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Sanders, Other Senators Urge Obama to Halt DAPL for 'Imperative' Review


Sanders, Other Senators Urge Obama to Halt DAPL for 'Imperative' Review

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Five U.S. lawmakers, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), on Thursday published an open letter (pdf) urging President Barack Obama to order an environmental and cultural review of the Dakota Access Pipeline before construction can continue, calling it an imperative measure for Indigenous rights and the climate.


Again, why only 5 senators? Was it that they didn't have time to circulate the letter? I know my Senator Merkley would of signed and if not I would want to know why? Same goes for Wyden?


And Hillary says what about this protest?
Once again Bernie proves that he's a principled man.


Or for that matter that oft-mentioned paragon of progressivism, Sherrod Brown, my Ohio Senator. You know, every time there is something like this, no matter how ineffectual or marginalized I keep hoping to see his name along with the other co-sponsors. But - nada, zilch. I guess Hillary didn't give him permission to speak up.


Only by connecting and giving Love to Mother Nature can humanity make it thru...Our native brothers and sisters know this! Mis Amigos in Latin America know this! We are all part of the Gran Tapiz, the Great Tapestry!


Don't these Democratic senators have a presidential candidate? In an election obsessed--rightly--with the morality of the candidates, it seems to me that a candidate claiming the moral high ground could not but take a clear and loud public position on an issue of Big Oil manhandling and threatening (with attack dogs and rifles) a minority effort to defend their rights.


And how does Hillary feel about this, Bernie? Did she give you the green light to do this? Are you speaking then on her behalf? Because she sure as $$$$h!!!!t is silent about what is happening with DAPL.


And look who signed as well - Feinstein? Cardin? Are they up for re-election this year?


No, once again Sanders proves that, where the rubber meets the road, he will pick party over principle every time - he's backing Clinton for Pete's sake!

Sanders is her point man with progs - that's what he is there for - "shucks, If Bernie is backing Clinton, she can't be all bad!" So we will be led into believing that Sanders is saying something for her that she can't say herself, "for pragmatic reasons" - what a con ...


Of course - as Clinton explained, there's a public and a private position ...


Not until they have found a way around it - Keystone wasn't "shut down" until it was no longer needed to serve the purpose - other pipelines had been approved that essentially "got the job done"


If Obama doesn't take some form of action here, it will be completely inexplicable. He's a lame duck, and this will only burnish his image if he takes some, any, form of action against this.

If he doesn't... I will be more disappointed in him than I already am.


You got it! That is what we are supposed to take away - that Sanders is "speaking for Clinton" - what a con! But that is what he is there for, to sell her to progs ... and then, when she does the opposite, we will feel "betrayed" by something she never actually said nor intended to do - we figure that given a) Sanders feels this way and b) he is supporting Clinton, well then. of course, she must feel that way too - we get suckered by this every time!

There is only one candidate who has made it quite clear how she feels - Jill Stein, so if this is a big deal for you, the only choice is Stein ...

Oh yeah - Sanders himself didn't always feel the way he appears to now re 3rd parties


He'll let it "wind it's way through the regulatory process in an orderly manner" until facts being created on the ground make saving sacred sites a moot point - that's how it's done ...


If Obama heeds the letter, then yes, the process will take place, which it apparently hadn't (full consultation with the affected tribes). I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but a reassessment, at least, is in order. And that's my point.

If Obama takes a pass, it would be infuriatingly stupid and wrong.


Do you play chess?


Sure, he will "heed the letter" - in his own fashion - as i just pointed out - meanwhile the land will ne continued to be destroyed because the only "process" to be reviewed is that with regard to the Army Corp permit - and, guess what, at the end of this "process" it may well be decided that after giving "due consideration to the interests of all the parties involved" - the permit can go ahead anyway - if the idea that this is a disaster for the climate were considered as a "legitimate reason" for denying the pipeline, the permit never would have been granted in the first place - "due consideration" is a legal, technical term - it has nothing to do with merit ..


Oh, you mean like the "12 dimensional chess" we were told O was playing when we were conned into voting for him? And how did that work out? Fine for - the king who was protected as the pawns were sacrificed ...


I am in Ohio. We need to primary Brown. He needs to go! He is part of the establishment and rotten to the core.

Trump Won Because Democratic Party Failed Working People, Says Sanders

Ah yes, Senator "Sellout" Sanders.