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Sanders: Passage of GOP Tax Bill Great Victory for Koch Brothers as 'Looting of Federal Treasury' Begins

Sanders: Passage of GOP Tax Bill Great Victory for Koch Brothers as 'Looting of Federal Treasury' Begins

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Congratulations to the Koch brothers, massive corporations and billionaire campaign contributors on looting the Treasury and working families."

Hell “No” congratulations.

“F*€k You” to the Koch Brothers, massive corporations and billionaire campaign contributors on looting the Treasury and working families.

All that the extra money you are stealing will buy, is a one way trip to everlasting Hell.

Burn, Baby Burn!


Hope that perdition begins immediately, before they have the chance to flaunt their “newfound” wealth. Come on, karma!

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That’s right: Now total, rolling non cooperation. Begin by boycotts and General Strikes then on to non cooperation starting in the cities.


Bernie, the candidate who laid out on his campaign website how his proposals were to be funded, has MORAL AUTHORITY.


Pitchforks and torches for these motherfuckers! I haven’t been this pissed off since The Shrub got elected.


Suggestion: These guys have names and addresses.

Indeed. We need to harness our rage and channel it into effective actions: Total, non cooperation. Torches and pitchforks are welcomed.

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With all due respect to the honorable Senator from Vermont, whom I admire greatly, the looting began in 1980 with Reagan and it hasn’t stopped.

Yes, PonyBoy, you have the right idea — but not burning or other violent retribution for the massive and ‘LONG TERM LOOTING’ that the ruling-elite tiny 0.1% of this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE has been doing for more than the last half century .

Instead we will take over (actually take back) our country and then institute a complete 'CLAW-BACK" of all the stolen, looted, hoarded, monopolized, and taken-out-of-productive-use assets that the Empire has tried to escape with.

Because they are already trying to plan their escape after this massive looting.

In fact, Bitcoin is a first attempt to provide a means of wealth storage (and escape) for UHNWIs that might prevent the fast coming Second American people’s peaceful and patriotic “Political/economic and socialist Revolution Against Empire” from carrying out a justified and necessary program of ‘Wealth Reform’ to free-up the vast looted, hoarded, monopolized, and ‘taken out of productive use’ of the newer and more essential ‘asset-class’ today of wealth/capital — akin to the essential and effective use of ‘Land Reform’ that was previously used throughout South America, Africa, Asia, and portions of Europe to free-up that earlier and critical ‘asset-class’ of Land.

The fact that this new and unique Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE (of the tiny 0.1% state-less elite thieves), HQed in, and merely ‘posing’ as, our former country is attempting to design its own secure wealth storage scheme is a very positive and progressive sign that this last Empire on earth is aware that a people’s peaceful and progressive “Revolution Against Empire” is coming soon —and that ‘we the people’ will be successful in that non-violent “Revolution Against Empire” [Justin du Rivage]

But beyond ‘we the people’ taking-back over our own country — perhaps through voting, but more likely through the Revolution Against Empire — this is what will happen immediately after ‘we the people are in charge’ [and the ruling-elite know and absoeffinlutely FEAR this. Like a powerful posse in the old west – we will use all the powers of “our country’s” long arms of the law to CLAW-BACK — politely through “Wealth Reform”, or more forcefully though all necessary means — EVERY EFFIN CENT of what they stole from ‘we the people’:

This is what I wrote about 4 years ago as to what ‘we the people’ would have to do when this situation we see today — or anything like this looting tax scam — came along from the Empire and the people finally had enough:

As far as Bernie is concerned, he should simply ‘not blow a blood vessel’ and let people who recognize, understand, and have accurately diagnosed the cancerous disease of this looting as an EMPIRE (not a mere oligarchy) as the real causal-cancer in our ‘body-politic’.

Hey, Bernie, BTW it’s NOT “called “a great day” for the nation’s oligarchical billionaire class”.
WakeTF-up, Bernie, it’s REALLY “called “a great day” for the nation’s billionaire class EMPIRE”.

Hmm. I’m still waiting to see some proof that he was ‘elected’.

Bernie Sanders has been whistleblowing on GOP and Dems for decades now.
Wonderful that he’s still there to inform – and to confirm – what’s actually going

We are at an extremely dangerous point where Elites will not necessarily be
dependent any longer on “bus - I - ness” for profit, but in this total take over of
our Treasury they will have direct access to our pocket-books, tax dollars, etal.
PLUS, the ability still to create DEBT by printing dollars based on nothing which
enslaves us all and our children and grandchildren to debt.

While there is still time, we must stop cooperating with Elites and corporations/
What should be our reaction to the new FCC ruling on net neutrality?
Do we care enough to show our displeasure by pulling the plug on Verizon and Comcast?
Certainly it’s in my mind to do that anyway as what is being offered on TV is a total wasteland.

it began with Our Founders who actually created an Elite Patriarchy …
while proclaiming “all are equal” …
They endowed them with land grants, gave them immense influence
and control over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and
natural resources. Gave only males the right to vote.
THIS was the first “redistribution” of wealth from the many to the few.

On and on …
Can’t bore people here with this, but if you don’t realize the favors that
Our Founders did for Elites, we’re all wasting our time here.

Saving and supporting slavery – which guaranteed the Civil War
which further benefitted Elites by splitting the nation into two camps
of hatred which continue to echo today.
Genocide against the native people –
The latter required violence on the order of “Christianity’s” Crusades and
The Inquisition and those programs were brought here for their violence,
under Papal Edicts to “enslave or kill” both Africans here and native people.
They had the power to label their enemies as “pagans … only fit to be fed
to the dogs.” To brand their enemies as “inferior” only worth of intolerance
and violence. The bloodletting was moved from Europe to this land.
And the attacks on nations to “introduce the cross with the sword” continued
on – moving citizens and their nations and their natural resources under the
control of Elites.

I voted for the Bern in the Democratic Primaries and wish he had been the Democratic Party choice to run against Trump. Then Hillary became the Democratic candidate for president. I voted for her as I knew Trump was going to be nothing short of horrific.

My concern at this point is the Bern is 76 years old and we desperately need more like him in the Democratic Party. The party needs to become more progressive. My hope is Elizabeth Warren runs for president and become the first female president of the United States.

The Bern, baby, Bern!

My hero in congress is 76 years old. He is time limited for staying in government and we need a whole fleet of new Berns. I can also wish for a whole bunch of Elizabeth Warrens.