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Sanders, Other Critics Denounce GOP Senators' 'Pathetic' Attempt to Undermine Biden's Election Victory

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/01/03/sanders-other-critics-denounce-gop-senators-pathetic-attempt-undermine-bidens

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I am working through my lyrics for Sedition a variant of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof. Let you all know when I’m done. We’ve got some serious Mixed Martial Arts Caged Wars fomenting in the Republican party. These antics must be used during the 2022 campaigns to remind the populace just how nuts the Republicans are. Let’s not forget that cornered rats will bite, though. Stay vigilant. This is Shakespearean tragedy/comedy of our times.


Democracy was on pretty weak legs before this assault. Citizens United, gerrymandering, barriers to third parties, voter identification hoops for prospective voters, reduced polling locations, the electoral college, the very existence of the Senate, disenfranchisement of prisoners–the country was not built upon the foundations of democracy to begin with. Destroying people’s faith in elections is one more addition to those barriers already in existence.


Equally culpable will be the entire congress if/when they seat these traitors to our country.


Sanders and other critics are clearly right about the “pathetic attempt”, but more concerning than any recent actions are the 5 decades of continuous and deliberate undermining of our democracy that went almost without mention even to this day. When you say democracy was on pretty weak legs, it is consistent with my conclusion made decades earlier, except that I concluded there was no semblance of democracy left, nor was there any trace of constitutional law left intact. Some may have forgotten the dismissal of “rule of law” that took place under Bush’s regime, but I didn’t forget. I didn’t forget Obama using drone assassinations on a daily basis - not exactly in accordance with legal norms where trials and evidence and jury’s would normally intervene before any death sentence would apply. Then there’s the obvious, the influence of money. No legitimate democracy can occur where the influence on money is so keenly felt, much less under the unbelievably severe media control. Electronic voting machines didn’t go away, but any discussion of their legitimacy did. What about the party’s themselves - didn’t anyone grow concerned when Hillary Clinton literally purchased the DNC prior to running for office? Democracy was never was so deeply jeopardized as now, but it isn’t anything that happened recently. America has been under a powerful and focused attack for many decades.

I think that such a discussion should not take place without mentioning the destruction of democracy, by the United States in all the countries where real democracy tried to take hold and was then crushed by US military, economic, and Political forces. Not the least of such countries was Iran, but there are many dozens of others including Iraq, Haiti, Columbia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Sudan, etc. etc. That list is huge and easily available for anyone to research, but no media outlets ever do, and People like Sanders complain about erosion of democracy in the US, but he’s all for democracy destroying interventions like the illegal overthrowing of democratically elected leaders such as Maduro, in Venezuela


This is something the perps must pay for but, as a good article in Counterpunch makes clear, that is up to the Democrats – were they willing to step up to their responsibilities instead of being complicit ~https://www.counterpunch.org/2021/01/01/pelosi-and-biden-stand-up/


Why is Sanders wasting his time reacting to these imbecilic antics? Shouldn’t he be using his airtime to give Americans a deeper analysis of our structural inequalities?


GOP Senators that have suggested (to me) they’ll be confirming Biden as President on Wednesday: Risch, Collins, Sasse, Romney, Graham, Murkowski, Toomey, Thune, McConnell, Cornyn.


Josh Hawley seems to be positioning himself for a run at the Greater of Two Evils in a few more years. Should we start rallying around the LOTE now or wait till the DNC tells the media to tell us to?


Note to Self: Mail a jumbo pack of Huggies Pull Ups and a “binkie” to my state’s Trump-fellating Senator-elect, Little Tommy Tuberville, tomorrow.


It should be blatantly obvious to even the most obtuse that the radical fascist Republicans wish to put an end to popular elections.

This attempt to overturn a legal election with no evidence or proof of wrongdoing, for no other reason than the other guy won, is unprecedented. Yet it is supported by a large minority of elected officials and an even larger percentage of their constituents.

These attempts are overtly unconstitutional and clearly designed to overthrow the system as it stands and completely change our form of government, and yet how many Democrats are proposing any sort of punishment or retaliation? How many Democrats are willing to answer radicalization with action to put a stop to it once and for all?

Why is there no opposition to this radicalization and fascism?


Here the thing. There might well have been fraud. Given the record of past elections there very likely was fraud. This stuff goes way back.

Trump has spent so much time lying over the past years he can not and will not be taken seriously. Had he been less a liar there MAY have been more people taking him at his word but his word is worth nothing. The entire chain of “there was fraud” complaints started with what were complete fabrications. He poisoned his own well.

That all said it apparent that it rather easy to get away with charges of “voter fraud”. This is not just on Trump , this is on the entire system that the US said up which gives the opportunity for fraud to occur. No administration or Politician for that matter has attempted to change this and reform the electoral so it not only is safer from fraud but seen as being safe. This is on both Political parties.

They can not have political parties overseeing the election on a state by state basis. There has to be one uniform system Country wide free of political interference.


“In the two months since the election, more than 80 judges, including some who were appointed by the president, have rejected Donald Trump and his allies’ attempts to overturn the election,” the senator said.

Trump and his treasonous Republican Party tried a lawsuit Coup that failed and that tells me they are culpable of losing their legitimacy as a viable US political party.


Because if the Republicans are successful, with their armed hordes in tow, they run the country indefinitely.


Our Ivy League colleges and law schools are breeding Nazis (Cruz, Pompeo, Hawley, etc etc).


USS America is adrift and taking on water, the sails are torn, the crew has plague, and a gang of officers mutiny against the mad captain's successor while a storm approaches, the mother of all perfect storms.

All Hands On Deck!


Campaign to revive the Confederacy; watch the next few days


Hi WiseOwl,
and LOL i just finished rewriting the Star Spangled Banner—as after all Francis Scott Key borrowed the music from the British! : }

Oh say can we flee from the Trumpish made blight?
As how fragile we are with this constant lie slinging!
As the GOPERS declare their own war everywhere—
CONSTITUTION is mauled with constant mud bringing.
Though some we still see to INSANITY clinging.
Oh say------ will this Trumpian nation die soon?
Oh how grateful we’d be —" we 'd be over the moon!" : )


Shadow preznit Trumped may split the Treason Party from within like Alien only with the Trumpentruppen ripping the Grand Old Belly wide open.
Heckuvajob Orangie and Mitchovitch McPutin can fight over the trademark.


This is the result of Republicans and other right-wingers preaching anti-democracy to their mindless minions for so long.

What is the first response you get from a conservative if you comment that our democracy is in danger? They will say: “We are not a democracy, we are a republic.” They will tell you that “Democracy is ‘rule by mob’,” and must be ended. They never tell you what they would replace it with, how our ‘leaders’ would be chosen, how our laws would be formulated, etc. Now we know the answer to that, I think.

This sorry episode has shown us pretty well what the Tea Party has evolved into, and how the Democrats have come to accept it as status quo.