


as a fellow and third generation (south) Floridian, — BOY HOWDY!! Things are certainly churning ~~ I would also get behind a protest.


I believe Bernie knows the platform is meaningless and Hillary never truly shifted to the left in opposition to the TPP. I posted this in response to another article earlier but I will post it again.

Laurtis includes several links with additional information and places to find marches, etc. not necessarily only in opposition to the trade agreements but in support of Bernie which includes a show of opposition to the trade agreements. Previous post and link below:

Below is a link to another informative article by John Laurtis discussing our corrupt election system and the complete lack of integrity.

Not to sound depressing on this Independence Day eve, but given our corrupt election system, the pathetic choices of “presumptive” nominees forced upon us, Hillary’s possible slither from accountability (with the help of those tasked with enforcing our laws) regarding her myriad illegal activities, the potential approval of TPP and other bad trade agreements, and continuing global environmental degradation - I fear we are losing any control we have had over our lives and freedom if we allow the powers that be to thieve it from us.

All of us that can, need to go to Philly!


How can it be that a former president goes to the sttorney grneral’s plane to ‘discuss’ what (?) while his wife and presidential candidate is facing a possible indictment and that not be considered legally improper and outright unduly influencing a governmental official in charge of the case?

Yet our media - our 4 1/2 estate - bends over backwards to excuse it as not important?

We have watched oligarchy take over and did nothing all these years since Clinton and Bush//Cheney that they openly show no respect for the law. How corrupt is corruption when it becomes normalcy?

Not America’s finest hour looking the other way about Bill talking with the attorney general. Just how dumbed down do they really think we are?


Thanks, this Laurtis article is very good. Why do we even care about the D.P. platform when we allow our elections to be corrupted by hackable voting machines and tabulators?


Boy, oh boy. Wait 'till Hillary steps in and takes those platform people to the woodshed for not opposing TPP!

She’s gonna show them what it means to support bad trade deals. She read TPP and said:

“It was just finally negotiated last week, and in looking at it, it didn’t meet my standards. My standards for more new, good jobs for Americans, for raising wages for Americans. And I want to make sure that I can look into the eyes of any middle-class American and say, ‘this will help raise your wages.’ And I concluded I could not.”

How dare those people on the platform committee go against the policies of both Democratic candidates!?!?!?!?!?

When Clinton gets done with them they’re gonna look like they were attacked at the Nevada Democratic Convention!!!


“a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act”

That’s should be the first clue right there, the 21st Century qualifier.

Recall the “Modernization” qualifier in the Financial Services Modernization Act that repealed Glass-Steagall.

I’m certain that Clinton, the lord ruling over the DNC, and her corporate governance cohorts in the Democratic Party, would NEVER allow any return to the regulatory framework of Glass-Steagall. Because, you know, it is just so last century.

Also, recall the “modernization” qualifier in the Commodity Futures Modernization Act which of course simply sought to “modernize” over counter derivatives. I mean, those regulations on derivatives were just so archaic, those Modern Thinkers in the banking and financial services corporations could never have pulled off the housing bubble scam, that was really really “modern”.

I’m not pointing a finger at Sanders here, but Sanders needs to explain what the “21st Century” qualifier means in relation to a restoration of Glass-Steagall.

Surely the kind of “21st Century” qualifier that Clinton would approve of would allow Citigroup to remain in tact, otherwise those damn archaic provisions in Glass-Steagall wouldn’t have allowed the merger that brought about Citigroup to have happened in the first place.

I’m so sick of the bullshit.


Why don’t they oppose? In a word- Obama.
Sorry folks, Obama was okay but in reality he sold out progressives.
He allowed Wall Street to dominate his Cabinet and not one executive was ever prosecuted. How has he addressed our greatest issue- income inequality?
TPP is not the answer. Another Trade Agreement disaster.
The Democratic party is just as corrupt as the GOP.
I know platform stuff is mostly symbolic but look at it this way:
Thank heaven for Bernie. The progressive base is generating a dynamic issue oriented platform which allows us to be focused. We have OUR agenda AND we have a movement headed by the person who should have been the party candidate.
Think about it? Other than Hillary’s faux feminism, what does she advocate for?
Oh that’s right- releasing UFO files.


This excellent interview goes into this and much more:

Very good with Kshama Sawant:


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Do you know if anything is being planned?

The cops are getting ready for Philadelphia and maybe Cleveland… but I’ve heard nothing on Orlando; and like I said our state (and Orlando, in particular) is enduring a LOT of strange events right now.