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Sanders Picks Formidable Progressive Team to Shape DNC Platform


Sanders Picks Formidable Progressive Team to Shape DNC Platform

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Seizing on the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) reluctant concession allowing him to appoint five members to the committee that writes the party platform, Bernie Sanders on Monday announced a suite of picks that included activists across the progressive sphere.


Senator Sanders has chosen a formidable group of progressive thinkers whose ideas mirror the thoughts of millions of Americans, especially those in the Bernie for President camp (myself included). EVERYONE will benefit from the contributions of these honorable, compassionate people. Keep up the good fight, Bernie!


WHA HOOO! Also good to see Barbara Lee in the picks. She may temper the pro war crowd.


Sanders picks 5, the tag team of Clinton and Schultz pick 10.
Bernie said OK to this? There are still 5 states that haven’t voted yet, including California with 475 delegates. He should have waited until all states are done, seems he would have gotten a better balance.


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I’m actually quite impressed. Though all are (mostly) establishment appointees, most have a track record of standing up for what is right and not backing down just because what is right isn’t popular with the ruling class. He used his limited selections judiciously and wisely, in my opinion.

Assuming a Democrat wins the general election, it will be up the “people” to keep the platform front and center and to demand adherence to the platform. Otherwise, the status quo will rule … unless the people rise up to demand and create a new form of governance built upon real bottom-up democracy for all the people, not just the elite ruling class.


Sanders picks from the best and shows his commitment and mettle!
Debbie does her best for her Mistress who continues her corrupt path and the screwing of Bernie and the millions who demand real change!


If the delegates and super-delegates don’t switch to Bernie, there won’t be a DNC platform or DNC. Democrats will lose the election and this time chairs might be thrown for real.

We can have our own Progressive Democratic National Committee (PDNC) with our own platform as the progressive wing of the Democratic Party

Platforms we can borrow from to do our own PDNC platform:

“The People’s Budget” http://cpcbudget.org
“The Green Party Platform” http://www.gp.org/platform
“The Libertarian Party Platform” https://www.lp.org/platform
“The Socialist Party Platform” http://socialistparty-usa.net/platform.html


Nicely played, Mr. Sanders…


“According to the Washington Post, party officials and the two Democratic candidates “worked out” a compromise “based on the number of popular votes each has received to date.” Under the agreement, frontrunner Hillary Clinton would be allotted six members and Sanders five, while Wasserman Schultz will name four.”

From this paragraph, I am led to assume that Wasserman Schultz has received almost as many votes as Sanders? I find that extraordinarily unlikely. What they did was to give Clinton 10 members, and Sanders five, pretending that it was based on popular votes, because DWS has been in the bag for Clinton since before the 1st caucus met.


If they’re barely listening to a man who received millions of votes, what makes you think that they’re going to listen to pipsqueaks like us? The party’s superdelegate system was put in place to tamp down democracy in the primary process. They’re not interested in our input.


So 5 Bern and 10 Clinton. Wasserman Schultz is absolutely Clintonian, she should resign from her post, she abuses her position.


I think this is really significant. Bernie Sanders, the consummate behind-the-scenes deal maker just came through for us. We finally phucking won something:

The DNC is including previously marginalized Left Wing leaders into the platform.

I’m not sure that has ever really happened before.

I’m still going to threaten to vote for Trump if they hand it to Clinton, to put massive pressure on the Superdelegates to pick Sanders at the last minute. It’s the last card we have to play, imho.

What do you think? Isn’t that the way to play this crooked game? I think so. Come election day, demoralized Sanders supporters will really probably just stay home, rather than voting for a mad-man. Some of us will cross over to the dark side, just to prevent WWIII under the Reign of Terror coming from a very unstable Hillary Clinton.

Bomb Iran. Bomb Libya. Bomb Syria. That’s her solution to everything.


“Wasserman Schultz will name four.”: So, actually, HRC gets 10. What BS. Good picks by Bernie.


It’s hard to believe-although I clearly see it and do believe- that so many people, (some in my own family), are taken by the corporate machinery of the Clinton campaign. She is such a vulture, so viciously yearning for the power of the presidency, that she should scare many more people than her hunger for power does scare. Bernie to me is a “New Deal” type Democrat, one who speaks in a language that should appeal to so many others. But the corporate, fixed-system which runs the show can’t have that, no sir!
I salute Bernie for the selections he made. Go Bernie, and give them Hell, brother.


Bernie Sanders has to run 3rd PARTY ! ! !

Period Point Blank !!



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If HRC get the nomination will this platform really have any meaning if she wins the general election? I doubt it will.


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I Agree…Nothing is Going to Change with the DNC…Progressives NEED their Own Party…The DNC No Longer Represents My Values or the Values on MILLIONS of Progressives…You would have to be Naïve to think it’s possible to unify the Party after this.

I will tell you this much…I will ALWAYS be an Activist and Stand up Against Injustice. I will ALWAYS Support Equal Rights and I will ALWAYS be Anti - Human Suffering, but I will NEVER call My self a Democrat Again !!

I’m EXTREMELY Active in our Progressive Movement and a LOT of Progressives feel the same way. I use to give the DNC money. I would NEVER EVER do that Again.

Would you be Friends with someone who just Spit it your face ??

People are Not Stupid !! - People know it’s all RIGGED !!

This is why Bernie Sanders has to run 3rd PARTY ! ! !

Period Point Blank !!